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Everyone Has a Story To Tell! Learn To Share Yours With the World.

June 27th, 2017 | 2 comments

As a life coach (or an aspiring life coach), do you know how to talk about the work you do in a way that makes you sound unique?

It’s so easy to lapse into the flowery coaching industry jargon, but what truly sets you apart is knowing how to talk about your mission and your work as a story. Because your life and your experiences are all part of a very powerful story, and sharing it with the world is what makes you memorable and sets you and your work apart from the crowd.

In this first-ever installment of my Sister Spotlight Series here on Wake Up Wednesday, I’ll introduce you to Jenny Tosner, a Medicine Whisperer, Warrior Storyteller, and so much more.


In today’s sister spotlight series (and all future spotlights) I’ll feature a Mentor Masterclass graduate and alumnae coach who really grew and excelled throughout the program, and who I know will have a huge impact on your coaching business, too.

Because Jenny is a graduate of Mentor Masterclass we got to spend a ton of time together and know one another very deeply.

In today’s video you’ll get to meet her and hear all about her experience – her story – and learn how you have a story to tell, too.

Press play on the video above and you’ll learn:
  • Why a holistic approach to life coaching is so powerful. (You can find this at the 3:15 point in the video.)

  • Why sometimes you have to give yourself the space to brag! We’ll show you how it’s done. (4:30)

  • The importance of learning to hold space for other people’s trauma from a place of a warrior energy, rather than a victim energy. (8:40)

  • Jenny’s explanation of the work she does in the world – you’ve probably never heard anything quite like this! (11:28)

  • Why even women in sisterhood hold back traumas in their lives, and what you can do instead. (It’s not enough to say, “I’m over this, but…”) (12:00)

  • Do you have a super-secret desire to be famous? You might have a story inside of you waiting to be shared! Learn how Jenny uncovers these stories and your mission in the world when she works with her clients. (15:00)

  • And so much more.

Here’s the very special FREE 30-minute storytelling strategy session one-on-one with Jenny:
  • Spots limited to just 10 sessions!

  • Come into the Warrior Storyteller Tribe Facebook group, introduce yourself and your business, and this is your ticket to a gifted “Warrior Storyteller Story Strategy Assessment” with Jenny.

  • Join the group and claim your session before July 7th, 2017.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into storytelling, you’ll love the Warrior Storytellers 2017 Certification Program.

Jenny leads a tribe of Warrior Storytellers: Fierce and Fearless women who are on a mission to change the world through sharing our medicine as only we can. Through the ancient art of storytelling, weaving in the elements of magic and miracles, and connecting with a deep knowingness that comes through ancestral wisdom and a connection to Source, we begin to step out of hiding to share our gifts with the world. When we heal our shadows, we are more able to fully embody the light. We boldly stand in our power and share our authentic truth to get our work out to the far corners of the Earth.

This is for the Big Dreamers who are stopped in their tracks, feeling under-supported by life, overwhelmed by the “bigness” of who they are here to be, and are afraid to live their gifts out loud. Through my unique signature process, you will connect with the mission of your highest self and step into leadership so that you can boldly step out of hiding to share your message with the world.

When you become certified as a Warrior Storyteller, you’ll:
  • Learn to channel your higher self to find all of your answers within.

  • Get clear on your unique soul’s purpose and your core message.

  • Find the language that is unique to your life experience to stand out and get noticed in a crowded marketplace.

  • Believe that you can handle the “bigness” of your mission.

  • Learn to receive support from many different sources: intuition, angels, power animals, spirit guides, sisterhood – you have never been more supported than you are in this moment!

  • How to show up as your authentic self to serve your audience and attract new opportunities to you.

  • How to get your work amplified so that it reaches more people and has a greater impact.

  • How to create a new story that is empowering rather than victimizing.

  • How to manage and sustain your energy over the long-haul so that you become filled-up by your mission rather than burnt-out and depleted.

  • Step out to share your message in a public forum of choice (TEDtalk, blog, published article, speaking gig, or your own book).

Phew! So much value-packed goodness with Jenny today! Did she speak to your deep longing to share your story with the world? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

All my love,


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