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Ep. 006: 11 Times You KNOW Resistance Will Show Up (And 6 Tips for Fighting Back) As You Become A Coach

May 28th, 2019 | 1 comment

Welcome to the sixth episode of Walk With Me, my new podcast series that launched last month! This spring and summer, we’ll be unveiling a new 30-minute audio each week, podcast-style. Today we’re talking about resistance. You’ve heard of it and most likely experienced it. Resistance always seems to show up when something big is about to happen (especially if your dream is to become a coach or uplevel your business)!

It shows up when our intuition is guiding us toward creation, change, something new, taking risks and upleveling.  It shows up when we need to be moving like a big boulder blocking the path (or worse sitting right on top of us). So what can we do about it?

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Become A Coach
Become A Coach
Become A Coach

Become A Coach

I have a vision I’m working toward consciously every week: being able to slow down and remain successful while majorly simplifying my life. To have fewer things on my plate each day in order to be still and present while still running a huge business and mission in the world.

If we’ve hung out before, you may have heard me say that the feminine is rising. The natural set of strengths and abilities we hold as women that don’t get enough attention are now moving to the forefront as a legitimate path to success and financial freedom.

More and more, we’re beginning to realize the masculine structures aren’t working for anyone — even men! — and there’s value and merit in swinging the pendulum the other way. In fact, I believe we have to swing completely the other way before we rest in an equilibrium, somewhere in the center.

I’m beginning to recognize how much pressure our culture places on an extreme, impossible burden of being perfect and having high accolades of achievement. Since it’s unattainable, we’re stuck and our lives are passing us by.

I’ve been working through this issue ever since I quit my 9-5 job to become a coach, but it’s been on my mind more than usual these past few months. Recently I’ve gone through losing my mom, getting pregnant, and wanting to feel into a whole new vision for my business and how I show up in the world.  I want to embrace a slower pace and a deeper appreciation for what I have versus aiming to create and grow into MORE, MORE, MORE.

I also have a feeling that I’m on the brink of something huge (I share details of this in the episode)! So of course, I’m experiencing some major resistance. I have a feeling you’ll be able to relate…

On today’s walk, we’ll be talking about:
  • What happened when I recently sat in a sister circle of eight highly successful, heart-centered business owners who all shared how they want to simplify their lives  (you can hear this at the 8:50 point in the episode)

  • Why, as women, we can’t wait around to be pushed out of our comfort zones — we have to step out on our own (and what that looks like for me, spelled out in my own life) (11:30)

  • What true excellence looks like for you. I share my own definition for inspiration (14:00)

  • Why resistance is a side effect of change (hint: our egos fear change!) (15:15)

  • Two books I love that changed my life — they explain so perfectly what happens when you try to make changes in your life (16:30)

  • Why I cried this past week because I felt like something was so wrong! (20:15)

  • How I know I need to get better at grief, and at being with what is and how to do that (23:20)

  • The 11 situations in your life where you know resistance will show up (24:50)

  • What we need to know about resistance in order to recognize it (28:05)

  • How resistance is showing up as I try to film my new documentary (29:03)

  • Why resistance is mind-chatter, not a real thought — and it’s not even personal! (29:50)

  • Six techniques to keep yourself safe from resistance (including the magic of staying a little stupid!) (33:00)

  • And so much more…

I truly believe that when we learn to recognize resistance when it shows up, we’ll be able to overcome it with grace and ease. Rather than getting knocked off course, we’ll be able to calmly say, “Hello resistance, I’ve been expecting you.” Then, we can continue walking on. Physically, we practice this in action, today, on our walk.

So while we all experience resistance, we can overcome it — and help each other through.

All my love,


P.S. Want to read the two books about the resistance I mentioned in today’s episode — the ones that changed my life?

P.P.S. If you’re ready to overcome resistance, it’s essential to know yourself and your priorities. Check out my Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week, a complimentary week of soulful practices to help you become a coach and launch your practice with self-confidence, inner guidance, and feminine power.



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One person has commented
  1. Thank you for this episode, Jey! Listening to it allowed me to enter an almost meditative state of deep listening and receptivity. Two forms of resistance I can particularly relate to include perfectionism and rational thought. And if I were to choose an ally life is inviting me to utilize, it would be trust in the way my path is unfolding. Blessings

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