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How To Make Any Audience LOVE You at Your Next Live Event!

November 11th, 2015 | 5 comments

What a powerful thing it is to be onstage.

You’re the goddess standing in the spotlight. You’ve got a mic, a message for the world, and you’re here to Rock!

Really, is there anything better than the sound of applause as you walk off, stage left?

But, wonderful readers – be careful. Because that kind of thinking is actually a trap that can damage the impact of your message.

I explain why in today’s episode.  Click play to watch it now.

Here’s the truth and please listen closely:

Despite the fact all eyes are on you when you’re onstage, you’re not the star.

The audience is the star.

That’s not to say you’re not incredibly talented, or that your ideas won’t chane the world! But the reality is,  you need your audience to accept, adopt, and spread your ideas… or they’ll vanish and die.

When it comes to your message, the audience will react in one or two ways: they’ll love it, and resonate with it… or they’ll reject it. And they’re much more likely to reject your idea if they can’t see how it benefits them, or it doesn’t speak to them or their current state.

So I share the secret to success in today’s episode, watch it to find out now!

Tune into your audience – their desires, goals, and beliefs – to create long-lasting connection and engagement.

Paint a picture for them about why people should want or need to be involved in taking action on the ideas and message you are spreading. Tell them why they’re valuable in your mission, versus giving them a laundry list of to do’s.

The biggest mistake you can ever make on stage is to bark orders, or tell them “I want you to…” with a long list of things to do.

After all, your audience came to see what you can do for them, not what they can do for you.

But don’t misunderstand me, love!

It’s great to give action steps. But instead of making demands, frame them as invitations.

Engage people with your stories, and the possibilities you can help them create with their lives. Help them arrive at a certain conclusion themselves.

Conclusions like:

  • “I can do this!”
  • “I’m worth it!”
  • “Now I’m so excited to do XYZ!”


Want to help your audience feel inspired like that? Just remember two simple rules:

Rule #1: The audience is the hero of your idea

Give them a special gift, or a magical tool they can use to get to their happy ending.

Rule #2: The performer (YOU!) are the motivating mentor

You’re not giving commands. You’re here to inspire your listeners into taking action and getting unstuck, and make it easy and fun for them to move forward.  

And the Result is truly magical.

You’ll build a supportive, engaging tribe who love you, your message, and everything you’re bringing to the table.

I talk about this in detail in today’s episode, so please watch the video for even more information on this great subject.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Can you tell me about a time a speaker really encouraged YOU to action. Do you remember what they said or made you feel, specifically?

Share your experience in the comments below, sisters!

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See you there!



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5 people have commented
  1. I forget all about myself when I’m in front of a group! I connect with them, adapt my plan as I see what their needs are, and am always surprised at the end when I get words of praise. To me, guiding a group is stepping into Grace – I let Grace flow through me and everything falls into place.

    • Christine, this is so beautiful to hear about how when you speak you step into this role of being a channel for Grace and are consistently engaged with your audience. This is so crucial and powerful!

  2. I love this Jey and hearing about how to turn this towards the audience rather than yourself. Inviting them in rather than telling them what to do, engaging with them through story, and really create yourself and your audience into this living breathing organism that is an entity unto itself. Working with Nobel Laureates, I was always super connected to them and their words. They would make me laugh, cry, become infuriated when they spoke about some of the situations going on in the world and how they created changed. They inspired me to work for change and I still feel their inspiration when I think of them. What I learned from them is how powerful stories can be in engaging with one’s audience and moving them into action.

  3. Camila I don’t know Nobel Laureates, do you have links to their talks available online? I’d love to see. Isn’t it amazing how much we can be touched by someone else’s words. We carry them for life. I love thinking about this with you mama!

    Beautiful and specific share that really makes me appreciate the art of inspiring from the stage!


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