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Decision Making as a Spiritual Practice (With Sarah Jenks) Episode 4.7

August 18th, 2020 | no comments

Ahhh I’m so excited to share my first podcast episode in months! The practice of emergence has spoken and — like so many big moves in my life right now — I’m feeling like now is the time.

(If you’re ready to dive right into the episode full of aha moments with Sarah Jenks, scroll down a little.)

In last week’s Wake Up Wednesday, I mentioned how Brent and I had been struggling to make decisions with all the unknowns in our lives — tough choices about our daughter Violet’s schooling during this pandemic, the next step in our daughter Autumn’s health journey, and so much more.

As it turns out, sooo many women, couples, and families seemed to be struggling just like us — so I created a free 1-hour sisterhood collaborative workshop, Emergent, Dynamic & Aligned Decision Making During Uncertain Times…

During this event, I shared the powerful NLP technique that helped Brent and I both arrive at our decision. I loved creating a sister circle experience for so many women around the world who were ready to explore how to make decisions that made sense for their lives and just felt great.

So if you didn’t get a chance to join us for the workshop, be sure to set aside an hour and watch the replay:

Emergent, Dynamic & Aligned Decision Making During Uncertain Times

decision making with Sarah Jenks

Speaking of tough decisions, I’ve shared with you how I’ve been completely stuck trying to figure out where my family and I should live and whether we should sell our home.

And of course, my dear friend Sarah Jenks was the one to help me with this decision when I felt so frozen in place.

It’s no surprise that Sarah helped me ground and experience both personal and business breakthroughs. It helps that she’s a renowned life coach of 10+ years who’s guided thousands of women through the process of remembering their brilliance and their unique mission in this lifetime through sacred feminine practices…

So there we were, our curly haired little children running around together and a full spread of oracle cards laid out on the blanket in front of me.

decision making

Sarah closed her eyes, felt each card, and ran her hands across them looking for the missing guidance that could help me melt the frozen ice keeping me stuck.

What we were up to is exactly why I created The Heartwork Collective.

We were carving out a moment in sisterhood, to move out of our heads, out of lone warrior and into the language and magic of the heart.

I was doing what I teach other women to do: sharing what was challenging and allowing myself to receive wise guidance and support by collaborating with other brilliant women.

These are the kinds of moments, conversations, practices and experiences I want to create with and for you in my new membership.

So as bonus content, to deepen the conversation we started in our decision making call, I want to invite you to come walk with Sarah and me in this podcast.

You’ll have an opportunity to go even deeper into the magic of your heart and your power as a woman as you recognize where you DO have a choice you may not be actively engaging with.

You’ll also want to listen in as Sarah takes us through an incredibly powerful visualization meditation! I can’t wait for you to receive this.

Listen to this week’s episode here:

Listen and subscribe here:

life coach training certification


Decision Making As A Spiritual Practice

Listen in and hear the brilliant, insightful Sarah and I discuss:

  • How my anxiety has been showing up lately — not sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, wanting to be completely prepared to launch The Heartwork Collective, and other issues I think you’ll relate to (4:33)

  • “No woman should be able to do this!” Sarah’s beautiful reflections how tough it is switch back and forth between motherhood and entrepreneurship, especially when our support systems fall through (7:45)

  • Ideas about motherhood and expectations of how women should be in the world — that we might not realize are coming from the patriarchy (10:57)

  • Why Sarah says a pattern of things being hard means you need to look at what’s actually happening on your life — you might have a choice you haven’t noticed yet (14:40)

  • How too many women put up with pain because we’ve been brainwashed into believing life is supposed to be so hard — and what to do instead (16:07)

  • What self-starting leadership really looks like (18:15)

  • How to recognize when you’re in survival mode (20:32)

  • Why breakthroughs often happen when you don’t THINK you have a choice (21:00)

  • All the rules and expectations Sarah realized she was holding when it came time to make decisions about school for her kids — and the mindset practice she used to get inspired to begin a school of her own! (23:06)

  • The other people in our lives are mirrors for our deepest, shadowy selves (28:00)

  • Why the first stage of decision making is intuition (32:15)

  • How something Sarah said helped me made the decision to shop for our new dream home — and why I’m feeling completely excited, with no resistance (34:40)

  • Sarah’s guided visualization through the forest to complete the work we did during the decision making event (you can listen to the replay right here first, if you want to be caught up!) (36:35)

What came up for you during the decision making call and this podcast episode? I’d love for you to share it all in the comments! Sarah and I are here to support you.

All my love,


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Instead, we’ll have twice-monthly live events and quarterly (virtual) retreats based on whatever themes, topics and needs are emergent for us in the collective that month.

It’s all about having a strong and loving sisterhood so there are resources and support baked into life and prioritized on your calendar. This membership is not only for women who are coaches or who have a business — it’s for all conscious women who want sisterhood in their lives, and are more than a little obsessed with personal development. 🙂 You’ll fit right in with us!

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