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Why You’re Not Wealthy Yet (Even Though You Want To Be)

July 11th, 2017 | 6 comments

I’m ready to say this out loud. And I thought who better to share it with first, than YOU?  I’m ready to become a millionaire.

Within the next three years, I will hit 7 figures. I will call in this income doing work I love, taking care of myself, spending time with my family, collaborating and creating with a powerful tribe of feminine leaders and soul sisters.

Phew. That’s really uncomfortable to claim and say! I’m making peace with it. Thank you for holding space for me to share that and the vision of me receiving this uplevel and abundance.

For the past two years, since having my daughter, I’ve been in maintenance mode. I’ve been placing all my devotion toward just maintaining the success I’ve created. My values have been so set on enjoying my daughter that it felt impossible to grow or dream for anything more than I already have.  


I’ve been okay with it, because I have everything I’ve dreamed of. So how could I ask for more? And in truth, I’ve been surprised by the pain and fear that comes from achieving your wildest dreams.

I never thought about how to sustain what I’ve created. What if this all goes away? What if I lose it? What if after this success my business then fails? It’s almost worse than achieving my goals in the first place. I only thought about achieving and receiving what I’ve been asking for and going after. I never thought about how scary it is to experience your dreams coming true and then the potential of losing it all.

Recently I’ve been talking a lot about life values – how to discover yours, and even how to change them.

Developing your own values system helps you get clear on who you are and what kind of life you truly desire. You’re then able to use these tools to lead your coaching clients to the same sense of clarity.

As I work through these concepts with my students in Mentor Masterclass and hear feedback from women in my tribe, there’s a theme that keeps coming up again and again.

Many women feel called to place wealth on their list of values – even placing it at the top of their life values list.

The only problem? They’re experiencing a lot of guilt and shame around doing this.

Is there any shame in having wealth be your #1 value? No!

In fact, it’s that hidden inner shame around desiring wealth that might explain why you’re not wealthy right now, even though you value it so highly.

It’s important to take the time to sort out what’s making you feel guilty about desiring wealth. Because sister, you deserve it.

Remember that values shift and change throughout your life. Just because wealth is your #1 value right now doesn’t mean that it ever come before your family, your own health or anything else.

It only means you’re excited. You believe. You recognize and feel empowered by the idea of letting wealth be your #1 value for a given period of time.

Here’s a simple yet powerful tool you can use on yourself, and with your clients: give yourself a time limit to allow wealth to be your #1 value.

Tell yourself you’ll check back in with yourself in 3 months to feel into how life is unfolding and the shifts you’re experiencing. If you decide you’d like to shift another value to the top of your list at that point, go for it.

But starting now, give yourself permission to feel proud and excited as you embrace wealth as your #1 value.

I’m terrified to say that becoming a millionaire is something I value now.  And I feel safer knowing I can declare it today, hold it as a strong top value for the next 3 months, and then change my mind if I don’t like how it feels or where it’s taking me.

I’m afraid because if I say I want to be a millionaire, maybe I’ll neglect my daughter and husband, feel stressed, become annoying and lose connecting with people who love me.

For this reason, I’ve avoided aiming that high.  So in many ways I can feel that I’ve resisted it as even possible.  In fact, I bet even if a million dollars was right there in arms reach, I am pushing it away.

So today, and for three months, I’m shifting that.  I’m letting it in.  When my timer goes off, 3 months from now, I give myself permission to check in and see how I feel about this value.

Now, I can go all in, be committed and combine this value with other values like spaciousness, feminine leadership and family.

Are you going to do it? Are you willing to put wealth at the top of your list for 3 months?  What possibilities can emerge from this simple and time sensitive shift? Are you still experiencing some resistance around embracing wealth as a value? Let me know in the comments below what you decide sister! And should you choose this mission of valuing wealth with an open heart, please keep me updated on your journey, as you do!

All my love,


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6 people have commented
  1. Hi Jeannine,
    This was a really nice Wake-up Wednesday read for me. I have been struggling with this in the respects of transitioning into a new role at work, due to the mere fact that I’ve been feeling like if I commit to moving up the corporate ladder, I’m saying no to my dreams of being successful fashion design entrepreneur. But, after reading this, coupled with meditation, prayer and alignment of a few amazing opportunities towards my fashion business, I can finally commit and say yes. Yes, I want to be an EA at Amazon. Yes, I can be at Amazon. Yes, I will become an EA at Amazon. This is my commitment to wealth. This position will provide so much more income, which will provide more freedom around my schedule, which will allow more time to design and spend in my home studio. So, thank you Jeannine. I will hold space for you towards your commitment to wealth and check back in on October 4th, 2017 to see where you’re at.


    • Hey Simone,

      I’m so excited to hear how this resonated and more brilliantly how you are integrating it immediately. I can not wait for your accountability check in. Thank you for that sister offering. We shall see. I look forward to hearing how your new position at Amazon goes. It will be what you intend for it to be and your experience will be created by your thoughts. So you my love, have all the power and magic to bring to your new found wealthy role.


  2. This post has arrived at an interesting time for me as well. As I’ve been aligning more with the work I’m meant to do, I’ve been making more money. Initially, I reverted back to my old mindset, believing this will not last, hoard your money. I realized I wasn’t ready to receive what I deserved, so I’m learning to allow and embrace it. But, I’ll tell you, it’s hard–why??? Everyday I’m reminding myself this is what I’ve hit rock bottom for, why I invested in myself without knowing the outcome. I’m here and preparing to seize the day!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they’re exactly what I needed right now. Like you, I’ll be sharing more of myself in the coming weeks. Thanks for being you, I can feel your vibe and know I can do the same 😉

    • Hey Mindy,

      Yes you can do the same sister. And I feel you on the asking of “why we resist deserving”. Common sense would say our systems would be open, willing, accepting and as I look deeper I always find the opposite. We are learning to trust and open our hearts, it’s such a vulnerable process. Our ego reacts to this as unsafe and therefore shuts down. In truth, it is uncomfortable, but that does not mean we are not safe. If you can imagine I’m holding your hand as we leap. Maybe we both will feel a bit more stable and secure trusting that we deserve to fly even higher toward our dreams.


  3. I too want to declare that financial success is becoming a top value for me. I don’t have a number set, I need to feel into that, but I am ready and open to receive an equal energy exchange for what I am putting out in the world. I feel good about it because with financial freedom, I have more choices about how to support my family and live my life, which supports my other top values of Love & Connection, Helping Others and Freedom. I feel ready to start calling this in at a pace that feels balanced and supported.
    I am holding you in your vision and already see it for you. One reflection I can offer is that from my point of view what you have already built feels a like rock solid & totally inspired, foundation and appears ready to be built upon. And celebrating and recognizing what a gift of time and focus you and your daughter shared by allowing her to receive so much from you in her first 2 years, she is a lucky girl 🙂 I did the same, and as incredible as this sounds my now 9 year old vividly remembers on a soul level and can now verbalize how she cherished that time. It is such important work your doing in both areas and I just wanted to recognize your brilliance and dedication. Onward and Upward!

    • Wow Elissa,

      I am so happy you shared with me that your daughter has memories on a soul level from that time. I can feel that. Thank you for seeing me and holding this vision for me. I feel stronger and so uplifted. And I am so honored to hold this vision for you. As you talk about your values and declare that you will feel into the number I can feel you opening a door and stepping in. It’s a very clear visual, that you have opened something. And where there was a wall there is now an entry point. It feels really good! So excited to be walking this path beside you sister.


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