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Doors to the Heartwork Collective are OPEN! Last Chance for Free Trial, Retreat & Founding Members’ Rate!

September 22nd, 2020 | no comments

The day is finally here! Enrollment in The Heartwork Collective® membership community is open…

2020 has been CRAZY (as we all know), and while we all faced plenty of confusion… I felt the calling loud and clear to create a new kind of collaborative community, full of personal healing, heart-centered strategy, and sisterhood…

The Heartwork Collective® is something I’ve been innovating and working on behind the scenes for years and it’s finally here.

The feedback from the amazing women in our free month-long trial has been so energizing. It really means the world to me to finally see these ideas coming into tangible creation.

Take a look at what Natalie had to say, after just one live call inside the Heartwork Collective trial membership:

Here’s what Sharon, Kelly, Anna, Angie, and LiShayla shared what it’s like to work with me — using the same foundational practices and rituals we’ll be using inside the Heartwork Collective.

If you’re feeling called to join us, NOW is the time! As a member of the Heartwork Collective®, you’ll take your place among a group of like-minded, supportive women who also want to discover:

  • Security and resiliency at a time when so much around us feels uncertain.

  • How powerful it can be when children witness their mama nourishing herself — and feeling the difference in her love and presence after her designated self-care time.

  • How to do big things like paying off debt and creating financial freedom — because they’re honoring their feminine side, and using it in their business to create true power, not force.

  • Women around the world connecting and collaborating to find solutions together when they need it most — even when most of the world is waiting for leadership to tell them what to do instead of taking action now.

  • Talented, conscious women doing what they love for work — and taking back control of their time and energy

  • And so much more…

There are soo many beautiful experiences happening for the women who have chosen to become founding members of The Heartwork Collective®.

Here’s what I know on a deep, soul level: your story will be as unique as your soul calling and your personal healing journey. I’ll guide you to focus on the places in your life where healing is needed most… it’s where we’ll see your unique story of sustainable success come to life.

Whatever your “why” is for joining the Heartwork Collective® — whether it’s to focus on yourself, your business or both… you’ll notice a change after your very first live experience.

The Map of Consciousness we use in every live experience to raise your vibration will help you get there and stay there.

You’ll experience the power of mentorship and sisterhood support firsthand… all with short, live calls that fit into your life and create the space you need to finally move forward in the right direction.

Your Monthly subscription includes:

  • Customized content for you and the collective. Each month, you’ll share your challenges, inspirations, interests, and edges with me in our emergent survey — so I can curate training, events, how-tos, divine feminine archetypes, and sacred practices that support you and the collective.

  • Two 1-hour live events on zoom + recorded replays. These events will help you ground yourself, work through fear, and come to passionate resolve as you move through whatever’s holding you back.

  • Surprise bonus content full of the tools, techniques, and practices you need to bring whatever you’re envisioning into your life — quickly and consistently.

  • Access to our Heartwork Collective® private Instagram account so we can always stay connected about life behind the scenes and upcoming events.

  • Members-only portal for connecting with the sisterhood.

  • Access to the Heartwork® vault of emergent workshops, live calls, worksheets, recordings, resources and recorded retreats. The moment you join, you’ll receive instant access to our previous events, including:

    • A powerful breathwork session

    • Emergent, Dynamic & Aligned Decision Making During Uncertain Times (a live sisterhood collaborative workshop)

    • Sisterhood Cooking Event with my BFF Heather,

    • Cutting Through Confusion (NLP Coach Training & Sister Circle),

    • Decision Making as a Spiritual Practice with Sarah Jenks

    • Live Recorded Coaching Session With Heartwork Collective Founding Member Katie

    • And this vault will keep on growing every month…

Plus we’ll have quarterly, seasonal (virtual) retreats to commemorate each season and cycle of the year. Over the years I’ve discovered the powerful connections between the seasons, the moon, and women’s cycles — they all play a role in our daily lives.

You’ll go deeper as you appreciate and soak up encouragement, guidance and accountability to embody and integrate what we accomplished on the live calls. These retreats — normally $159 for my clients — are included in your Heartwork Collective® membership.

When you register now, you’ll be invited to The Autumn Equinox Retreat, where we’ll gather to honor the harvest — whether it’s a “real” harvest of the things planted in your garden, or the harvesting of the efforts and intentions for your life path that you set earlier in the year.

During this retreat, you may feel called to honor all that you have in your life — and shift your consciousness from one of lack, to one of prosperity and gratitude. And we’ll do it together!

Which of the two levels sounds more like YOU?

Level One Membership: Sisterhood
This level is for women who want connection, resources and support — with the smallest possible time commitment. If you don’t have a business— or aren’t using Heartwork® to focus on your business — and instead want to focus on personal growth, connection, healing and lifestyle, I created this level for you.

Level Two Membership: Emergence

This level is for women who want a deeper level of support, collaboration, integration and want to apply Heartwork® to their personal AND business growth. If you’d like to devote a little more time and use heart strategy in your business — a method of running successful, sustainable and bullet proof businesses that can survive any challenge or change — this membership level is for you.

Your Level Two membership includes everything I mentioned above in Level One, PLUS:

  • A carefully curated sister circle (an intimate group of like-minded women who’ll serve as your mastermind partners and sounding board). Inside your sister circle you’ll find a safe space to learn from each other, teach each other, be vulnerable and authentic, and lean into your boldest vision for your life and business.

  • Annual deep dive, hot seat business coaching sessions when I join your sister circle.

  • Business leadership-level only bonus content and pop up coaching calls. You’ll always stay accountable as you receive the support and encouragement you need to maintain your momentum and celebrate your accomplishments. You’ll know when to take action — and make sure your feminine business strategy, life, and emotions are always aligned.

  • Live coaching and mastery coach training session. You’ll witness the transformation our members can experience. You’ll also get a front row seat to see how it feels to expand your knowledge and expertise as a coach. You’ll explore new coaching tools and techniques to use with your clients to get them better results and charge higher rates as a master coach. And you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to receive coaching from Jey.

I’ve learned through these quarantine times that the only thing I can truly count on to ground me, help me work through fear and come to passionate resolve on the harder things I’m going through — is to have set times with other resourced women written on my calendar… then, keep that promise to myself and show up.

Caring for ourselves and each other this way is the only thing powerful enough to break through the chaos and uncertainty…

It’s the one devotion that can help you solve so many other problems — and create a ripple effect of peace, confidence, and clarity in all the stuck places in your life.

Join us and experience what it feels like to move out of your head and into your heart as a path to self-starting leadership, consciousness and a magnetizing high vibe life experience.

Remember, join now and you’ll lock in the founders’ membership rate for life before the price increases permanently. We’ll never be able to offer this membership rate again.

THIS is the new paradigm, sister — let’s do it together. This is your last chance to get access to our Autumn Equinox Retreat when you join us…

All my love,


P.S. When you register for the Heartwork Collective® now, you’ll be invited to The Autumn Equinox Retreat…

…we’ll gather to honor the harvest — whether it’s a “real” harvest of the things planted in your garden, or the harvesting of the efforts and intentions for your life path that you set earlier in the year.


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