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What is “Feminine Leadership,” Anyway? The Real Difference Between Feminine and Masculine Leadership.

July 24th, 2018 | no comments

I’m about to cry right now…

Have you ever had a piece of feedback come in from a client or student that made you want to stand up and jump around your office for joy… and maybe shed a (happy) tear or two of gratitude?

You know — a note that proves they really get it, that everything you worked so hard to teach them clicked, and now they’re seeing themselves in a whole new light?

That’s what happened to me when I got this note from my Captivating Feminine Leadership Workshop student Ambar Elie — and I just had to share it with you.

She told me: “I do feel that being captivating and feminine is our innate nature.

Once we let go of all pretenses and show up as our true selves, we are both captivating and feminine… it is who we truly are.”

BOOM! Where are the tissues?!

While it may not sound like much at the outset, this principle is at the core of all the work I do.

Everything I teach to help women step into their roles as leaders and healers focuses on reminding my students that when all is said and done, I’m not giving them any new powers or capabilities.

In truth, the skills they were searching for (the ability to tell their stories, to shine their bright, unique light for the world, and to help other women grow, expand, transform, and heal) have been within them all along.

They only needed to learn how to bring them to the surface, and how to undo the lifetime of societal and cultural conditioning that taught them they were “too much” or “too intense” or had goals that were ”too big” when they said they wanted to change lives, and the world.

That’s why it’s such an honor and privilege to do the work I do — especially now.

Because, while you might not know why, you feel it intuitively: You know the old ways of doing business and launching are changing, and cracking open, and crumbling.

More specifically: You know the ways you read about online to “build your list” and “optimize conversions”, and the sleazy, borderline-brainwashing sales tactics are no longer helping women attract ideal clients and create community. It’s more of a fast-track to burnout than success these days.

That’s why I created each of the CFL in-person workshops — to help women create a business model that’s future ready, and honors the new way of doing business that does not burn us out, and instead inspires us to be deeply present and in love with our lives.

In truth, I’m not just helping women take up more space and become the leaders they were born to be.

I’m walking them back home to their true, limitless nature.

But what does this mean for you when it happens?

Well… I’ll let Ambar tell you:

It was helpful to look back on my life and see moments where I felt like a leader and the things that all of those moments had in common.

It has been really helpful to look at the ways in which I hide from being fully seen and exploring why that might be so.

I’ve learned that I can set up systems that allow me to stay visible even when in the background I am focusing on other aspects of my life.

To me, this is what true, feminine leadership is about: Self-love, self-acceptance, and flow.

Masculine leadership requires you to change; to be tough, to make hard choices and be aggressive in the face of danger. There are gifts in this leadership style, of course.

However, feminine leadership is much more fluid and healing. There is no “conflict” or “war” mindset. It does not require you to add new skills to your repertoire, but rather source your strengths and talents as a leader from strengths and talents that already lie within you; waiting for just the right moment to surface, and teach the world.

Self love, joy, abundance, devotion, emotion — these are the attributes of a fully empowered feminine leader.

This truth was the whole reason I created my Captivating Feminine Leadership Workshop Series {CFL}, to show women how to access this truth.

The first of the 3 workshops, “Captivate” already happened last July and it. was. incredible.

Finding the courage to embrace your own captivating presence is the first step to leadership, and we had an absolutely beautiful time working together in New York City.

The best part about the ladies inside these workshops? They really get it. Just check out this note from another student, Mary Janssen:

[These workshops are about] empowerment to identify, embrace, and use your individual gifts for the betterment of the world. You’ll get deep healing and insights into how your past has shaped you and how you can use that to create the life you desire now.

And most importantly? You’ll feel deep acceptance – even celebration – of what makes each of us unique in our lives and in our work.

Happy sigh. Fluttering heart. Deep gratitude. This is what my work is all about!

And if you’d like to explore more about this, and learn how to embody your own gifts as a woman leader?

Then I invite you to check out the second workshop in the CFL series, Feminine Leadership, happening Saturday, September 8th and Sunday, September 9th 2018 at Venice Beach House in Los Angeles, California.

You can secure your ticket right here.

If you’re ready to truly embrace all your qualities as a feminine leader? This is exactly where you need to be.

Over 2 days, you’ll work on cultivating your own distinct kind of unique leadership, including your unique business model, your unique approach to your work, and your unique brand of intuition to redesign your business and life based on what you’re truly meant to create.

Together, we’ll do the work of dismantling masculine systems and structures for leading, selling, and doing business, to help you craft a way of living and working that feels gorgeous, empowering, nourishing, and profitable.

We’ll dive deep into:

  • The true nature of feminine leadership and skills

  • How to create a life on your own terms, even if you have no examples to follow

  • Time management

  • Money and self-value

  • Healing areas where you may feel under-qualified

  • Freedom of self, and freedom of expression

  • Intuitive Business (we’ll talk program/launch creation and cash flow)

This class has wide application, and gets to the root of where you are stuck in old patterns and burnout cycles.

Sound like a room you need to be in, love?

This event caps at 20 women, so click here to secure your spot before they’re sold out. (Registration closes August 24th).

Don’t worry: If you still want to take the first CFL workshop (Captivate!), there will be another opportunity in 2019.

Check out all the details of this workshops here.

(You can take just one of the workshops or attend all 3 in any order)

But most of all, remember: You do not need anyone’s “permission” to lead, least of all mine.

However; if you’re ready to amplify your innate gift for leadership, and your unique healing qualities?

It would be my honor to bring you back home to the most powerful, feminine version of who you are.

All you have to do is say yes. 😉

Click here to read all about it — and I’ll see you on the other side.


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