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Did You Sign Up For My FREE Training? There’s Still Time!

March 19th, 2019 | no comments

I am horrible at keeping secrets. I’ve been keeping a big one and so I’ve been kind of hiding from social media and trying not to say much. It hasn’t felt good to be vocally shut down and yet I was feeling spiritually called to keep this to myself in order to process.

As you may know my mother died in a very unexpected and traumatic way in December. We’re actually still waiting for the completed autopsy report and a pending investigation to determine whether it was a homicide or accident. What you don’t know — and what I didn’t know — is that within a week of her soul leaving, a little soul came into our lives. Unplanned and to our great surprise, Brent and I conceived within a week or so of my mom’s death.

You probably guessed it when you saw my note about keeping a secret: I’m pregnant!

I want to tell you everything I’ve been holding in and share some incredible synchronicities with you that have changed our lives forever in a Facebook live today at 12pm EST. I’ll be going live in our Self-Discovery & Wake Up Wednesday Sisterhood Facebook group, and I’ll reveal the gender today, TOO!

I’ve been deep in the heart of a whole new level of self-discovery. While I’ve been a bit shut down from connecting online, I’ve been intimately connecting with my clients inside Mentor Masterclass, The Sisterhood Mastermind, and at a recent in-person workshop I led.  

Self-Discovery means even more to me now. I deeply understand the vital and potent connection we need to have to the spiritual and mindset tools we can use to ground us when life presents us with absolutely unpredictable experiences…

What does it take to feel confident in your work when your heart is broken?

How can we move through each day with focus and creativity when our mindset is off and negative?

What can we do to be honest in our experience, while stable in our purpose?

My own search for these answers is why I believe every woman, no matter her job in the world, should have training as a coach. I believe we all need to know how to create a foundation that will support us in living a life that’s grounded, energy giving, and connected. A list that’s always expanding our growth and our ability to give, despite the challenges we’re facing.

I’d love for you to join me as we feel into life’s challenges, questions, answers, and joy (always joy) when I go live on Facebook today at 12pm EST.

A few years ago, I created a free evergreen training for women who are interested in learning more about what it would feel like to be trained as a mastery level coach by focusing on Self Discovery. Thousands of women have gone through this training on their own and have learned how becoming a trained life coach can support you in opening the doors to your dream business.

Now you can experience the soulful process of Self-Discovery and this free 7-day training with me LIVE — and all for free.

Women pay an average of $500 an hour to work with me 1:1 and over $10,000 a year to train with me live. I’m giddy with excitement to work with you personally, all for free.

I have the honor of showing my clients how to use their innate gifts to actually make a difference in the world. Once they decide to believe in themselves and do the deep inner work to become a life coach, they have plenty of paying customers who get results from the programs and services they put out in the world. Even if those programs are not fully life coaching and instead combine all of their unique gifts and talents into one feminine business model.

When you have access to the right tools and sisterhood around you, and you’re willing to dive deep and do the work, you will get results:

  • You can launch your dream business before 2019 is even over.

  • You can be respected and get noticed for your unique genius.

  • You can have an impact in the world by doing work that comes completely naturally to you.

  • You can achieve time and financial freedom.

You and I are meeting here today for a reason, and I’m inviting you to join me and a sisterhood in an experience that will make you feel well resourced with any challenge you are currently facing. You’ll no longer approach your confusion alone. You have a life purpose, something hugely significant to contribute to the world, and there are people out there who need to hear from you and find your work.

But you cannot share it until you know exactly what it is and how to market it. Coach training will help you to get clear.

So are you ready to become a feminine leader, life coach, thought leader, and more?

I want to share a very special FREE training that can make it all possible for you, over the course of just 7 days!

This process of self-discovery will help you determine…

  1. Do I REALLY want to become a life coach?  Do I even have what it takes? How could life coach training support me in solidifying my niche and unique business mission?

  2. What do I really value and what do I want?  Is starting my own business really the right path?

  3. What are my unique goals and what business model do I want to follow?

I’m giving you access to a brand new professional life coach training (FOR FREE) that focuses on the process of self-discovery.

And this year I’ll be going through each step of this free training every day along with you. Each day I’ll be LIVE in the Wake Up Wednesday Facebook Group at 12pm EST to connect with you, answer your questions, give you feedback and share how these practices have played out in my life.  

Make sure you click here now to join us in that group.  I’ll be going live at 12pm today to tell you more about the SDW LIVE and my experience getting pregnant unexpectedly within a week of losing my mother! There is soo much I’ve been waiting to share with you. 

High-touch support from a mentor and sisterhood during your first year of becoming a life coach is the key to sustainable success, time, location and financial freedom. And right now I’m sharing how to grow your coaching practice with self-confidence, inner guidance and feminine power in one amazing week of Self-Discovery, all for free, in this video.

Create your dream business through self discovery

Watch this video NOW to learn more about my free Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week.

In this video I’ll teach you:

  • The unique 4-step process I used to become a skilled coach, start and grow a successful coaching practice in 14 months.

  • Why self-discovery is the key that unlocks the door to becoming a confident coach.

  • How to use role models and mentors to create a coaching brand and serve a niche community of clients, that reflects your true gifts and personality.

  • The healing, transformative power of sisterhood and receiving support.

  • The real reasons most women feel the desire to become coaches and feminine leaders (and how that makes them truly successful!).

  • Why believing in yourself is the foundation for building a successful business, and how Mentor Masterclass helps you create new self-empowering beliefs that get you there.

If you’re thinking about becoming a life coach, this single week of self-discovery will help you explore and decide if coaching is right for you…

If you’re already a coach and looking for solutions to build your self-confidence and grow your business more quickly, the self-discovery week helps you find the answers you’re looking for.

…All in just 7 days.

Meet and connect with your next level success right now in this special video.

I’ll be going through Self-Discovery Week right alongside you! Starting on Wednesday, April 3 at 12pm EST, I’ll be right there with you in our exclusive Facebook group, sharing my personal reflections, tips, and deeper insights as we go through the process and take the action steps together.

I’ll share my self-care secrets, mastery-level insights on the techniques we’ll be using, and personal and client results stories I haven’t shared anywhere else.

Come watch the video now and get connected in our Facebook group so you don’t miss a thing.

I look forward to spending an intimate and incredible week of self-discovery with you. There’s never going to be a better time, so why not get started now? I hope I see you… I’ll be saving your spot!

All my love,


P.S. – After you watch the video, make a note in your calendar for 12pm on each day of the training, starting Wednesday, April 3rd.

But first, I want to meet up with you LIVE on Facebook today at 12pm — we have so much to catch up on!



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