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How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

June 12th, 2018 | no comments

When I met my husband, I was an actress and I was totally under the “starving artist” spell. I believed that true artists don’t need to make money. He worked on wall street, making six figures (the first time I spent the night at his house I saw a paycheck stub on his dresser!) and I was barely scraping by, living from paycheck to paycheck. I felt insecure and uncomfortable. Our lifestyles were very different then.

My friends and I would go to the cheap New York spots for happy hour deals while Brent could use his corporate card at 5-star restaurants. I had never stayed in a nice hotel until I joined him on a work trip in San Francisco at the Four Seasons Resort.

It took a lot of journaling and inner work to find comfort with luxury and ease when it comes to money. My limiting beliefs about money almost kept me from allowing love with my soulmate!

It was spending time with people who had a different experience with money that helped me to shift into a new belief system. One where I was comfortable investing in and receiving luxury experiences and having an abundance of cash flow. I believe meeting my husband and softening into a new experience of life had a huge impact on my ability to become a woman who makes six figures for herself, doing work I love.

It’s Q&A week, when one of the ladies from our tribe drops by with a burning question I know you’ll relate to and love to jam on together. Let’s do it!

This month’s question comes from current Mentor Masterclass student Dawn, a Mindset & Meditation Life Coach and the owner of ClubMynx Movement & Wellness Studio. Dawn has served in the wellness industry for over 13 years, driven by a personal mission to uplift and inspire others to live by the light of their inner truth.

Dawn asks…

“How can I let go of self-limiting beliefs and expand my thoughts around what’s possible for me when it comes to abundance and money?”


I’m so grateful Dawn asked this – she’s asking how to do this for both herself and her clients. Beautiful!

We all have limiting beliefs. As coaches, healers, and business owners, we’re often called to work through our own deepest insecurities and limiting beliefs through the work we do.

First, what is a limiting belief? (Jump to the 2:36 mark to listen as we feel into this.)

If you are wondering what a limiting belief is, let’s start with the basics. A belief of any kind is an expression of an experience you’ve had in your life. It’s not a fact! Just because you believe it doesn’t mean it’s the only truth that’s available.

I love to use the analogy of a table. The top of the table is what you believe, and that tabletop came to be because it’s being supported by the legs of the table. Those legs are experiences, things you saw happen in life that made you believe something is true.

Beliefs can absolutely be limiting and negative, because the things we experience in our lives are often far from ideal! Maybe they’re things we’ve seen happen to others or experienced firsthand. But what if you imagine you’re looking through a frame, and can only see part of each experience? What if you could create an entirely new story for yourself if you just tilted the frame a little to the left or the right, giving yourself a whole new view of the exact same moment? You can. Your beliefs aren’t facts, they’re just how you’ve been looking at your experiences.

There are times in your life when you’ll have to build a new table, supported by different legs. (Hope over to the 5:52 point in the video to listen as we unpack this!) You’ll need to do things like invest in training, doing mindset work, to create different experiences to support the tabletop. And to use the frame analogy again, the frame will slowly shift so you can see a different part of what you might have been experiencing all along.

There are 3 ways to shop for new experiences to learn how to change your self-limiting beliefs around money.

Captivating. Feminine. Leadership. These three themes are important! When you start to heal in this area within yourself, your beliefs about abundance and what you’re capable of as a woman will shift. You’ll feel deeply that you’re worthy of getting paid a lot of money for your gifts! When you believe this, it changes everything. (You can listen in on Dawn and I discussing this at the 7:15 mark in the video).

  1. Captivating. If you have issues with loving yourself, or a fear of being seen, it’s important to give this part of yourself plenty of time and effort. What’s keeping you from bringing in money doing work that you love? Now is the time to invest in yourself, find out, and heal. There can absolutely be an abundant flow of energy between you, your clients, and your work in the world. (8:00)

Want to get started on your path to healing your issues with self-love and being seen? At the 8:40 point in the video I lead you through an exercise to do just that! This is something I do in my brand-new, in-person training called The Captivating Feminine Leadership Healer Training.

Grab your journal again! Write down the all the things you love about yourself. Do you feel any resistance to this? If you do, we’ve already identified the read gateway to your healing. What I want you to do is take a risk and love yourself even more. This is going to help open your energy field – it’s where abundance flows from. It attracts high-level luxury things, and the Universe begins to treat you the same way.

  1. Feminine. (I dive into this piece at the 11:00 in the video) Ask yourself: What is your relationship to life and your business model? Does your business model support you, or are you supporting your business to the point of burning out? At the 11:35 point, Dawn bravely answers this question herself.

Never forget we live in a patriarchal society that’s always telling women how we have to build our businesses in a masculine, striving way. As women, we can absolutely thrive in the masculine, but need to create space to look at our emotions, feel our reactions to things, and take genuine care of ourselves. We should feel free to feeling into things and building our lives up to support ourselves – not the other way around.

In fact, the second part of my in-person Healer Training is all about this key shift, from the masculine way to the feminine, that will truly change the way we work and live. There aren’t many examples out there of exactly how to make this shift happen, so it takes focused energy and the support of a loving sisterhood.

Time to journal once again. Look at the places where you’re still trying to support your business. What can you integrate and curate so your business can support you on an emotional and physical level?

  1. Leadership. (Skip to 14:15 in the video as I walk you through this one). This is the final piece! As a woman stepping into the role of business owner, you’ll need to wear many hats: CEO, team leader/manager of the people supporting your business, and a woman with strong boundaries with the people in your life who are witnessing you grow into a new woman. These are all challenging roles, and you need leadership skills to show other people how to treat you and to know how to treat yourself.

We talk all about leadership in the final part of my new Healer Training. It’s so important to learn these things in person. When you invest in yourself, it’s natural and undeniable that you’ll build a new table and shift the frame so you can see a new part of yourself.

When you’ve created new belief for your life you’ll look around and see new potential you never saw before, you’ll take new actions you never even thought of previously, and before you know it, the only thing you’ll believe is that you’re an abundant moneymaker. You’ve created a new experience!

As a closing question for you in your journal, ask yourself this: how do you lead and play the various roles required of you to be an effective support and connect with others in a meaningful way? You might find some ways you’re feeling “off” and could change so you can show up in a supportive way that connects you with others.

Follow these journal prompts and you’ll be on your way to truly believing this important truth: “I am a money-maker who is comfortable with abundance.” But first, you’ll have to create that belief! And sister, I’m sure to support you along the way.

P.S. Did you catch the webinar replay of my free training? It expires tomorrow at midnight! Take a moment to receive this free training before it expires forever!

We’ll co-create a shift in your life that will open up your heart and relax your shoulders as you enjoy a new way of doing business. You’ll also get to listen into an insightful Q&A session full of life and business questions about Captivating Feminine Leadership and healing your fear of being seen. Don’t miss this!

All my love,


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