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Learn To Lead Groups of Women & Sister Circles At This In-Person Training – For Free!

August 21st, 2018 | no comments

I just got back from leading a workshop in NYC for 12 brilliant women who are committed to focused healing this year. They’re ready to create sustainable success from a place of ease and flow as an entrepreneur, the face of their brand, and the soul leader of a conscious mission.   

I was deeply touched by the experiences of these women as they embraced a practice of embody dance, breathwork and re-programming of their brains using NLP techniques to form a new relationship and natural ability to be captivating in their work.

In this raw video I made for you today, I share an exercise we did in the workshop that brought in one of the most profound experiences I have ever had doing group and circle work with brave and brilliant women.

This exercise prompts all of us to talk about our natural skills and talents and if you participate you may find that you have what it takes to lead groups of women and sister circles. When the women went through the exercise, they tapped into a fresh new level of confidence around who they are, what makes them captivating, and how this related to their unique business model as entrepreneurs.

Do you have quiet dreams of taking your natural calling and turning it into a business that brings in abundant income? Have you ever felt that maybe you’re meant to work with women and lead healing circles? This exercise will help you work through the blocks that are keeping you from making this happen.

You’ll especially love this exercise if:
  • You’ve already been through tons of training, or

  • You’re a multi-passionate woman with different skills, talents, and interests you’ve acquired over the years and you want to know how to turn this into a business model, or

  • Over the years you’ve immersed yourself in personal development and you’ve been healing like a rockstar, and it’s changed you. Your interests and skillset has evolved, and you haven’t given yourself a chance to look at how it’s all connected to where you are in your business right now.

So grab a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, and PRESS PLAY on the video below! If you’d like to hop over to the 1:40 point in the video, where I start leading you through this exercise, go for it. YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS!


On the left side, write “Natural Gifts and Talents” and on the right side, write “Trainings and Certifications.” Take a moment and write down EVERYTHING you can think of under each column. This is not just having to do with coaching either. Write down every natural talent and professional training you have. Watch the video to hear me go through this exercise for myself, I know it will inspire you to think deeper and notice things that are easy to overlook.

At the 2:15 point in the video, I share my own lists with you. I recently got questions from women asking what, exactly, makes me qualified to lead a yearlong master coach certification program, Mentor Masterclass and support brilliant women entrepreneurs, CEOs and master life coaches in becoming Captivating Feminine Leaders. Fair question!

I’ve been running my signature coaching program, Mentor Masterclass, for six years now, ever since I was featured on the front page of The New York Times as a master and transformational women’s leadership coach. The program has grown into a worldwide coaching certification program that’s also evolved into a Captivating Feminine Leadership training.

Here are the skills, natural talents, and certifications that qualify me to hold space for such a powerful program. I call this a “sisterbrag,” because it isn’t about comparison – it’s about witnessing and celebrating each other’s unique gifts and talents. It’s about feeling into how it all makes us who we are, and shapes how each one of us approaches building a business that can never be replicated.  

It’s about how we are asked to rise as confident women and recognize that while there may be many women rising in leadership, your work is unique. Your specific life experience is guiding you to serve a very potent community that needs to learn and walk beside YOU.

(Jump to the 4-minute point in the video as I get vulnerable and share my own list – and thanks for holding space for me!)

My Natural Gifts and Talents:
  • Leadership skills.

  • Vulnerability.

  • The ability to see auras and energy around people.

  • I can captivate an audience.

  • Strong and vocal intuition.

  • Board games – I can win them all! 😉

  • Creating and leading meditations.

  • The “stank face” I use when I’m dancing. (You’ll just have to go to the 5:07 mark to see me do this – it’s tough to describe!)

  • Character voices.

  • My devotion to deepening my practices of diversity, recognizing white privilege and nurturing my gift for healing in that area.

  • I’m a triple-threat performer – I can sing, dance and act!

  • I’m the proud winner of a pizza-eating contest.

  • Creating soul-aligned business models for my coaching clients. I can put my clients’ unique experiences, trainings, gifts and talents together and create a niche market that’s all their own. I guide my clients through determining what they should charge, what their signature programs should look like, and how to call in clients in a soul-aligned way.

  • I can put people’s complex thoughts and feelings into clear words.

  • Recognizing other people’s life purpose.

  • Asking powerful question and actively listening. I’m very empathic!

  • Leading clients through powerful coaching exercises.

  • Committed to constantly learning more about the mind, body, and soul.

  • Cultivating sisterhood in my life, and helping other women do the same in their own lives.

  • Teaching rituals and self-care practices.

  • Healing mother wounds, lone warrior wounds, and receptivity issues – in my own life and in my clients’ lives.

  • Noticing and talking about ways the patriarchy is holding us back as women, then taking active steps to work through it (and help others do it, too).

  • Leading and holding a strong container for in-person events, retreats, and sister circles.

  • Balancing my life and others when it comes to finances, relationships, motherhood, and more.

  • Calling money into my life.

  • Being a mother.

  • Manifesting and achieving big goals and dreams.

I have official trainings and/or certifications in:
  • Transformational Speaking with Gail Larsen.

  • 20+ years of classes, workshops, and private training in tap, jazz, ballet, and musical theater dance.

  • Voice lessons and workshops for 5 years – plus 20+ years of appearing onstage in musicals.

  • Workshops and public speaking engagements all over the world.

  • Conscious Parenting.

  • American Musical and Dramatic Academy graduate.

  • Created RSVP coaching method certification and training.

  • Archetypal Healing.

  • Master Life Coach certification from Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes.

  • Narcotics Anonymous group work and study.

  • Hypnotherapy.

  • Family Constellation Therapy.

  • Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP).

  • Masonry Inspection license.

  • Life Purpose techniques.

  • Copywriting with storytelling and vulnerability as an edge.

  • Feminine Business Leadership.

  • Sisterhood.

  • Entrepreneurial Marketing.

  • Plant Medicine (I trained with a Shaman in Peru).

  • Webinar writing and systems and slideshow presentation.

  • Ontraport marketing.

  • Money Story Healing.

  • Manifestation techniques.

  • Email funnel creation.

  • Priestess training.

  • Embodied Dance.

  • Breathwork.

  • Storytelling.

  • Circlework Vocalizer training.

Phew! This is such a powerful exercise. One of the pivotal transitions you can make is to move from viewing your work in the world as a job, to seeing it as a calling. They’re not the same thing! A job is an exchange of energy where you perform a material task and someone provides money in exchange. A calling is an organic field of energy that emerges from the deeper aspects of who you are (I learned this from Marianne Williamson).

When you start to tune into your calling and celebrate it, it opens the door to call in abundant income.

Many women are ready to devote time and resources toward honing their gifts and talents. You can create a soul path for yourself and create a soul-aligned business, or scale your existing business to recognize your gifts and call in a much higher level of income.

I have two powerful resources I want to share with you today:

CFL: Leading Groups of Women and Sister Circles.

It’s a brand-new in-person, 2-day workshop I’m holding in March 2019 for 35 women at Sarah Jenks’ Moon Lodge in Massachusetts. Keep reading and I’ll share with you how you can receive this brand new and life changing training FOR FREE.

I’ve learned that getting out from behind our screens is a must! We’ll take time away from all of life’s distractions, merge every certification and life experience you’ve had, and create a business model you can scale to make great money, achieve financial freedom, and create a lifestyle you love leading your unique tribe of women.

Over the past 10 years I left behind my job as a Broadway performer and became a life coach. Then I became a feminine leadership and business coach for coaches and aspiring life coaches and thought leaders. Along the way I became a mother and built a team of six women who work with me, all while bringing in half-a-million dollars a year and working an average of three days each week.

And all of this was possible because I learned to harness my unique experiences, gifts and trainings to carve out my own space in the crowded coaching industry. I want the same thing for you, and helping you to discover how to simplify and confidently share your work in the world happens to be a talent of mine!

If you’re feeling called to start holding space for and leading groups of women in sister circles, this intimate workshop training is for you! You’ll experience plenty of circle work and rituals to support you in your training.

Best of all, the curriculum extends to all groups you’ll encounter in your life.

  • Do you want to lead your tribe from your website and learn how to share truly life-changing content in your newsletters?

  • Have you been trying to grow your social media platforms, but can’t seem to break through all the noise?

  • Has transformation circle work been calling your name?

  • Have you been dreaming of speaking at large conferences or group events?

  • Maybe you’d even like to elevate family time in your own living room to make it more loving and devoted?

….this training equips you to elevate every group situation and make it truly transformational.

We’ll bring together your natural gifts and your trainings/certifications and make them work for you so you can call in radical shifts, epiphanies, and breakthroughs for yourself and the women you lead.

We’ll dive deep into:

  • Curating themes for other women.

  • How to cultivate the themes and content of your own sister circles.

  • Mastering divine feminine energy circle work.

  • Preparing your space and yourself for circle work.

  • Ways you can lead as a circle vocalizer.

  • Techniques for working with the energy of any women’s group you’ll encounter.

  • The ins-and-outs of spiritual tools like altar setup.

  • Embodied dance training.

  • Breathwork training.

  • And so much more.

CFL: Leading Groups of Women and Sister Circles is stand-alone class – no prior training or work with me is necessary.

The investment for CFL: Leading Groups of Women and Sister Circles is $625…but today I’ll be giving it away for free to women who apply and enroll in Mentor Masterclass.

Figure out how all your past experiences and training can merge into a successful business model. Get ready to stop guessing and feel confident in your skills as a coach, a leader, and a healer. Explore joining us in Mentor Masterclass!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet up with me (and your new sisterhood) in person for free. Together, we’ll work through how to uplevel and master your coaching techniques. We’ll support each other as we do the deep inner healing it takes to become a feminine leader that runs a soul-aligned 6-figure coaching business that provides time and location freedom.

Something truly transformational happens when you stop being a lone warrior and drop into sisterhood. There’s nothing like it! If this is speaking to you, and your intuition is saying YES to cultivating your true calling and accessing intimate mentorship from a panel of celebrity mentors and me, don’t wait. (This bonus ends SOON!)

I’ll be there with you, helping you grow your confidence as a life coach in your unique niche that only you inhabit.

Together in Mentor Masterclass, we’ll go through all four stages of growth each month as we add to your skillset:

  • Stage One: Unconscious incompetence. You feel unsure and everything feels unfamiliar. You don’t even know which questions to ask. You “don’t know what you don’t know.”

  • State Two: Conscious incompetence. You’ll make new discoveries and get plenty of practice perfecting your skills with your Mentor Masterclass sisters. You’ll begin to understand and embody your calling to create your unique business model and niche in the crowded coaching industry.

  • Stage Three: Conscious Competence. You’ll continue to work on your new skills until they become a natural habit.

  • Stage Four: Unconscious Competence. Many students make it to this stage after one month in Mentor Masterclass! You’ll be using your new skills, and it will feel completely natural, consistent, and even automatic. It’s all become part of who you are.

If you feel ready to take all the natural gifts, trainings, certification and life experiences you’ve written down today to create your unique business model, then Mentor Masterclass is for you.

Don’t let all your gifts sit unused on that piece of paper in front of you. Learning how to use them to create your true calling will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Hope I see you soon!

All my love,


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