The Greatest Surprise of Our Lives {PART 1}

  Brent and I are pretty good planners, but can really stall when it comes to making big life decisions together. We’ve always known we wanted a family of our own. Still, we love our freedom, play time, entrepreneurship and travel. It felt like these… READ MORE

How to find partners and affiliates in 4 easy steps

This week’s brilliant question comes from Yvonne: “How do you find joint venture partners and affiliates?” Yvonne, this is a great ask, and one I know so many women watching are going to appreciate because this is when big time nerves come in…and create a little havoc…. READ MORE

Use this NLP Technique to Master Confusion Every Time

Confusion is a part of our day-to-day lives. Like happiness, sadness, courage or doubt, it’s an essential element of the human experience. But just because confusion happens sometimes, doesn’t mean you have to let it rule you. Or for that matter, your clients. In fact, confusion… READ MORE