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How To Create The Best Version of Yourself – Right Now.

July 17th, 2018 | no comments

One of the gifts of leading Mentor Masterclass in the intimate way that we do and with limited students is that I get to know EVERY single one of my students. The women who are truly ready to be seen and who are open to relationship and support, receive it. Over the year we become sisters and beyond that when women work with me in my mastermind or I hire them as a sister guide, our relationship and my voice for their work gets to expand even greater. Today, I am so honored to share a powerful woman with you.

It’s time for some truth. We all need solid, grounding support to feel whole. To have enough strength to put one foot in front of the other as we walk out our feminine journeys and find what our hearts are calling us to do.

Do you have that kind of support in your life? If not, sit tight sister, there’s someone I want you to meet.

It’s another Sister Spotlight Wake Up Wednesday, where I introduce you to a woman I’ve worked closely with in Mentor Masterclass who’s made such a profound impact on me that I’ve asked her to be a sister guide and help mentor the next round of Mentor Masterclass students.

This month I’m connecting you with Erika Graiff, the chief Seeker of since 2010. She empowers women struggling to create a better version of their lives.  

In her work as an empathic life coach, Erika focuses on a high-touch relationship that makes her clients feel safe, heard, and understood. She’s grappled with many issues in her own challenge-laden life from childhood to adulthood. For this reason, she offers compassion, experienced guidance and a sisterhood where women can heal and rediscover their authentic selves.

Erika believes that seeking to live in authenticity is the critical linchpin in one’s transformation from frustrated to fulfilled.

Yes! How amazing is this woman?

Are you seeking this central space within yourself – the one that’s whole, that’s full of love, that’s grounded? It’s the space where you really begin to honor and hone your sovereignty. (Hear Erika explain this herself at the 2:18 point in the video.)

As Erika explains, your journey might be simple, or grand and even a little overwhelming. But you need that home base of support and understanding from someone who understands what it is to walk as a woman in all her different phases.

It’s also a very common experience to think you have all the support you need, but then realize you’ve lost it at some point along the way.

Erika’s passion is teaching you the fundamental, stabilizing techniques that get you grounded in who you are and what you are becoming.

Erika also shares how she works with clients in her coaching practice, including MCA, Menstrual Cycle Awareness. This is ancient medicine that helps women understand the different phases of their expression of energy. This is fascinating stuff! She explains it all at the 5:20 point in the video, and also explains how you can grab a free workbook and learn all about this in sisterhood with other women.

Erika’s signature offer: Small Group Coaching Mastermind ‘Fundamentals For Seekers’

Erika’s 6-month personal nourishment and connection experience designed to catalyze and align your seeker/feminine healing journey with conscious, joyous thriving. As an intimate group of women spiritual seekers, longing to follow their inner compass with skill and stability, we will lay the groundwork in support of personal and professional, long-term, heart-centric empowerment.

If Erika’s work resonates with you, I urge you to start the application process and speak with Erika for 30 minutes! It’s a great opportunity to feel into whether you connect. Take that brave next step!

It’s time to access your courage, step into sisterhood and collectively bring the light that’s trying to come through you.

After all Erika and I have journeyed through together, I can’t wait to see the group of women that’s called together to move through this deep work. Will you be part of it? Visit Erika here and learn how to book a FREE 30-minute call with her!

Don’t forget to come back and let me know how it’s going!

All my love,


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