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How To Grow Your Coaching Business and Finally Leave Your Day Job

October 24th, 2017 | 1 comment

Every entrepreneur has to do it. They have to leave the comfort of a day job and stop hiding behind the scenes. Taking center stage is not easy for ANYONE and I believe there are ways to feel a sense of ease in the process. Easy is for lazy, mediocre people who cannot rise up to challenge. Ease is for wise women who know that you can feel amazing inside while facing the discomfort of going after something big and scary.

Right now, I’m surrounded by a pile of books while watching interviews featuring one of my favorite women entrepreneurs and spiritual teachers, Danielle Laporte. I’m preparing to interview her myself tomorrow!

When I quit my job as an actress and Broadway performer to pursue coaching, she was my fierce mentor. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with Danielle and interviewing her as our newest celebrity mentor for Mentor Masterclass. I’m nervous, excited and grounded in gratitude. I’ve been envisioning this moment for years. It was a huge risk to quit my job and my inner critic was so confronting when I built up the courage to invite Danielle to be a part of my signature program, Mentor Masterclass.  

I believe with great risk comes great achievement. Maybe even abundant opportunities that allow you to thrive and live a life you are madly in love with. And sister, risk is never comfortable or easy to manage.

What I love about my research today in preparation for my interview with Danielle tomorrow is her history:

Without a college degree, Danielle began working at The Body Shop in one of their retail stores. After requesting and receiving several promotions, she became director of Social Inventions at The Body Shop’s Canadian headquarters and later quit her job to launch what would become one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes. Millions of visitors go to her website every month for her daily #Truthbombs and what’s been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.”

“I just kept doing big things, then asking for promotions once I did them. Doing, asking, doing, asking.”— Danielle LaPorte

It’s Coaching Business Q&A Week where a sister from our tribe joins me with a question that’s come up for her along the way as she’s growing her coaching business.

This week’s question comes from Pam Howard, a coach for busy working women (and a Mentor Masterclass grad) who helps busy women juggle their careers, families and households. She helps them remember to take care of themselves so life doesn’t pass them by while they’re caring for everyone else.

And like many of you, Pam is building her coaching business while still working her full-time job, and she comes to us today with an amazing question…

“How can I grow my business to the point that I can leave my full-time job?”

So many sisters in our tribe have this question! When Pam asked me this, three main tips popped into my mind – PRESS PLAY on the video below to drop into our conversation, or just keep on reading!


Sometimes we find ourselves at a point where we’re not quite ready to leave our full-time job – and truthfully, we don’t even have a desire to do that! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking your time and feeling into whether coaching is what you really want to do.

Other times, you know right away that you have to transition out of your full-time job! You’re ready to go full-throttle!

So as you take in the information I’m sharing with you today, be sure to honor the space you’re in. If it feels good to still be in your full-time job, then of course, stay there and enjoy it! Be honest with yourself about what you want.

If you’re very serious about leaving, then here are 3 tips to help you do that:

1. Be realistic about your minimum survival income – but don’t forget your dreams.

First, write down your non-negotiable needs (your minimum survival income). To address the fears around any uncertainty, you’ll need to take a real inventory of the non-negotiable needs in your life. This will look different for everyone! If you’re single with roommates, your financial needs will be different than if you have kids and a mortgage. Make a list of the minimum amount you need to live in a healthy way.

Often when we write these things down, the amount turns out to be a lot less than we think! And that means leaving your full-time job might be much more possible than you thought at first.

Next, write down your non-negotiable pleasures. These are the things you could technically survive without, but that you also know make your life pleasurable and keep your vibration high.

Once you’ve written down your non-negotiable needs and pleasures, you’ve created the minimum income you’ll need to quit your full-time job.

Now it gets really fun…

Write down the expenses that would help create your dream life.

What goals and dreams have you been holding inside? What does your vision for your life really look like? How about a personal chef to cook healthy meals for you? Maybe taking your entire family out on a yacht for a year? Research these items! How much would they cost per month? This will become your dream monthly income.

Now you have both your minimum monthly income you’d need to survive, and your dreams for what’s possible with your monthly income.

It’s time to break it down even further: how many clients would you need to make your minimum income possible, and what would you need to charge? How many hours would you be working to create your minimum income?

In the meantime, you might also ask yourself if there’s a part-time job you could take to free up time to work on your coaching business while you still have a steady paycheck coming in.

2. What expenses can you let go of?

When I was first starting my business, my husband and I were leasing a Mini Cooper. We soon realized could definitely do without a car that was so expensive. We also found we really didn’t need cable and I didn’t need to get my hair done every month.

Are there expenses you’re taking on right now that aren’t as thrilling to you as the possibility of running your own business? Consider letting go of those expenses.

Where can you receive time or financial support within your family system? This might mean asking your partner to take over financially for a bit. Maybe you could explore what your family might be able to contribute, whether it’s financial help or taking the kids after school once a week so you can get more work done.

You might also be surprised by the support you can get from your full-time job. Without telling your supervisor you’re looking to leave the job, you might ask for more flexible hours, a condensed work week, a shorter Friday, or some other arrangement that could help you get more done in less time.

Finally, is there an opportunity in your life for a trade? For example, does your housekeeper need coaching? In exchange your her cleaning your house, she’ll get free coaching and you’ll get a testimonial.

3. Lean into sisterhood – and Divine guidance!

During this time you’ll need support and community. You need to connect with people who have done this already or are on the road to making it happen. It feels amazing to lean into their vibrations and belief systems! I’ve learned from experience that you can’t make such a big leap alone.

Don’t forget to bring this issue into your spiritual practice and ask for Divine guidance, too. Ask for help with the discomfort and ask for the answers around how moving into full-time coaching will work for you. The Universe can show you what to do in ways you can’t even imagine!

How about you, sister? If you’d like to lean into Pam and me around this issue, please comment below! We’ve been through it, we’re going through it, and we’re here to provide support for you!

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All my love,


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