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How Can I Get Clients To Seek ME Out?

February 21st, 2017 | 4 comments

Brent, Violet and I had a blast at Disneyland last week and we’ve made it to San Francisco! We’re settled into the guest bedroom at our friend Katie and Jamie’s house. Violet is loving living here for the week and playing with their two kids. She even transitioned to sleeping in a toddler bed that our friends set up in the room so Brent and I are getting extra snuggle time at night while we’re here. There are so many changes and transitions happening. This two-month adventure traveling around California that started as taking a break from the East Coast Winter and shaking up our tired home routine has turned into a deepening of love and vision for our life.  

All the while my business is expanding, growing and shifting with ease. I signed a new client this week, hired a new team member and filmed a very special episode of Wake Up Wednesday for you today.  

Watch today’s episode below to discover the secret reason my family and I can go on trips like this while women are still feeling drawn to my brand and connecting with me. We can ride rides at Disneyland with Violet and I can go wine tasting with my husband at night because I’m not worried about how to attract my ideal clients.  

Clients are seeking me, while I’m living life.

It’s Q&A week here on Wake Up Wednesday, where I invite a soul sister or someone from our tribe to bring her most burning question about her coaching business along with her, so we can jam on it together live! Then our whole sister tribe gets to learn and grow as they witness us diving deep into the answers. Let’s go!

Bernadette Trujillo-Marti is a business doula for soul-inspired women and a graduate of my premium coaching program, Mentor Masterclass – she’s even a sister guide in the program this year.

PRESS PLAY on the video below to check out the amazing question Bernadette brought along with her:

What specific actions do I need to take so clients are seeking me out, instead of me seeking them?


Who hasn’t wondered about this one? How perfect would it be if clients came to you? It’s the dream, right?

I remember early on in my own coaching business, I couldn’t help but wonder how other life coaches seemed to have tons of clients coming through the door.

So I absolutely had some step-by-steps suggestions for Bernadette, and I know they’ll help you, too! PRESS PLAY on the video above to get in-the-know.
  1. Research the coaching industry and find out who the key players are. Who do people seem to know, like and trust the most? (If you’d like to skip straight to learning more about this step, hop over to the 2:44 point in the video.)

  2. Know yourself as a coach. (There’s a very specific way to do this – I unpack it at the 3:37 point in the video.)

  3. Coach 50 people! And pay close attention to which kinds of clients light you up. (At the 3:55 mark I explain how to make this happen – I promise you it’s not as scary as it sounds, and I’ll tell you why.)

  4. Establish yourself as an expert. (At 4:24, I use my ice cream analogy to show you how this is not only possible, but so easier than you think!)

So PRESS PLAY on the video above to learn about clients coming straight to you (and ice cream, of course.)

All my love,


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4 people have commented
  1. This was awesome! Absolutely the best video I’ve seen you do…and one of the best videos for starting coaches I’ve seen. Thank you! I am in this place of trying to get myself out there, and finish my website. This has been so helpful. My next is gonna be..listening to this again and taking notes and then applying the last few steps you mentioned, as that is the part of the process I am in. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks so much, Jey, that was very helpful. I love your generous heart of sharing your expert tipps and the succinct way of sharing them. I was busy taking notes, and during the writing something came into my head all of a sudden that seemed like my community and what I offer, so thank you!!

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