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Become a Sister Circle Leader And Learn How to Hold Space For Groups of Women (Online and in Person)

February 5th, 2019 | 7 comments

Once upon a time, I was a Broadway performer. Then, a life coach.

And it wasn’t until my first in-person event, surrounded by a group of women, experiencing the power of a sister circle, that I really came to know my PURPOSE.

Sisterhood and being in-person with groups of women is what guided me to my true calling as a feminine leadership and business coach for coaches and thought leaders.

It was through sisterhood and circle that I became a mother. Women in my life held a blessingway for me that ushered me through my greatest fears.

I stepped boldly into the role of business owner and CEO, leading a team of six women who work with me. I know my comfort in this role was a result of masterminding with women in a group, all held by a powerful visionary and leader.

I soon became an embody dance teacher and breathwork healer, again through circle work and training with a group of other women.

I bring in half-a-million dollars a year, working an average of three days each week — and once again it’s as a result of how I’ve healed through leading groups of women and sister circles.

I’ve survived the loss of my mother and a life-changing discovery over the past couple of weeks. And I’ve been able to do it all with grace because of the power of circle and being connected to powerful groups of women.

And I know my story will continue to unfold as I’m held in groups of powerful women and through the rituals of sister circles. Yours will, too.

Sometimes the strength and clarity I need come from attending circles led by other women. Other times, the transformation in my personal life comes from being the leader and space holder for women.

I’ve found that every circle I’ve attended or led along the way (virtual or in person) and every skill I’ve picked up on my journey somehow fits together perfectly and arrives at the perfect time. Every circle is different and every separate group of women I gather with is divinely orchestrated.

Become a Sister Circle Leader And Learn How to Hold Space For Groups of Women

I’ve learned to harness my unique experiences, gifts, and training to carve out my own space as a feminine leadership coach, healer, and circle leader. I’ve enjoyed helping my clients, who are coaches and leaders from around the world, learn how to incorporate leading groups of women and sister circles into their unique business models. They embrace the calling to meet in person, to lead, and to scale their businesses to new levels of financial freedom.

Now I want to help you discover how to gather all your gifts to create your own coaching groups and sister circles within your business model, to confidently share your “next level” work with the world…

I’m so excited to be leading a very special in-person, 2-day workshop, Leading Groups of Women and Sister Circles. It’s happening on March 2nd and 3rd, 2019 at Sarah Jenks’ Moonlodge in Massachusetts. This powerful event is for 35 women who want to finally feel confident in this area of their business.

I love how the internet has allowed us to reach around the world and cultivate a global sisterhood. I’ve also learned we have to make time to get out from behind our computer screens, and that most people seeking healing and transformation work want to be together in person…

Women who embrace circle rituals and sisterhood as a result of their group coaching programs are having more success selling their services and getting their clients results. It’s less pressure on you and more value for your clients!

You need to know how to gather groups of women online and in person if you want your services to stand out in today’s rapid rise of women leaders.

Let’s take time away from all of life’s distractions. Together we’ll figure out how all your past experiences and training can merge into your own successful business model, and how a deeper sense of confidence with leading groups of women and sister circles could be the shift you’re looking for in your new business services.

When you can finally stop guessing and feel confident in your skills as a coach, leader, and healer, your mission comes to life in such a beautiful way.

Do you have a feeling you were meant to lead groups of women and hold space for sister circles? This workshop training is for you!

And I’ll be your guide as you experience circle work and ritual to support you in your training.

This curriculum is so powerful, it extends to all groups you’ll encounter in your life, allowing you to:

  • Lead women online to become a close-knit sisterhood and share truly life-changing content through group work.

  • Breakthrough all the background noise and stand out on social media.

  • Lead transformational circles.

  • Speak at large conferences and group events.

  • Elevate family time in your own living room to make it more loving and devoted.

  • And much, much more.

….this training equips you to elevate every group situation and make it truly transformational.

When we bring together your natural gifts, training, and certifications and make them work for you, you’ll call in radical shifts, epiphanies, and breakthroughs for yourself and the women you lead….

We’ll dive deep into:

  • Curating themes for other women through group and circle work.

  • Cultivating the themes and content of your own sister circles.

  • Mastering divine feminine energy in circle and bringing sisterhood into your group programs.

  • Preparing your space and yourself for circle work.

  • Ways you can lead as a circle vocalizer.

  • Techniques for working with the energy of any women’s group you’ll encounter.

  • The ins-and-outs of spiritual tools like altar setup.

  • Embodied dance.

  • Breathwork.

  • And so much more…

This healer training is standalone class – no prior training or work with me is necessary. Feel free to come exactly as you are — anyone can discover how to create a business model leading circles and groups of women around their gifts.

Together, we’ll work through how to uplevel and master your coaching techniques within a group and circle. We’ll support each other as we do the deep inner healing it takes to become a feminine leader who runs a soul-aligned 6-figure coaching business — a business that provides time and location freedom while doing work you love. You’ll learn how to scale your work offline, in person and through leading groups of women.

Something truly transformational happens when you stop being a lone warrior and drop into sisterhood. There’s nothing like it!

If this is speaking to you, and your intuition is saying YES to cultivating your true calling and accessing intimate mentorship from me in person, I can’t wait to sit in circle with you soon.

All my love,


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7 people have commented
    • Hey Elaine,

      I saw that you enrolled for the workshop. I can’t wait to see you. I wanted to share the answer to your question today on my blog about the upcoming “Leading Groups of Women and Sister Circle” workshop in Massachusetts here. I emailed this to you privately but realized other women may have shared your question.

      To answer your question about results that women have gotten after the workshop, this is the first time I am leading this particular workshop in person and as a standalone workshop.

      However, I’ve been teaching this content virtually for over six years now and I have helped hundreds of women to launch successful coaching businesses and guided them to learn to lead retreats, in person circles and events that suit their style of leadership. The outcome always being that they bring in money doing what they love.

      I’ve had students go on to launch virtual courses where they include sisterhood as part of the value, learning how to help women create sisterhood through their ritual work in the world. I’ve had some students go on to hold circles weekly monthly or seasonally, charge for these circles, and grow in person communities. I’ve also had students that have taken this information and training and used it to bring circle work into corporate America. What are your goals and intentions for potentially joining us in the workshop?


    • Hello Jueine,

      Registration is still open, even though it says closed the link will work if you would like to join us. But I am finalizing the group so you will need to enroll by Wednesday, if possible. Do you have enough time to make travel arrangements?

      You do not need a website or a mailing list to hold circle. The very best circles are formed in the simplest of ways, which we will discuss in the workshop and do not require having any experience online.

      I would love to have you join us! Here is the link to secure your space.

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