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Brand New About Me Website Copy In Its Current Creative State

June 23rd, 2020 | no comments

How long have you been on my email list? A minute, a month, a decade?

Truth is, I change pretty rapidly.

If you are committed to personal development, that’s what you do too. Amiright?

We work so consistently at breaking free from old patterns, redefining what we are capable of and growing. Which puts us in Stage Three of The Identity Change Coaching Model: Identity Moratorium (also known as IDENTITY CRISIS).

Translation= we refuse to live by staying stuck in a box in order to be predictable and fit in.

Having a reliable identity is challenging for us, because we recognize the need to burn those boxes to the ground. For good.

I’ve been working really hard (behind the scenes) on updating my website copy and brand (new photoshoot booked). The goal is to reflect who I am in this moment and how I’m currently working with women. My current website is 8 years old and has never been updated!

As you can imagine this is a difficult process and it’s taking me a long time because new things are emerging and I keep changing.

So, just for funsies, I’m sharing the current draft with you.

This is not live on my website and it will NOT be the version that goes live.

I am in the creative process right now. I’m tweaking, shortening, updating and receiving feedback until it feels current and true. It won’t be perfect when it goes live, i’m listening to my body to tell me when it’s time!

I feel clear knowing it is time to take the first step in making this visible and that is to share it with you.

Here is my current draft of the new About Me page for my website:

Email me (jey at jeannineyoder dot com) and let me know:

What does this inspire in you?

How do you feel reading this?

What did you learn, that you did not already know?

Hi Soul Sister, I’m Jey.

I’ve been obsessed with healing, big vision manifestation and wild feminine leadership since I chose my momma’s womb.

(she was on drugs so the ambition I needed to survive was real)

I’m an entrepreneur, coach for aspiring and established business owners who have many gifts, passions, certifications, and a guide for women who want to lead businesses that are sustainable, impactful, successful and that don’t take over their entire lives.

My training programs and retreats are dedicated to help you experience:

  • Time Flexibility
    You want to own a business that allows you to make your own hours, be your own boss, dance with creativity, stay at home or travel the world.

  • Financial Independence
    You don’t want to rely on family, a partner or a soul sucking job to receive money. You want to make a minimum of $100,000 a year doing what you love, in a way that is aligned with your lifestyle and makes a difference in people’s lives.

  • Sovereignty & Sisterhood
    You want to cultivate connection to a holistic community of magical, successful women who prioritize self care. You want to be celebrated for your ideas and joyfully share in-the-know growth resources with a soul sisterhood. You are tired of being a lone warrior who powers through and holds all the things.

I was where you are with the same pain and ambition in my heart. I know how it feels to crave and achieve these freedoms.

For the past 10 years I’ve helped thousands of women create a business model that is unique, captivating and an authentic expression of their unique coding, design, and skills.
My signature RSVP method helps women embody a powerful magnetizing confidence through intentional personal empowerment training, identity healing and sister circle support.

We play. We muse. We heal deep. We grow fast. We are fierce. We change the world.

A born-and-raised musical theatre girl with nothing more than a fierce devotion, self help book collection and dream of standing in the spotlight, I’m humbled to have created an online coaching business that has lead my clients to embody their unique gifts, focus their creative energy and have a rooted business model that attracts their dream clients and life balance.

You can learn the RSVP method and experience a week of guided self discovery, right now. If we really want to get to know each other, we might as well go deep and get started. It’s complementary and my greatest pleasure to be your guide:

Sign up for the Self Discovery Week Training Here.

How’d you do it Jey?

First let me say that I’ve learned you never actually arrive and you have everything you need inside of you. As soon as you accomplish your goals, another layer of your wholeness will reveal itself. The only way you will create sustainable success is by leading from your heart and intuition. Once you learn to trust yourself, silence the anxious mind and start acting like a queen you can and will do hard things.

When my clients find me they always say: “I knew I had to work with you. For the first time in my life I felt that someone understood the layers of every challenge I was facing and if you could do it, I could do it.”

And it’s true. You can and you will.

I used to believe the only path to success was to push myself and figure everything out — alone.

Both of my parents, their siblings and mine struggled with addiction.

I went to many NA meetings as a child. I sat in rooms with people who’d hit rock bottom. I witnessed the power of community, tools and spirituality help these people unlock an entire new path of potential and purpose in their lives.

That’s when I realized: “If they can do it. I can do it.” I was only 8 years old.

My hunger for personal development, coaching and learning about our limitless potential as women comes from the desire to prove there are ways to succeed, no matter what we are facing, if we are well resourced and supported.

That’s what got me featured on the front page of the New York Times in 2012, a successful life coach with a 6-figure business at just 27 years old.

It took me a long time to be willing to receive support and that was the KEY. I had no examples in my life of accepting help and nobody had access to the resources I was looking for.

I discovered my self worth, started asserting boundaries in friendships and surrounded myself with powerful women who owned businesses and were open to true sisterhood.

I thought my dream was to perform on Broadway. I didn’t know what I couldn’t see. It all makes sense looking back.
I know you’ve been through something, you thought you knew the direction you were going and something is changing. My job is to help you heal from it, use it, focus in and lead with emergence.

At age 21, I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of becoming a Broadway star.

I was moonlighting as a waitress, dealing with a seriously chauvinistic boss, while spending early mornings auditioning for random roles on Law And Order and rehearsing a musical all afternoon.

I stood backstage at the Longacre theatre on 42nd and Broadway, ready to go on stage for a sold out house, and that is when I knew.

There is more to me than this. I was ready to be my own boss, and run a business that utilized every skill I had accumulated over the years of surviving my childhood and achieving this dream.

Your unique combination of passion, skill, talent, creativity, training, personality and soul has a greater purpose. It’s your signature method, legacy, greatest creation and contribution to the new world. We are in the shift and you are NEEDED.

Since that moment backstage, I’ve:

  • Been featured on the front page of the New York Times

  • Wrote and performed a one woman show in NYC

  • Produced, wrote, cast, performed and trained women to become speakers in Captivate! (an inspirational coaching & theatrical event)

  • Supported thousands of women through my signature life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass

  • Learned to lead a team, master marketing, and run my own company

  • Lead retreats connecting brilliant women around the world

  • Lead healing circles across the U.S (training women to run them too)

  • Had two beautiful baby girls with the love of my life

  • Celebrated multiple 500k+ years

  • And recently reworked everything in my life to be more simple, intuitive and sensual

… all while working 21 hours or less each week from anywhere I’ve felt called to live in the world.

When my daughters were born, I was completely free to create a schedule that allowed me to be whole. It wasn’t an either/or choice at all…

I choose BOTH.

I’ve had to learn to break free from the narrative our world has written about women. We were not made to just be understanding, sweet and nurturing.

We are innately wild, wise, powerful and capable of much more than nursing babies and scrubbing dishes.

We are also not meant to achieve success by burning out, powering through, ignoring our hearts, hiding our emotions and holding it all.

Our path is one that requires range, community, intrinsic and extrinsic devotion.

In the same week my mother died; I conceived my 2nd daughter (unexpectedly), took a relationship workshop with my husband and celebrated a 6-figure launch.

  • I am full of life and experiencing the pain.

  • I am a leader and lost.

  • I am open hearted and completely shut down.

  • I am successful and a complete mess.

  • I am a wild feminist, a momma and a committed wife.

My range is vast and it’s my purpose to walk beside you as we explore, accept and expand upon yours.

When you own and run a business you love, that lights you up from the inside, your whole world changes and you rise to every initiation with curiosity and gumption. Over and over again.

I believe in self responsibility, receptivity, intuition, innovation and emergence as the path to leadership in this new world.

What is YOUR current initiation guiding you to become?

Everyone’s dream life looks a little different, but I have a feeling you and I BOTH value similar things:

  • Freedom of every kind — time, location, choosing which clients you work with, and when

  • Doing meaningful work that makes a difference — AND creates a life of balance for you and your family

  • A community where you feel supported and loved for who you are that helps you bring fuzzy ideas into clear focus

The perfect time to start making the next layer of your vision become clear… is right now.

If you think you need more practice, a better website, or you’re torn between investing in a branded marketing funnel, or breathwork training and you’ve read this far…

You’re being guided to lead.

It’s time to create a relationship with your intuition and your unique innovative ideas. It’s time to implement everything you have already experienced and learned into a healing practice and a business model that is accessible to the world.

I’ll be here with you every step of the way.

How can I help you right now?

First we need to know what stage of consciousness, business and personal development you are in. Locate yourself on the map right now:


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The Intent to Live VIP Day w/ Jey

And now — just for funsies — a few vulnerable randoms:
  • In 2012, I married the hunkiest, wittiest, most loyal, and sweetest man on the planet. I adore the living crap out of him and I still get butterflies.

  • I call him “My Superman”, he calls me “Sweet, Sweet”.

  • I love Burlesque and played Pippy in a Sitcom called: “The Burlesque Sisters”.

  • My grandmother was killed by a drunk driver, two blocks away from home on her way from a late night out dancing (can you imagine how fierce she must have been and the life lessons she shared with me?).

  • I was featured as the cover story for the Life & Style section of The New York Times in January of 2012, in an interview about young and successful life coaches posing the question “Should a Life Coach Have a Life First?”.

  • I suck at spelling and have little-to-no patience with grammar.

  • I hang my clothes on color coded matching hangers.

  • I LOVE tacos and make a really good Chicken Tortilla Soup.

  • I love bringing my daughters, Violet and Autumn, to retreats I lead. They sit in a sister circle, do breathwork and Embody dance with me and my clients. It’s always a very proud moment for me to introduce them to this at such a young age

  • I took a break from musical theater at 19 and went to construction school to become a Masonry Inspector before I moved to NYC and attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

  • I’m scared of bees.

  • My husband and I believe in equal partnership with household chores and caring for our girls. We are committed to changing the narrative and patriarchal structure.

  • I paid off $50,000 in student loans and bought my dream beach house in my first year of becoming a life coach.

  • I was cast in my first off Broadway performance because of “The Stank Face” I mastered and performed in my audition.

  • I’m trained in Embody Dance, Breathwork, Family Constellation Therapy, NLP and 28 different life coaching modalities.

I believe we are connected now for a very important reason. If you made it down this far I really hope you will take a moment to introduce yourself. I read all of my emails and love connecting on Instagram! Come say hi, and tell me a few fun random things about YOU!

Now email me (jey at jeannineyoder dot com) and let me know:

What does this inspire in you?
How do you feel reading this?
What did you learn, that you did not already know?



  • Do you feel something about your life is ready to change?

  • Do you notice there is a place of struggle or discomfort?

  • Can you see bad habits, parts of your personality or routine that are no longer aligned, feel more forced and you are ready to change?

Breathwork is the resource you have been missing!

I decided to create an “Identity Change & Energy Release Breathwork Healing Session” for the women who are working with me inside my signature training program Mentor Masterclass.

I’d like to invite you to join us and experience working with me live through this healing experience on June 29th @10am EST. RSVP HERE.


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