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Deep Down, You Know Exactly What You Want.

October 17th, 2017 | no comments

Sisters we are living in sacred times and transition. As women we need to surround ourselves with new people and places that allow us to move out of debilitating fear and forward with the fierceness and openness of our heart.

Working with clients and my own inner voice this week, I recognize how unstable we all feel right now. We mistake that uncertainty with the desire to control. Instead, we need to create space for self-discovery and opening our heart. What we need is to feel the support of those we love and those we desire to serve.  

If we’ve been hanging out lately, you may have seen a new monthly series here on Wake Up Wednesday, The Sister Spotlight Series. I introduce you to a Mentor Masterclass grad and alumnae coach who truly came into her own over the course of the program, and has gone on to share her gifts with the world in a beautiful way.

I know she could absolutely make a difference in your coaching journey, too!

Today I can’t wait to introduce you to Katarzyna, a life coach who helps her clients change their lives in harmony with who they are. She believes that changing your life is possible by looking inside, exploring limiting beliefs, and creating a vision for the new life you want – all at your own, perfect pace. We all have a shining light within us that wants to be seen – our true self, our essence. You just need to get to know yourself.

Throughout her own journey, Katarzyna has learned she has different parts of herself that are present in different moments. The autopilot, the overthinker, the inner critic, and other parts that didn’t serve her. She learned to connect deeply with her intuition and inner guidance, and the sparks that come her way from above. Once she learned how to tap into her inner child, her adult inner voice and her intuition, she got clear on what she really wanted in life.

Now, Katarzyna is here to walk you through this same process.


When you press PLAY on today’s video, you’ll also see Kat and I jam on:

  • How new motherhood helps her focus on what she really wants.

  • How Katarzyna’s signature process helps you take action NOW, before you have everything figured out.

  • Why you never need to define yourself by one thing – especially your job!

Katarzyna’s offering an exclusive gift to our sister tribe: The Clear Direction Session.

You feel stuck. But deep down, you do know what you want – you just haven’t given yourself the space to make it happen. The right questions to help you tap into your own intuition can make all the difference.

Katarzyna will help you get clear on exactly how you envision your perfect life. Then she’ll walk you through putting the pieces together to create your very own beautiful vision.

You’ll look at the reasons you don’t have your beautiful vision yet – this is HUGE! Behind your fearful voice, what is your intuition saying? Kat will draw this out of you to create a step-by-step plan, complete with built-in accountability.

Katarzyna’s offering a 60-minute session for seven members of our sister tribe. Are you feeling called to step into your intuition and connect with Katarzyna? Just click here to be taken to her calendar!

I can’t wait to see what you uncover with the brilliant Katarzyna guiding the way. Be sure to circle back and let me know!

All my love,


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