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Cutting Through Confusion: A Live NLP Coaching Session in Action

September 1st, 2020 | no comments

Have you ever wondered what a real-life coaching session is like?

Or maybe you’d like to soak up all the wisdom of an in-the-moment coaching session — without being the one in the (loving and supportive) hotseat?

Right after we wrapped Monday’s hour-long call, Cutting Through Confusion, I started my live, hot-seat bonus coaching session with an inspirational volunteer Katie.

She was struggling with conflicting emotions and habits — and her varying desires for how she wanted to show up in the world felt very at odds with each other.

These issues were keeping her stuck and confused about how to move forward…

Katie’s dilemma sounded familiar to just about everyone. I promise you’ll recognize yourself and learn so much from this amazing sister of ours!

If you weren’t able to join us for this live bonus call, we recorded it for you! Press PLAY to check out this full-length hot-seat coaching session:

coaching session

This powerful session was a mirror image of the kind of bonus events you’ll enjoy in my new membership program, The Heartwork Collective®.

As part of the Level Two membership, I’ll also offer live coach training. You’ll witness the transformation our level two members can experience when they sign up to receive coaching from me.

You’ll get a front row to how it feels to expand your knowledge and expertise as a coach. You’ll learn new coaching tools and techniques that can help you charge higher rates as a master coach — and you can use these master-level techniques with your clients to help them get better results in their own lives.

When you join this mastermind of brilliant women, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded changemakers as you grow yourself, your business (if you have one), and your impact.

Together we’ll meet the challenge of change — with personal healing and heart-centered strategy.

We’ll have twice-monthly live events and quarterly (virtual) retreats — all based on whatever themes, topics and needs are emergent for us in the collective that month.

And right now, we’re in the middle of our month of free events I put together so you can experience how it feels like to be part of The Heartwork Collective®. It’s been full of FREE (virtual) live calls, an upcoming retreat, and bonuses along the way — just like you’ll get when you join The Heartwork Collective®.

When you reserve your spot in The Heartwork Collective® during the early-action window, you’ll get a free three weeks to start with — including a (virtual) retreat. Be sure to get on the waitlist and be notified as soon as enrollment opens!

And did I mention that when you join early, you’ll lock in our founders’ membership rate for life — before the price increases permanently? To hear all the details as soon as they’re available, hop on the waitlist now.

You’ll finally experience how it feels to move out of your head and into your heart as a path to self-starting leadership.

The next and final experience of our try-it-on experience will be The Autumn Equinox Virtual Retreat. So keep an eye on your email inbox for details!

We’ll never be able to offer our founding member’ rate again — so if you even think you might feel called to give The Heartwork Collective a try, now is the time to hop on the no-strings-attached waitlist so you’ll be the first to hear all the details.

All my love,


P.S. The Heartwork Collective® officially opens for our founding sister circle on September 23!

And we have one final free event in my month of try-it-on experiences so you can feel what it’s like to be a member — our Autumn Equinox Retreat! Stay tuned for your invitation to this much-needed restful and centered (virtual) time away.


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