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What Does It Mean To Be A “Feminine Leader”? (Captivating Leadership Training, Part 3 of 4)

September 12th, 2017 | 2 comments

I’ve been feeling wild lately… up all night and into the wee hours of the morning, creating. I’m inspired and totally blown open in a way I haven’t felt in over two years. My focus has really been on my clients, daughter, husband, and team. There was no room or desire for creativity toward something new.

The challenge with this wild energy is that I’m distracted by the swirling ideas and find that I’m spending less time with Violet. I find myself feeling sad and missing her.

I also feel alive and so excited about tuning back into this side of me and my genius as a feminine leader and coach. I’m following the flow or creativity with wholeness and trust. My intuition is guiding me toward taking this time for my work in the world and knowing all is well, it’s okay to be a badass CEO and visionary as well as a present mom.

I can’t wait to release what my team and I have been creating! In just a few weeks, after I return from California, I’ll be ready to share! Next week I head off to Sonoma to lead a brand new retreat: The Captivating Feminine Leadership retreat for 30 brilliant women who are coming to work with me in person.

For this extra-special edition of Wake Up Wednesday, I’m sharing Part 3 of my brand-new FREE 4-part training series all about Captivating Feminine Leadership. It’s a sister-shared devotional practice to create freedom in our lives. Together, we’ll explore simple ways to rise up as Captivating Feminine Leaders.

In Part 1 we felt into the “why” behind Captivating Feminine Leadership. What does it even mean to be a captivating feminine leader and why is it important in our personal lives and in our businesses? Click here to get caught up on Part 1!

For Part 2 we explored the word “captivating” and how it plays out in your life and business.

This week in for Part 3, we’ll feel into a term that gets thrown around a lot: feminine.

What is real feminine? It’s the mess.

It’s a frequency that we were born into, one flavor of human life and energy. When you become aware of this power, it assists you in establishing clear alignment with your essence and its direct guidance for your unfolding spiritual path.  

There is a still, silent place within the mystery of the feminine where truth emanates. The feminine represents a simple curriculum for returning our focus inside ourselves for answers.  The power of the feminine is trusting that our essence is always there to respond to any questions that we might have on our journey.  

So how do we take these things and connect them to get to the heart of Captivating Feminine Leadership?

It’s all about receptivity without ego. As intuitive women, we can get confused or stuck around the feminine.

Compromise, boundaries, and identity are the ego, but how can we create connection without separation? Through our willingness to listen. That’s true receptivity.

Growth is our right, but it can’t be from the ego. Communication reveals the growth process, as does your openness to hear the reply. I can feel a woman’s power in sister circle when she is in receptivity. Receptivity is moving out of ego and into the next stages of feminine leadership.

Receptivity is being willing to receive feedback about your receptivity. It’s about listening to your emotions and then processing them with passionate resolve. True receptivity is unconditional.

Another barrier to receptivity is pretending  to have all of the answers. We’ve all seen those know-it-all Facebook posts – and all too often, no one comes to the webinars our reads the blog posts. No one signs up when YOU are not in receptivity. To make an impact and become a Captivating Feminine Leader, you should be receiving as much as you’re giving. When receptivity is blocked you’re in the realm of masculine energy, which isn’t your core truth, doesn’t connect, and as a result no one trusts you. You’re out of alignment.

As a leader, how do you ask people to give you as much as you’re giving to them?

You have to ask! The leader needs information from the team in order to make decisions that impact the whole. This is connecting the feminine into leadership.

What you give, it elevates everyone as a sisterhood. What you receive allows you to drop into your core. You cannot captivate without the connection to the feminine. The vibrations you surround yourself with in person influence the depth at which you remember and hear your own inner voice. It’s the space that helps you drop into your heart center.

This is why I had to let go of and bring on new members of my team.

Every element of your support team is integral. You need information from them to create content and engagement. I needed those mirrors on The Sisterhood Mastermind retreat about the universe to step into my own analysis of love and next-level support.  

It’s okay to learn from your clients. It’s okay to be messy and imperfect. The balance of believing in yourself, finding YOUR voice, allowing everyone to be integral and deepening your receptivity in your personal life and business is what makes you a Captivating Feminine Leader.

Integral receptivity leads to the final piece of leadership.

You may have heard me talk about one of my favorite thought leaders and coaches, Gina Davee. She’s said before that her followers who put her on a pedestal didn’t ultimately achieve and succeed. She does her best work when she explores her own challenges with her followers. Expecting our leaders to have the answers is a masculine way to become closed off to our own potential and growth. Relying on yourself to have the answers for your clients closes the connection and the potential for transformation.

How do you know you’re a feminine leader?

The key is asking the right questions – it’s how you lead with feminine flow. It’s also why I believe in coaching and archetypes. The tools and techniques I teach help women become coaches. Then, I teach them about the archetypes of the feminine to expand their relationship to identity. Going within for answers is integral to Captivating Feminine Leadership and it’s the greater mission. We need more Captivating Feminine Leadership around the world.

What most masculine men don’t understand is that it’s not about them as the leader, it’s about us. All of us. And so we move into leadership. A new era, a new vibration, the feminine rising.  

I want to hear from you – what’s your biggest takeaway from this training today? What are your thoughts on what it means to be feminine? Share away in the comments – I read each and every one!



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  1. The vibrations you surround yourself with in person influence the depth at which you remember and hear your own inner voice. It’s the space that helps you drop into your heart center. This sentence made me have an aha-moment. It makes very clear to me that you can’t do it alone on yourself. About what feminine means I haven’t fully thought about it but 1 element is that you have to give everybody a chance to be different and accept their difference, no pressure on the other to submit to your views, way of thinking or doing things.

    • I love this awareness and your thoughts about the feminine Hilde. It is so true, as woman being able to listen deeply and honor another person, even if their way of being is different. Also, cheers to realizing that not doing it alone is KEY!


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