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Ready To Experience True Healing? Breathe! (I Did)

August 28th, 2018 | no comments
What if you had a gifted expert leading you through exactly how to breathe so you could experience deep healing – all for free?

In today’s Sister Spotlight I’ll connect you with a dear friend, Mentor Masterclass grad and current Captivating Feminine Leadership Mastermind participant who can’t wait to introduce you to (or deepen your practice in) breathwork.

Amy Joy is the founder and creator of One Centered Life, a business she created to help ambitious women realize their true potential as the powerful, creators that we are. Her holistic techniques stem largely from her spiritual foundation in the 8 limb path of Raja Yoga.

Today she uses pranayama breathwork healing, meditation, sisterhood circle groups, retreats and 1:1 coaching to assist women in embodying their fullest potential as earthly, yet spirit-full beings. She believes the path to living our highest potential and most rewarding life is through healing the holes in our lives and accepting all the various disowned parts of ourselves.

Amy believes when we intentionally make time to be in relationship with our true Self, we operate from our center most powerfully.

YES! I love this so much, don’t you? Meet Amy and drop into our conversation below.


Amy and I have gotten to know each other on a deep level through Mentor Masterclass and the Captivating Feminine Leadership Mastermind. One of the many things we have in common is our belief that there’s huge value in meeting in person. (See us unpack this at the 2:15 point in the video.)

There’s just something so fulfilling about taking all the work we’ve been doing online and on our own, then coming together to create an integrated experience in a beautiful location. It’s how Amy and I were able to grow so quickly in our sisterhood.

How A Drum Circle Can Connect Strangers

At her own Reconnection Retreat this year, Amy witnessed firsthand that when you meet in person, you find yourself connecting with people you didn’t necessarily feel that connected to in your work online. (See Amy share more about this at the 3:30 point in today’s video.)

There’s something so unique about seeing each other live and breathing the same air as everyone gradually opens up and shares from a very vulnerable place. You can’t help but grow, go deeper, and know your sisters in a whole new way that just isn’t possible through a screen. Online you may think you’re the polar opposite of someone, and then in person you’re able to feel just how much you actually have in common.

You also might just find yourself outside your comfort zone at an in-person event, which has a way of bonding us all together. Amy ran a drum circle at her last retreat, and many of the women (especially those who were convinced they had zero rhythm!) felt more than a little lost. They were worried they’d mess it up for other people, feel awkward, or maybe just freeze! But Amy instructed everyone to close their eyes, concentrate on the music around them, and listen in for where they could make a new sound.

It took the group of women about three rounds before everyone was completely present and into it! As Amy explains it, “We were speaking and playing from our spirits.” (Hear her share the story of the drum circle herself at the 4:15 mark in the video). Each woman was so connected, each with a different part to play! As a group they witnessed each other becoming part of a greater whole.

Unexpected activities like drum circles can be deeply healing in a way you hadn’t planned on. And it can’t happen unless you’re fully present, live and in person. There are some things conference calls and online courses just can’t do.

Amy helped these women at her retreat find their center, their place, and who they are as they identified what their spirits were saying and worked through how they could become part of the collective along with everyone else.

Amy wants a deep sense of individuality and wholeness for each of her clients – and she wants this for you, too.

Amy is bringing you a virtual taste of what she does live on her retreats – for free!

You may have heard me mention the incredible benefits of breathwork before – I’m a little obsessed and so are all of my clients! Breathwork involves a conscious devotion to breathing in a certain pattern to influence your mental, emotional and physical state, with healing and heart-opening results.

I was trained in breathwork this year and I have been facilitating breathwork healing circles at my in person events that have been blowing the minds of the women coming in devotion to expanding their own work as healers and captivating feminine leaders.

It’s such a powerful modality that many coaches, healers and leaders are getting trained in these days! (We go into this more deeply at the 7:40 point in the video.)

It’s so important to experience the power of breathwork with different leaders and teachers as you go on unique journeys based on each teacher’s mission and message.

As I’ve gotten to know Amy I’ve seen her profound gift for looking at the different areas of your life and connecting all the dots between your relationships, business, health, and more. These breathwork sessions can range from $100-$250 per session, making it all the more beautiful that she’s giving away this breathwork video for free to our sister tribe!

Come grab your free breathwork video session

Breathwork is an active meditation that digs into your body, finds points of tightness, and allows you to experience the healing message you’re meant to receive. I fell in love with breathwork because all you have to do is breathe and you’ll have the most profound, healing experience!

Don’t miss this opportunity to absorb the benefits of practicing breathwork with Amy, a truly gifted teacher. Come back and let me know how it’s going for you!

P.S. Want to claim your free breathwork video now? Your journey starts right here.

All my love,


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