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Inspirational & Broke VS Influential & THR$VING: How to Use Social Media to Sell Out Your Life Coach Business Services

April 17th, 2018 | 2 comments

It’s Q&A Week here on Wake Up Wednesday! One of the incredible women from my tribe stops by with a question that you probably have, too. We jam on it, and everyone learns some practical steps to grow their coaching business.

This week I’m talking to Jamie, a Fitness, Health and Life Coach. She believes that health is more than just the way you look and the food on your plate. It’s mind, body and soul. True change begins with you, and the love you have for yourself.

Here’s Jamie’s question:

I’ve been a coach for a while and more recently have begun using my social media platforms to share what it is I do pretty consistently; mostly instagram and facebook. I hear a lot of comments from people about how inspirational I am, how much they love my posts. So I’m wondering…

How do I make the most out of social media platforms to market to potential clients? What’s the best way to share my programs to get paying clients?

I love this question! It really hits home for me because up until very recently, I’ve never had much of an interest in growing my business through social media. I didn’t see the value over other options and I just didn’t feel called to do it. I don’t like being on my phone and I don’t want to be one of those people who is living life inside my phone and not present.

My thinking around this has really shifted and now I feel inspired to be connected and of service through social media, especially though Instagram.  After investing in my own social media training and support, I’ve learned that Instagram has four times more users than Pinterest or Snapchat! And Instagram’s engagement with brands is 10x that of Facebook’s!

I love the visual medium of Instagram. I enjoy being on it! (If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, click here to connect with me at @rsvpwjey).

I’ve also noticed that people are spending less and less time in their email inboxes. In fact, research proves there’s been a 50% decrease in email opens this past year. More and more people are moving to social media as a way to stay connected.


I’m excited for this one! Where should we begin? 🙂

It’s important to understand the difference between being inspirational vs. being an influencer. If the feedback you’re getting from people is that you’re “inspirational” it tells me that you might be sharing a lot about yourself. People are seeing what’s working for you, but it might not be clear to them that you have something they can take and make it work for them.

An influencer, on the other hand, is aware of marketing and willing to market. You might have some personal blocks and fears around taking your expertise and charging for it! The way to shift gears is to have an intention on social media – you’re there not only to be inspirational, but to share with them how they can work with you. Invite them into this exchange on social media. (I go into this concept in detail at the 3:20 point in the video. And you can follow me on Instagram here for real time inspiration on how to be authentic in marketing.)

Start making the move from intention to strategy. Do you have a clear flow that leads from what you share directly into your programs and services? You have to know what you offer, who you serve, and what you sell. Have a call to action in your posts that makes it crystal clear how to engage with you. (Jump to the 6:00 point on the video to hear Jamie and me dive deep into this.)

Then to truly make the most out of social media platforms to market to potential clients, there are two key steps:

  1. Commit to a program that helps you get clear on who you serve, what you offer, and includes a mastermind community.

Jamie has chosen to work with me in Mentor Masterclass where she gets tons of feedback and insight. Inside Mentor Masterclass we have four themes that zero in on a different skill or intention you’ll need to create and grow your successful coaching business. Every week she receives my mentorship and the support and reflection of an empowered sisterhood to reflect back to her who she is and what she’s doing right! We do this through my signature RSVP process and model:

R – Reflect and Restore. (Week 1 of every month – Stage 1, Unconscious Incompetence). Walk Your Talk. This is a time for you to establish your connection to the tools and techniques and the themes that are running in your own life. It’s a place to source vulnerable storytelling from your own life that leads to connecting with your ideal client. (Skip over to the 9:30 mark in the video to hear me talk about the concept of “walking your talk.”)

S – Simplify and Share. (Week 2 of every month – Stage 2, Conscious Incompetence). Step into the Coaching Role. You’ll get clear on what your favorite tools and strategies are. Who should you serve? Learn to create content for your ideal client that showcases your expertise. Create clear calls to action. (10:00)

V – Verify and Validate. (Week 3 of every month – Stage 3, Conscious Competence). In week 3 your focus is to build on what you accomplish during weeks 1 and 2.  

Prospecting. This is where you’re really getting to know your ideal client. Make sure your intention is about them. On social media, it’s so easy to post about ourselves, but the true shifts happen when you share these stories with the intention of connecting to that ideal client who’s watching and listening. (11:00)

P – Power. (Week 4 of every month – Stage 4, Unconscious Competence). Marketing Week. It’s designed to help build your online business and master your marketing outreach to ideal clients. It’s all about maximizing your power to expand with a global mission and online success. You embrace your feminine power when you re-invest your energy into your coaching practice.

Celebration is also a big part of week 4. It’s an important part of the Success Cycle because you acknowledge and celebrate your successes each month. Celebration strengthens your new beliefs, which lead to new actions, new results, and even more growth.

And don’t forget to lean into sisterhood along the way! In Mentor Masterclass, the women become part of a global sisterhood of support and friendship. We all follow each other and give plenty of constructive feedback. Trying to guess how your shares are landing is the “lone warrior” way of doing things. No more! Make the most of your built-in sisterhood and support each other. (To learn more about Mentor Masterclass and how to apply to be a part of the sisterhood, click here.  We have 3 spaces opening to join next month)

  1. Make sure there’s nothing in you that’s afraid of marketing. Repeat after me: marketing is not sleazy– embrace sharing your mission and view it as your chance to be of service to the world and to have a beautiful energy exchange!

Once you know who you’re serving and you have a clear intention on your platform, you’ll start to come up with ideas that flow with who you are and what you have to offer. What’s the one offer you want to sell all year long? What’s the marketing funnel that leads to it (a funnel engages your potential clients for free and ends with a paid offer)? (17:15)

This clear path to a paid offer won’t happen overnight! So keep it in mind as you continue to fine-tune your social media marketing.

These steps will be the difference between your followers saying, “I love you! You’re so inspiring!” and “I just bought your course and can’t wait to get started!”

Want to follow along as Jamie and I expand our reach on social media? You’ll find us on Instagram at @rsvpwjey and @jaylynncoaching.

How about you, love? What are your favorite things to share on social media, and what do your followers love to see? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

P.S. Are you feeling called to learn more about Mentor Masterclass, grow your coaching brand, and create your location-independent coaching business? Learn how to apply here!

All my love,


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  1. Is there a way to combine coaching with other passions or will that just water down your programs? I love gardening and holistic nutrition along with coaching and self growth. Is there a way to combine these interests for business or should I just pick one?

    • This is what makes you special! Can you imaging coaching in the garden. Or teaching women how to use gardening as a transformational intrinsic experience? You should absolutely combine your gifts and talents to create YOUR unique offer.

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