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Life Coach Training On a White or Red Moon Cycle?

September 26th, 2018 | no comments

These things might seem unrelated, but they’re all part of business training that leads to doing work you love, and making lots of money:

  • The Tony Robbins’ Success Learning Cycle.
  • Ancestral wisdom.
  • Female hormones.
  • The successful celebrity coaches in our industry who are really walking their talk behind the beautiful branding and social media posts.
  • Your one-of-a-kind business model that makes competition completely irrelevant.
  • Your moon cycle.
  • Intimate support from a woman mentor who has done what you aspire to do.


…They’re all part of the multi-layered process I use to guide women as they create sustainable success in their coaching businesses. It all happens inside my all-in life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass.

My first goal as a new life coach was to make $4,000/month. I hit that goal in the first three months of taking on clients. I quickly learned that quick-fix masculine models burn women out. I also quickly realized that conscious women who are committed to self-care and pleasure as part of building a soulful business needed much better and smarter training! Especially in the early stages of becoming a life coach and influencer when you’re creating patterns that you’ll constantly fall back on in moments of challenge, these foundational habits can make or break you.

The truth is that in order to become a multiple six-figure coach with complete time and location freedom, you have to know how to face challenge and risk with graceful confidence. I want to support you through the multitude of challenges that show up within a year and teach you an easier way.

Forget the years of trial and error: you will become a master-level coach and soulful marketer within 12 months of working with me. Together we’ll build an unbreakable foundation that will guide you for years to come. Intimate support and a holistic approach to your training is absolutely essential.

Feeling Called to Become a Life Coach? Are you on a Red Moon or White Moon Cycle?  Why This Matters When Training to Become a Coach.

Years ago, I began studying the profound connections between the moon, women’s cycles, and how it plays a role in our daily lives. I was learning and implementing this knowledge in my own business model while running the original Mentor Masterclass beta group. 

I quickly realized the identity and consciousness shift my clients were going through as they changed careers to become a life coach. These huge shifts were best supported when honoring planetary alignment and monthly moon rhythms. Since I was creating the foundational devotions of my signature life coach training program Mentor Masterclass at the same time, I was guided to bake this wisdom in.

As women, we repeat a monthly cycle that affects our mood and the way our brains function and focus. Every month, when women tried to work against their natural cycles to create success using my training, they would end up burnt-out and frustrated. While hustling got them ahead a little, this forceful way of going after goals set them back and cost them weeks of inspired action. I witnessed them as they went from motivated to struggling with their health and feeling battered and broken.

I shifted everything about the program to help women learn to harness their innate feminine wisdom by honoring their moon cycles. There was an immediate and rapid shift!

Suddenly inspired action was an easy constant as my clients were experiencing a deeper sense of ease and flow with all of their life and business commitments. My program teaches women how to not only honor their cycles but unconsciously use it as a power source for creating rapid success and making tough daily decisions.

I combined the wisdom of this with a learning cycle I call the R.S.V.P method to create a life coach training program that helps women tap into a natural power force that is within them.


Women actually started tracking the moon and their cycles long ago, and the findings always fascinate me. I now believe it’s impossible for a woman to be happy as CEO and visionary of her own coaching business if she’s not trained to utilize this wisdom as a natural habit.


Did you know some women bleed on a White Moon Cycle, where women get their periods on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon? Because of the impact of light on the earth and on our bodies, the full moon has always been the earth’s most fertile time.

Even though the full moon is associated with ovulation, some women do still get their periods on the full moon – this is called a Red Moon Cycle. Throughout history, women who experience a Red Moon Cycle have been healers, wise women, or medicine women. This makes perfect sense: in the old days, these women were able to care for the other women who were on their periods at the time they themselves were ovulating.

The more women I work with inside Mentor Masterclass, the more I recognize that most of us are on a Red Moon Cycle.

Coincidence? Not a chance.

The deep synchronicity we all feel inside our sisterhood makes this so powerful! I’ll try my best to describe it: Red Moon Cycles are not only associated with healers and wise women as I mentioned above, but also with profound creation around art, business, and a new way of life for yourself and others.

Our entire sisterhood works together in Mentor Masterclass to discover the women who are on a White Moon or Red Moon in order to align our training, business marketing and sister support with what your mind, body and heart need based on your hormonal cycle and the energy of the moon.


Each month, we women go through four distinct phases in our menstrual cycles, each bringing significant alterations to our physical, emotional and mental states. You can anticipate how you’ll feel! You can plan for it, align your life with it, support your body, and build your business around it.


Another integral part of Mentor Masterclass has always been my own RSVP method, a pattern of learning inspired by manifestation principles. Did you know the universe wants to deliver what you want? And the RSVP method is how women in Mentor Masterclass claim it.


How We Use The R.S.V.P. Method And Your Monthly Moon Cycle Inside Mentor Masterclass

When the universe says “Here is a synchronistic moment that’s guiding you to your soul purpose,” the R.S.V.P method is how you can respond and integrate your desires. So not only are we connecting our hormones and moon magic in Mentor Masterclass, we are pursuing the support of conscious learning and manifestation.

Here’s how this plays out:

R – Reflect and Restore. (Week 1 focus of every month in Mentor Masterclass – Stage 1, Unconscious Incompetence).

This stage aligns with the week you’re bleeding and days 1-7 of your cycle on either White or Red moon.

We start each month learning a new set of coaching tools, techniques, and conservation models under one overarching theme. You’ll turn the focus inward and apply them to your own life. We call week 1 “Walking Our Talk.”

We can’t help others when we’re coming from a place of depletion or neglect. So during Week 1 of every month, you’ll practice “showing up” for yourself first. When you do that, you’ll have the power to run your coaching sessions from a place of authentic empathy, compassion, and understanding for your clients.  

It starts with self-care. You’ll use the coaching tools like a mirror to reflect the focus onto yourself so you can go through the personal growth and transformation to become a better coach, better business owner, and leader.

When you do this, you’ll restore your true potential and be able to move into the next stage of learning without getting stuck.  

And it’s perfectly aligned with the hormones that flood your body when you’re bleeding. During this time of the month you’re most tender, raw, and need the most rest. Your hormones are supporting your brain in processing life and using more of your full brain range.


S – Simplify and Share. (Week 2 of every month – Stage 2, Conscious Incompetence).

This stage of learning coincides perfectly with the follicular phase of your hormones which starts on the first day after your period ends (Day 7-14).

Physical energy and estrogen levels increase. Your brain’s penchant for creativity is highest in this phase. It’s a great time for brainstorming, starting new projects, and problem-solving. You feel more outgoing and upbeat. You’re most open to new experiences. Social events and meetings sound increasingly appealing.  

In Mentor Masterclass, learning to step out of your comfort zone is important at this time, as new neuroconnections form most easily in the brain and “new” is very stimulating.

The second week of each month gives you the chance to move into a leadership role and start coaching. (Yes, already!) We call Week 2 “Stepping into the Role of Coach.” Your new action is to take what you learned in Week 1 and share it with someone else. This step is all about practice, practice, practice.

Everyone inside the program is immediately assigned a coaching partner. During Week 2 of every month you’ll work directly with your partner as you lead them through practice coaching sessions.

After you work with your coaching partner, your next new action is to practice with a safe friend, family member, or colleague and take them through a similar sharing process.

Every time you lead someone through the coaching process, your skills become more natural. Meanwhile your confidence grows, which means it gets easier and easier to find and work with new clients. As you strengthen your beliefs, things begin to simplify.


V – Verify and Validate. (Week 3 of every month – Stage 3, Conscious Competence).  

And what better time than the 3-4 days a month when you are OVULATING!

An egg is released and heads to the uterus; your uterine lining thickens. Testosterone surges and then drops. Connecting with community is your strong suit at this time. It’s the time to have important conversations, as your communication skills are heightened. You convey thoughts and opinions very clearly; you’re more receptive to those of others. You feel comfortable with “tough love” and challenging discussions.

It’s also the best time for first dates – you’re magnetic! You usually look and feel your best — leanest, fittest, most radiant, hottest. (Ideal time to snap that photo for your new website branding!) Plenty of natural energy, mood is stable. You generally feel super social.

In Week 3, your focus is building on what you accomplished during weeks 1 and 2.  

Week 3 is “Prospecting Week” (which means getting new PAYING clients). For many of us that’s a scary term, but when you use the tools, techniques, suggestions, and mindset shifts you’ll learn inside the program, it gets easier (and more fun!) every month. Why? Because you’ll change your beliefs and know that you CAN do it!

This week is very important if you’re serious about growing your business. It fits the “80/20 rule” because it’s the 20 percent of your effort that creates 80 percent of your results. Getting new clients is one of the most important actions you can take to grow your business.

You’ll verify and validate what you accomplished in weeks 1 and 2 and build on it as you follow the workbook to learn about getting clients, growing your practice, and creating your loyal tribe. I’m going to be there to help you through it, sister. My favorite part of our year together is holding you accountable to your greatest potential.


P – Power. (Week 4 of every month – Stage 4, Unconscious Competence.)

The fourth week of every month is all about embracing your feminine power.  

This theme coincides with your Luteal phase, which lasts 10-14 days. Physical energy starts to pique after ovulation and slowly declines throughout the week. Your energy begins to soften and turn inward. The desire to nest kicks in and it’s a great time for organizational and domestic chores. Estrogen-to-progesterone ratio makes you notice things you didn’t see before. Attention to detail is high, and so is annoyance with others for oversights. It’s a great time to do those chores you don’t feel like doing the rest of the month and to work on copy and marketing!

Week 4 is “Marketing Week.” It’s designed to help build your online business and master your marketing outreach to ideal clients. It’s all about maximizing your power to expand with a global mission and online success. You embrace your feminine power when you re-invest your energy into your coaching practice.

Celebration is also a big part of Week 4. It’s an important part of the Success Cycle because you acknowledge and celebrate your successes each month. Celebration strengthens your new beliefs, which leads to new actions, new results, and even more growth.

And when you reach this stage, magic happens. Because going forward in Mentor Masterclass, the learning curve starts over at this new level. You’re beginning to create habits!

All of this is waiting for you inside Mentor Masterclass. Are you ready to learn more? Apply right here and we’ll schedule an intimate phone call to discuss whether Mentor Masterclass is the right program for you.

I hope to see your exploration application come through today!


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