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Ep. 005: How to Make Space for Greatness & Get Comfortable With Success with Erin Stutland

May 21st, 2019 | 1 comment

Welcome to the fifth episode of Walk With Me, my new podcast series that launched last month! This spring and summer, we’ll be unveiling a new 30-minute audio each week, podcast-style.

Today I’ve got my dear friend, (and wellness coaching extraordinaire) Erin Stutland walking along with us! And since her wise words were a big inspiration for this podcast, she’s the perfect first guest to join me on Walk With Me.

Erin is a renowned author and a total mind-body wellness coaching expert. She’s the host and lifestyle coach of Z Living’s cable series, Altar’d. She’s also been nominated for a Real Screen award alongside Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, the show is currently in its second season. S

Erin’s new book, Mantras in Motion: Manifesting What You Want through Mindful Movement explores her breakthrough approach to creating meaningful change by harnessing your body’s mental, physical, and spiritual energy through a series of stories, journaling exercises, meditations. and movement.

Her mind-body fitness programs including her signature Shrink Session workout and Soul Strolls…

And it was actually her mantra, “Movement in your body creates movement in your life,” that first inspired me to figure out how to do my work in the world and move my body at the same time, especially throughout my pregnancy. It’s why I created this podcast!

During our walk together, Erin explained so beautifully how, when we’re feeling stuck in our lives, we’re often not just mentally stuck — we get stuck physically stuck, too. When you’re not moving, your energy isn’t moving, either. But when you get up and move, you start releasing endorphins and releasing more oxygen into your blood, reduce stress, and feel your optimism and productivity skyrocket.

As Erin points out, just by getting out and looking at other things, your brain grows and changes in powerful ways. You’re training your brain to see and think in new ways as a result of this new movement.

When you feel better, you have more access to creativity, compassion, and productivity. So let’s start feeling better together, right now…

Listen to this week’s episode here:

Listen and subscribe here:

Wellness Coaching with Erin Stutland

On our walk together today, Erin and I will be talking about:
  • Why mantras PLUS movement are a dynamite combination that will change your life (you can hear us chat about this at the 7-minute mark in the episode)

  • Erin’s powerful truth that you can’t be thinking two things at the exact same time, and how it plays out in our lives (9:10)

  • Why your workout should never be negative — for instance, punishment for the calories you’ve consumed (11:30)

  • How you can access Erin’s latest workout, meditations, soul strolls, and be in conversation with Erin (16:00)

  • >How to move away from the “starving artist” mentality — or any limiting you have. You’ll love what Erin says about making space for greatness! (17:30)

  • Why Erin’s story about missing her couch made me cry> (26:00)

  • Why grief has been so important for me, especially during times of transition (28:15)

  • What’s happened to Erin every time she’s taken a risk (29:40)

  • What the words streamlined, simplified, straightforward mean to Erin and how they play our in her life (35:18)

  • Erin’s powerful new mantra from her book. She even leads us in saying it! (39:20)

  • What happened when Erin set a very specific (and kind of terrifying) new goal the number of people she wanted to call into her wellness coaching program (47:50)

  • And so much more…

All my love,


P.S. To catch up with Erin and learn more about her work visit her website, grab a copy of her new book, Mantras in Motion, or find her on Instagram @erin.stutland.

P.P.S. If you’re feeling called to explore which mantras you should create to change your own life, it all starts with knowing yourself and your priorities. Check out my Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week, a complimentary week of soulful practices to help you start and grow your coaching practice with self-confidence, inner guidance, and feminine power.



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  1. Thank you so much for this soul conversation, ladies! I appreciated all the Body wisdom, all the brilliant insights around transformation and identity change, the sharings around creativity etc. Blessings!

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