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What’s Keeping You From Getting Started as a Life Coach?

March 20th, 2013 | no comments

What does it take to truly become a Master Life Coach?

This weekend I spent 3 days on a retreat with 18 fierce, fabulous and free women, learning from the wellness industries leading feminine powered coaching professionals. I have so many new tools and insights I’m determined to start practicing in my life and business.

We’ll sort of.

Part of me also feels hesitant and like it might be a good idea to lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling or watch another episode of Revenge.

Becoming a life coach doesn’t happen overnight. And it can be terrifying looking at the road ahead, seeing how many miles you’ve got to travel, many mountains to climb, and how to navigate through all the possible choices.

When faced with a major transition, when it’s time to make the leap there are only two options:

1. Back down, turn around or stay put and go inward with only your fear to keep you company

2. Face forward, breathe deeply, let go and make the leap

This is the moment when you can decide to stay an amateur or go pro.

What will you decide?

Reaching mastery takes practice, patience and guts. And turning pro requires adopting a new set of standards for yourself, that will come with new and greater responsibility but also a deeper meaning and fulfillment to your life’s purpose.

Shay is facing big transitions herself and shares her own fears about Turning Pro in today’s episode of Invite to YOUR life T.V.

And this week, Coach Jey has got the keys for YOU to unlock the door to your professional determination and make the leap.

What is holding you back from going Amateur to Pro?


How to Go Pro

1. Know your why

Get clear about what you want and why you must have it.

2. What gets measured gets managed

Put it in your calendar and measure your progress. Time frames and deadlines are the ways of the natural pro.

3. Pick one or more of the following PRO intentions, embrace as many as you need as your new standard.

Read them everyday!

I am a professional who shows up everyday

I am a professional who stays on the the job all day

I am committed for the long haul

The stakes are high and real for me

I am patient

I seek order

I am a professional who acts in the face of fear

I have no excuses

I am prepared

I am a professional who does not show off

I am dedicated to mastery technique

I do not hesitate to ask for help

I don’t take failure or success personally

I am a professional who endures adversity with ease

I self -validate

I am constantly reinventing myself

I am a professional who is recognized by other pros

I am courage

I will not be distracted

I am always confronting my own doubts and fears

Once you’ve chosen one or more of these tools to focus on, share it in the comments below.

Tell me what intentions you are adopting as your new professional mindset in the comments below! Declare it to the world!


We invite you to meditate on this action tool for the next 7 days.

How can you play full out with your choice? And how do you think it will help you in the long run?

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