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A Shocking Way You Will Achieve Your Dreams 10x Faster

October 24th, 2012 | no comments

Jey & Shay Show You a Kick-Ass Time Saving Trick:

A Shocking Way You Will Achieve Your Dreams 10x Faster

“We Believe You Deserve to RSVP to Your BEST Life.”





I know you are incredibly creative. You have innovative ideas and a special talent. Maybe even a few.

Today is about what to do with all of your creative ideas and how to keep them organized so they don’t get tucked away and never exist as truth in your reality. Yes, it is possible to be highly creative and abundantly successful. It’s going to take a little discipline on your part and some organizing. The simple tool I share in today’s video has been the KEY to actually achieving some of my wildest dreams. In fact, I would even go as far to say as over achieving in ways I wasn’t sure was actually possible.

When you have soo many things you want and need to do but no idea where to start you can use what I call…

“The Get Focused Girl Planner”




Use this simple strategic tool as a way to direct your focus and concentrate your power. When you are flooded with inspiration and find yourself losing momentum, or just not getting things done, take time to fill out this chart and prioritize your daily “to-do’s”
Achieving your dreams in record time is easy when you put the actions with the highest return on investment at the top of your list. Make sure you commit to completing the top R.O.I action from your chart before the other tasks.
You know what we’re talking about!
Tasks Like:
  • Chatting with Friends on Facebook
  • Updating Twitter
  • Cleaning out the fridge
  • A mani Pedi
  • Calling Mom to talk for an hour
  • Answering the phone to chat about Abby’s late night bar stories
  • Organizing the junk mail
Sure all of these things may be important but they should be done AFTER you have taken action on baby steps and requirements in achieving your top R.O.I goal.
This can be used for your simple daily list and your bucket list too!
Shay and I know you want to play full-out in life and find success in the areas you value most. We know that love and connection is way more important to you then filling your life with things to do. You know that the more creative and happier you are the better your relationships and the memories you create will be.
We challenge you to take one minute to fill out this chart now!!
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Tell us in the comments below: What opportunity or goal did you select as your TOP R.O.I?

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One reason so few achieve what we truly want is we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power.”

-Tony Robbins

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