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How To Partner With Successful Thought Leaders & Business Owners (5 Easy Steps to Connection)

August 22nd, 2017 | 8 comments

It’s Q&A week here on Wake Up Wednesday! I love it because I get to have an amazing sister from our tribe ask a question that’s real and true for her as she’s building her coaching business while you listen in and learn along with us.

For today’s Q&A, I’ve got a thought-provoking question from Denise, a Mentor Masterclass grad who’s joining me all the way from Peru.

Denise is a writer, a traveler, a coach, a facilitator of the sacred, a keeper of the keys of the mysteries, and a song weaver. She leads international retreats and sacred ceremonies and she’s a transformational coach who helps her clients discover the divine wisdom within so they may truly live a life that makes them shine.

In today’s video, Denise asks:

What is the best way to reach out to a mentor to possibly collaborate? What’s the best way to not be too pushy, or needy, and to not feel “less than” your potential mentor?

What an amazing set of questions! I immediately connected with this topic myself.

For at least five years now, I’ve had it on my bucket list to team up with Danielle LaPorte and bring her onboard as a mentor in Mentor Masterclass. Earlier this year, this dream finally came true! I remember the feeling of wanting to reach out to Danielle in exactly the right way, wanting to provide value to her as well, and not wanting to feel “less than” in our interactions even though Danielle is absolutely someone I look up to.

In answering Denise’s questions, I reflected on my own journey with this (most recently with Danielle) and I narrowed it down to five steps I can’t wait to share with you!

(If you’d like to jump right into the video PRESS play below!)

  1. Check in with yourself and ask, “What is my true intention behind my desire to work with this person?

    This question is actually more complex than it seems and in today’s video we explore how it has plenty of possible answers.  Your intention needs to come from somewhere deeper and more heart-aligned then just a surface-level answer like, “Well, she has a huge list that I’d love to have access to.”

    I go into deeper detail about all of this and more at the 3:15 point in the video. PRESS play on the video above as I walk you through how I analyzed what was behind my own desire to work with Danielle LaPorte.

  1. Say YES to any opportunities you get to be in person with your potential mentor.

    We all know it’s more than possible to create powerful connections online, but when you can interact face-to-face, feel each other’s energy and share the same space, it all creates a memory and a bond that can be very tough to replicate.

    There are plenty of other benefits of meeting in person – I go through them all at the 6:45 mark in the video.

  1. Find ways to add value to their life or business.

    Especially if your mentor is sought-after and busy, a way for you to stand out is to show her your value, expertise and strength, and get her into a place of gratitude. When you’re adding true value to her life or business, chances are she can’t help but pay attention! The natural inclination of most people who you give to is a desire to want to do something for you in return. This creates a connection that’s built on appreciation – and that’s hard to beat when it comes to lasting love and support.

    So start thinking about which gift, information or talent you can share. Then, there’s even more to it – jump to the 8-minute point in the video to get the whole scoop. 🙂

  1. Be patient!

    This part is tough…it’s time to wait to see what comes from the effort you have put in. Wait to feel in your own energy when it might be the right time to reach out again. But how do you do that? I’m sharing that at the 10:15 point in the video.

  1. Settle into the discomfort – and go for it!

    Too often, the invitation to reach out does present itself and we talk ourselves out of it! Here’s what to do instead. (11:23 in the video above.)

Anybody who creates joint venture partnerships through building authentic business connections deserves to feel very proud of themselves, because I can tell you it’s not easy! And you can do it. Even though your heart is beating out of your chest.

And I’ll be here cheering you on!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments – have you ever reached out to a mentor? How did it go? What will you do differently next time?

And if you would like to connect and collaborate with our new celebrity mentor Danielle LaPorte (and me!) to grow your life coaching business, apply for Mentor Masterclass today. I’m looking forward to getting to know you personally in your risk-free application.

P.S. When you apply for Mentor Masterclass today, you will get a free copy of Danielle LaPorte’s new book: White Hot Truth (and it’s amazing!)

All my love,


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8 people have commented
  1. I love your delivery and the way u give such concise information. U truly are
    divine. Thank u!

    Blessings and love from Bali

  2. Thanks for this! As you know, Jeannine, I recently created a great collaboration with Elena Brower in my program, Chakra Needs, thanks in large part to your guidance.

    One thing that I feel is so important that you mentioned here, and I feel the need to reflect and reinforce, is the intention behind approaching this mentor. I knew that this mentor could broaden my reach, and lend my program some credibility, but ultimately I had fallen in love with her and her work and genuinely felt a deep desire to bring myself and my work closer to hers. I desire her as my mentor for the next stage of my personal and professional growth.

    She inspires me to grow, and from THAT space I reached out to her.

    I also made sure to make it about her! She is releasing a new book around the time of my program, and that book compliments the program, so I invited her to speak of her book in the program, and I offered to buy several copies of her book to give as gifts to my participants.

    • Christine you are so welcome mama! I have loved exploring this question and experience with you in our work inside The Sisterhood Mastermind. Thank you for sharing your experience here with our extended tribe. It was beautiful to watch and support you as you worked through the fear, question and faith in building a relationship with Elena. And it was THE. BEST. to celebrate her saying yes to being a part of your new program! I learned a lot through witnessing you. Mostly how FAST you made it happen and that with the right intentions you can build relationships rather quickly. Deep Bow sister!

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