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The Greatest Surprise of Our Lives {PART 1}

April 15th, 2015 | 5 comments


we're having strip 1Brent and I are pretty good planners, but can really stall when it comes to making big life decisions together.

We’ve always known we wanted a family of our own. Still, we love our freedom, play time, entrepreneurship and travel.

It felt like these priorities meant we weren’t ready. Every time the subject of kids came up we’d say, “next year.”

We are excited about growing our businesses and hopeful the vision we have for time, location and financial freedom as a couple is close to becoming a full-time reality.

Yet, with every goal we achieve, we find another one to replace it.

Our bucket list is always growing. Can you relate?

After 9 years together, we realized it was never going to feel like the perfect time. And one thing we have learned to embrace as a couple is that life is happening now.

This idea of “someday” becomes a vicious pattern that will take you all the way to your last day wondering what you were waiting for. The opportunity to feel fully alive and successful is always present right now. That’s how we want to live and walk our path.

So we decided to stop planning for perfect. We made the decision to invite surprise in. Even though we don’t feel ready, our souls were clearly itching to take a quantum creative leap.

When you ask the Universe for a surprise, it listens.

My friend Sara’s baby came a month early, a week before the beautiful Blessingway gathering we planned to celebrate her passage into motherhood.


I was just so damn tired. The trek to Washington, DC felt hard. Despite my excitement to join friends flying in from all over the country and my eagerness to love on Sara and meet her new little guy, I was really considering not going.

Then– last minute– Brent had to drive to DC for a work meeting. That made it an easy yes. I had a strange knowing we needed to be together, so we turned it into a weekend getaway.

The day before the Blessingway, Brent and I were watching a special on Animal Planet about animals being born. (I kid you not. Can’t send a clearer sign than that, can you, Universe?) I noticed my body was feeling tender and realized for the first time: I was a week late.

I said, “I know it’s silly, but I think I need to take a pregnancy test just so I can stop stressing and enjoy the weekend.” We bought the cheapest test we could so we could cross that off the list. .

And then: BOOM… the pregnancy test was positive.


A little shell-shocked, we looked at each other with eyes wide. Are these tests even accurate? How the heck do we react? So, we did what any clueless couple would do and took the second test in the box. Ummmm: still a yes.

STILL unsure, we walked back to the drug store and bought the most expensive test they had. This one was not messing around. It very clearly said: “PREGNANT 3+ weeks.”

Okay. I think 3 tests is enough, don’t you?

We’re having a baby!

Because the universe is like this, we got to walk around the corner and tell my best sisterfriend the news live and in person. She cried. I cried. Within an hour, I was ordering books on pregnancy, pre-natal vitamins, red raspberry leaf tea and ginger candies for next day delivery on Amazon. I scheduled an appointment with a new OB/GYN. Later that day, I told all the girls at the Blessingway. (I’m the worst at keeping secrets.)

While I was in planning overdrive, Brent was still in disbelief.


The baby was just a dot at our first 6 week appointment and it all felt pretty unreal.That is, until the doctor invited us to hear the heartbeat. That sound triggered a look on Brent’s face I have never seen. I suddenly felt connection to a place in my heart I didn’t even know existed.

It landed and it felt beautiful. We are so excited and holding each other close through this ride.


Love is really all that’s needed for a new soul to blossom.

We told our immediate family by sending little eggs in the mail, personal notes tucked inside. We lit up watching their hilarious and expressive reactions over Skype.

colored eggs

Then Week 7 hit, and it hit hard.

The adrenaline was dying down and the reality was setting in. So were the hormones and symptoms. The more I learned about pregnancy and read labor stories, the more nervous I became. I’ve heard women talk about nausea, fatigue… a few little worries here and there. No one was speaking in the tone of exaggerated desperation I was feeling, that’s for sure. I’m talking: days of wanting to scream, sobbing in child’s pose, and throwing up with the phone on mute during coaching calls with my clients. Every single woman’s journey is different but I’m certain no one gets to skip over the deep lessons initiated on a mind / body / spirit level as this identity shift begins.

jey side by side

*Thank you for the magazine subscription gift Cristin Connelly Zegers.

Brent’s support made it easier. The good news and exciting stories about being a new parent from clients and friends are my saving grace. I found out that I have a love for classical music. (That, a cool rag over my head and sweet orange incense were my please-don’t-puke recipe for success.)

Now I understand even more fully why women should be incredibly picky about the men we choose to spend our lives with.It takes an incredibly loyal, understanding, masculine man to secure the perimeter and hold all of you during this time. You need it and you deserve it.

I’m so thankful for my husband. He is without a doubt the greatest gift in my life.

I intend to remember that when this beautiful bundle comes into the world. I understand the importance of acknowledging that our baby was created from our love. Part of me is sad to share my life with anyone but Brent, and another part knows that there is a new love like I have never known coming for us to cherish together.

You create your own story.

Our world is complex and it is powerfully important to realize: you are NOT everyone else. You decide how you are going to navigate and create your life. Don’t go on autopilot, led by your fears and excuses. Take the driver seat and let your soul essence be your guide.

When I let my soul essence come into play, everything about the way I was approaching my pregnancy became more manageable, spacious, and magical.

Pregnancy is a precious opportunity to be mindful and reflective.

I find myself slowing down naturally and becoming more present.

Inner peace and creative life force energy are guiding me deeply during this time. I have a brand new lens through which I see the world.

There is still fear. For both of us. And yet we are dancing through the fear together, finding our unique rhythm.

I’m uncovering a new level of acceptance in life, a fresh understanding of feminine power and flow, an practice of self love.



And, I’ve got so much to share…

…about this deeply personal transition, how my coaching business and life will be shifting over the next year and what that means for those of you curious about working with me.

Brent and I are currently away for the month of April on a work-trip-for-me-turned-Babymoon… for us.

I’ve been asked to lead retreat workshops for Sora Surya No, Nisha Moodley, and Jacob Sokol all over the world. So we’ve remade this month into an adventure of celebrating our love and life as it is – before the big changes that are to come.

We’ll be travelling to Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Bali and Singapore. I’ll be sharing the journey (and baby bump pictures!) on Instagram. Come follow along with me!

Right before leaving, we found out the baby’s gender. Before I tell you what this little soul is going to be...

What is your guess??

is it going to be a

I know some of you are incredibly intuitive and knew this baby was on the way before we actually shouted it out to the world. Tell us your guess in the comments below and let us know you were here to share in our news.

I’m so excited about this time in our lives and even more humbled by your continued love and support. Celebrating these beautiful moments with you is a treasure.

Okay, I can’t wait another second. It’s going to be a…

click here for the big reveal


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5 people have commented
  1. Congrats! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now and never commented but girl this news is just so awesome. There is something about babies that makes everyone jump for joy. Thanks for sharing your journey with us 😉

    • Pat I hope you will comment more to let me know you are here. Thank you for sharing this moment with me and I look forward to so many more in the future! Sending you bright light and love!

  2. Jeannine,
    I haven’t been following you long but have come to really like and respect your message and what you do. I want to congratulate you on your BIG news and know that I will look forward to following you on your journey through your pregnancy and beyond!
    BTW – very nice pictures of you, your beau and the new life that you are growing!

    • Thankyou Missy!

      I look forward to getting to know you more sister and I’m so excited you are here. Thank you for the congrats and well wishes and for sharing this moment in time with us!

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