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A New Soulful Cure for Your Painful Obsession with Seeking Attention

September 15th, 2015 | 10 comments

For this fabulous episode of Wake Up Wednesday, I want to ask you an important question:

What is better than seeking attention and always being in the spotlight? I’ll reveal the answer in today’s episode, press play and watch it now.

We’re all souls having a human experience, right? So we have egos.

Our egos are a mashup of our personal life experience, culture and the collective consciousness of our society.

There are 4 main needs our egos are looking to achieve and fulfill at all times:

1. Love/connection
2. Certainty
3. Significance
4. Variety

For most of us, one of these needs becomes the vehicle we use to experience the other needs at a higher level – though we don’t always realize it as we discover in today’s episode.

But when we recognize our ego’s needs, we can find ways to fulfill those desires that are healthy, and connect us more deeply to our fellow human beings, and the planet.

So – what makes the “ego needs” I listed so significant?

Because, when you dive down deep into your desires, goals, and habits, you’ll notice that one of them is the driving force in your life – and it’s something that often defines your personality.

For example, certainty-driven sisters will seek out respectable jobs that are more likely to deliver a predictable outcome. They thrive in corporate and office environments.

Variety-driven sisters will find the entrepreneurial life challenging, as their desires for change make it difficult to establish a niche, or take consistent actions like creating content, or posting newsletters weekly.

The coaches and thought leaders, and creatives I’ve met are almost always love/connection-driven at their core.

But if you’re anything like me, then significance becomes your vehicle, or the green light signal, that you have achieved love and connection at your highest potential.

This is why I’m willing to take the stage and share my thoughts if it will entertain, connect and enliven another soul.

I share more about this in today’s episode so be sure to click play above and watch it.

I take pride in being one my friends, family and clients count on for support. I like being in the spotlight, because it increases the amount of people I can be connected to, and the love I can give and feel.

See how that works?

There’s just one problem: seeking significance usually requires constant acknowledgement from the self or (dangerously) the outside world. It doesn’t feel good to always need to be seen and heard to feel loved. It can be tough, and even painful sometimes.

So I went on a mission to find freedom from the ego’s need for significance… and I found the answer which I share in today’s episode.

There is magnifying, powerful beauty all around us and within us.

And, when you’re able to tune into that powerful gorgeousness, acknowledge it, and let it flow through you – you feel connection on a whole new level!

On this little adventure of mine, I made a list of ways I could find magnificence anytime, anywhere, to feed my spiritual self, and release my ego – even just for a little while.

Now, I want to pass them on to you!

Here are a few ways YOU can experience the magnificence of the world all around you today:
  1. Watching nature
  2. Feeling the cells of your body and how alive you are
  3. Dancing outside, just for you
  4. Spending time near water (we are made up almost entirely of water, and connection with bodies of water can help you find your center, and connect to the earth.)
  5. Hanging out with people who remind you of your full, expansive, magnetizing potential
  6. Watching sand blowing in the wind
  7. Feeling sadness, and recognizing your own emotion range
  8. Embracing change
  9. Witnessing the patterns of the great Mother Earth
  10. Remembering that the Universe is your Mother
  11. Reveling in the mystery and stories of the goddess, priestess and heroine’s journey
  12. Watching a caterpillar become a butterfly
  13. Looking for new ways to expand your consciousness
  14. Dressing up
  15. Studying the divine feminine
  16. Creating awareness of the archetype aspects of the self in you as related to all goddesses
  17. Choose a new lensing of reality to try on
  18. Taking time to separate from the ego mind by focusing on growth and contribution
  19. Finding your true nature and soul essence through meditation and reflection
  20. Doing things that initiate the essence of femininity
  21. Creating a personal relationship with the divine feminine
  22. Choosing to completely embrace the present moment
  23. Allowing mystical connections in your life, and even asking for them
  24. Exploring the wisdom beyond concepts
  25. Celebrating the quest for a mature spiritual consciousness
  26. Witnessing the pure heart of a child
  27. Seeing, feeling, and knowing from different points of view in consciousness and new awareness (become a tree, a bird, a fish, a child, a woman, a man, a grandma…)
  28. Trying on a new and unique perspective in a challenging situation
  29. Playing with spiritual metamorphosis of my own consciousness
  30. Trying non-linear thinking
  31. Seeking a higher truth
  32. Remembering to know there is unknown
  33. Noticing the vibrational transmission always occurring around you
  34. Seeking and honoring truth
  35. Allowing deep initiation to inspire you
  36. Choosing clear alignment with your essence over the need to perform or receive acknowledgment
  37. Seeking guidance for your own unfolding
  38. Walking a spiritual path
  39. Discovering truth through stillness, silence, mystery
  40. Finding the answers from within
  41. Trusting your essence
  42. Honoring self discovery
  43. Initiating a simple curriculum of returning your focus within yourself
  44. Finding internal truth
  45. Meditating
  46. Contemplating
  47. Holographic thinking
  48. Collective thinking
  49. Accepting an ever-changing reality
  50. Looking for symbols and new language
  51. Studying sacred geometry
  52. Harmonic resonance
  53. Energy healing
  54. Intention
  55. Creating temple space
  56. Sacred Tools
  57. Creating sisterhood in your life

Some of these may be confusing to you. That’s okay. As you begin this practice and research the divine feminine, you’ll begin to understand this list at a deeper level. If you want support around this check out The Sisterhood Mastermind.

And as always my love I want to hear from you in the comments below!

Which one of the ideas above resonates with you most? Do you have anything to add to the list?

Commit yourself to trying at least one of the ideas this week. Join me, and lay down your ego shield to find freedom in the magnificence all around you.

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See ya next week magnifecent goddess! I see you and love you.


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10 people have commented
  1. I often do not want to be seen or heard. Yes, there are times that I have a strong opinion and want to share it with others as I am doing here but for the most part I prefer to be an observer in life. I enjoy observing others and learning from them. When I feel it necessary I will speak up though I often struggle to do so. I definitely feel the magnificence of the world around me through nature; watching nature through the growing plants and trees or the falling leaves in the fall, I love the seasons and how nature changes through each. I also enjoy being a part of nature and listening to the sounds of nature while running or feeling at peace while trail riding.

    While I have ways to connect to the world there are are many ways in which I can improve my relationship and the connectivity I have. I need to develop my emotional range and be more accepting of the different emotions I may feel. From a young age I was taught that expressing emotion was bad and as a result I tend to control my emotions to the point even I don’t know how I feel. Two of the biggest ways I can develop connectivity is by becoming more accepting of change and embracing it. I have become more accepting over the past year but I still don’t fully embrace it and desire things to remain constant. It is hard for me to handle any changes whether it be minute changes within a day or lifestyle changes within a year or more. Strangely, I handle the bigger lifestyle changes better than the more minute ones perhaps because I am often better prepared and equipped to deal with the bigger changes. Finally, I need to learn to embrace the present moment and live in the present rather than the past or the future. Depression stems from the past and anxiety stems from the future as someone with both living in the present is a challenge but each day it becomes a little easier.

      • Thank you, I believe it is. Having been told in childhood that what I feel doesn’t matter, I still have a way to go but I am learning and becoming more and more comfortable everyday so I am happy that is showing through too.

  2. I have also used significance as the pathway to love and connection in my life. My learning edge is to see the magnificence in my life and not wait to feel love and connection that is based on what others’ tell me or what I tell myself about how I am significant. One way I am learning to do this is by meditating on the archetypes and goddesses that embody the type of woman I long to be. I also spend hours in nature and focus on breathing into the moment and I am receptive to Mother Nature’s messages to me. Another place to experience magnificence is when I play with my grandchildren and follow their lead in imagining and spontaneously dancing or creating without any worries of being ‘good enough’ or ‘doing it right’. They are a gift in my life and I love being with them!

    • Oh Marjorie I love your reflection of moments with your grandchildren. I too learn from Violet. We are so loved and admired without even knowing how much. Which reminds me there is not need to search for more!


  3. Ahhhh . . . This hit me like a breathe of fresh air. I’m on vacation in beautiful Cancun this week. Instead of stressing over all the things that I ‘have’ to do still in my coaching business, I took the vacay as an opportunity to feel inspired. I’m sitting here watching the ocean AND writing copy. I did my morning ritual with goddess cards by the water today too, and my creativity is flowing, simply from being present and witnessing the magnificence of life.

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