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Registration open: NEW! Captivating Feminine Leadership 101

June 5th, 2018 | no comments

I’m so excited to share this final invitation to register for my free training on Captivating Feminine Leadership 101: The Proven Way to Run A Soul Aligned Business And Heal Your Fear of Being Seen (Without Sacrificing Love, Time & Financial Freedom) — join me live tomorrow and register here.

Captivating Feminine Leadership 101 is the only free training to reveal exactly what you need to go from burnt-out and anxious to celebrating ease and flow in your approach to sharing your work, heart and mission with the world. It’s time to heal your fear of being seen.

And, I’m going to teach you the real reasons my business model doesn’t look like most teachers’ or marketers, and how to create your unique sacred structure.

You can choose to embody Captivating Feminine Leadership in order to go from generating a few thousand dollars a month from a rocky business model that overwhelms you… or open up to universal energy flow and curate multiple streams of income on the 6-figure or 7-figure level without saying no to date nights, play dates on the beach in the middle of the day, hip-hop dance class, and shopping sprees at Anthropologie. Yay!

  • The biggest mistake most women entrepreneurs, coaches and healers are making (that leads to burn out and scaring away dream clients)

  • The simple process you’re forgetting before you take the stage or share your new product, service or book (behind the scenes of my rituals and practices to uplevel your happiness in a heartbeat)

  • How to overcome overwhelm (and truly enjoy your life outside of working)

  • The secret to sustainable success in a rapidly changing industry

Ready to heal the world through your work and scared of how it will affect your life?

Anxious every time you get a big speaking gig?

Overwhelmed with giving away your greatest gifts for free?

Are you tired of investing all your time working and not feeling aligned with your business model?

I’ll show you how you can live, love and lead.

You’re a healer who doesn’t resonate with soul-sucking marketing strategies – let’s pave a lighter way. Join me for a live webinar that will change the way you run your business and live your life, forever.

Register for CFL 101! Now.

P.S. If you can’t make it live, be sure to sign up now so you’ll get access to the replay and time-sensitive offers I’ll be sharing live on the call.



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