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Want to Share Your Message with a Live Audience? Start Here.

April 13th, 2016 | 1 comment

Are you feeling called to deliver your message to a live audience? Do you dream of leaving them blown away and inspired by your truth and vulnerability?

A lot of people ask me, “What’s the first step to getting invited to take the stage at Hay House, Emerging Women Live, or other big live events I know would be the PERFECT place to share my message?”

And that’s a great question! But the truth is, getting an invitation to speak at an event you love is more like Step 100

Step 1 is simpler, but also much more difficult.

Step 1 is asking yourself the deeper questions that are holding you back from opening your heart and energetic field from saying, “I’m ready to be a speaker. I’m ready to have people listen to my message.”

Do you feel good enough to take the stage and are you aligned enough with your vulnerability that you have clarity of message and willingness to put yourself out there?

Have you made deep peace with the fact that you are fascinating and your story needs to be heard? I hope so, sister—because it’s true!

The actual first step to speaking at the event of your dreams is working through your own blocks.

Ask yourself what’s keeping you from feeling good enough to take the stage and to be vulnerable enough to craft your message?

I’d love to support you in answering these questions for yourself.

When I made the transition from Broadway actress to life coach, I discovered there are skills you must have to thrive as a thought leader who knows how to entertain and inspire a live audience just like a Broadway star would.

I’ve been teaching other thought leaders and coaches how to do the same thing I did to win the hearts of my audience and mainstream media, get over the fear of being seen, taking my rightful place in the spotlight, and finally spreading my message with expert-level stage skills and captivating confidence.

And I want to teach you these skills AND help you practice every day for three weeks… all for free when you sign up for my Captivate Training!

You can even start your expert-level right now just by watching this video.

Are you ready to work through your fears of whether you’re good enough, and just get started? Let’s unpack all of this and more—together! I hope I see you at the training!

There’s something else I have to share with you! It’s the audio from my one-woman show that kicked off my first-ever Captivate Retreat. I want to show you what’s possible when you decide to share your message live and in-person. Enjoy!




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