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Ep. 007: Are Your Desires Ever in Conflict With Each Other? Try This NLP Life Coaching Technique

June 4th, 2019 | 1 comment

It’s the seventh episode of Walk With Me, my new podcast series that launched last month and releases each week on Wednesday!

Today we’re talking about connecting all the fragmented parts of yourself that come up when you’re going through transition. To help create a safe space for you on our walk, I’ll be getting vulnerable and going through a transformational coaching session with you, LIVE!

I’m sharing a high-level NLP life coaching technique I use on myself and teach my clients who are in mastery level training in Mentor Masterclass (my signature life coach training program for women).

I’ve done a lot of work on mindset over the years. I’ve learned that as we move through life, we can’t rely only on our minds. We also have to tap into our souls, allowing intuition and divine guidance to come in and guide us to even better solutions and experiences. We need this kind of magic to truly experience the full range of life!

Mainstream cliches about “success” teach us to prioritize logic in order to succeed. But that’s just the very beginning! We need to strike a balance between what our minds tell us, and all the elements of the Universe that is greater than us. It’s why I incorporate rituals into my daily life that invite my intuition to take lead…

I pulled an oracle card before walking with you and filming today’s episode, as I often do, and it featured an image that depicted many paths. As I looked at the picture, I allowed my intuition and guides to shine through and impart their wisdom to me. Right then, I could feel that all paths lead back to our intuition, spirit, and soul-purpose. What you bring to your journey will determine whether it’s a path of suffering, wisdom, bliss, loss, or something else.

The change I’m going through right now has the part of me that’s a visionary and a dreamer in conflict with the new part of me that has taken over. There’s a familiar part of me that wants to go after huge goals, and has always believed that with a strong vision and commitment to courageous action, nothing is impossible. This new part of me, that took the lead when my mother died and this soul came into my belly, insists it’s time to be in the moment. She is guiding my daily choices toward more awareness of what’s happening right now and I’m learning a greater way of manifesting incredible life experiences through this identity change.

And so I often feel confused about the call to be part of a grand life vision and the call to slow down. How can I honor both parts of myself — the visionary/dream chaser and the part that longs for simple pleasures, and a slower pace?

The truth is, I’ve felt for a while now that I’ve outgrown my situation, the way I set goals, and even how I run my business. I know I risk losing my way in my own backyard, if I don’t respond immediately to this call I feel to shake things up.

I need to let down my walls and allow nature to lead me through the dark if I’m ever going to reach my destination — whatever it is. All paths lead to spirit.

And I can feel the part of my identity that’s really confused about all this. Maybe your breakthrough using today’s NLP coaching technique will be as profound as mine?

I can’t wait to share my breakthrough and support you in one of your own, in today’s episode and on our soulful walk together.

Listen to this week’s episode here:

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Become A Coach
Become A Coach
Become A Coach

NLP life coaching

On today’s walk, we’ll be talking about:
  • The NLP life coaching technique I use with my clients to stay in touch with all parts of themselves during change (You’ll hear me mention this at the 12:10 point in the episode)

  • How we all split ourselves into these two separate parts (15:00)

  • The fragmented parts of yourself that show up in (seemingly) random behavior (16:50)

  • Which parts of myself were amplified recently when my mother passed away (18:15)

  • Why, against my better judgment, I don’t like change — who’s with me? (19:30)

  • How we can build on our past experiences and make the most of the knowledge we’ve gained from previous transitions. We’re doing this right here, right now on our walk today! (22:30)

  • Four powerful set of questions to ask yourself about each transition you’ve been through (25:15)

  • Why we need to be honest with ourselves about who helped us during our transitions — and who held us back (27:25)

  • Why it’s essential to make sure you have time to recharge is essential, especially during times of change (29:30)

  • A 4-step NLP life coaching exercise for integrating the fragmented parts of yourself (30:00)

  • And much, much more…

There’s a lot to unpack this week, and the impact can be huge. Ready to get walking? Me too!

All my love,


P.S. Check out my Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week, a complimentary week of soulful practices to help you become a coach and launch your practice with self-confidence, inner guidance, and feminine power.



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One person has commented
  1. What an inspiring episode, Jey! I am so grateful for witnessing your powerful and authentic example of consciously walking towards aligned, sustainable and fulfilling ways of being. I just had the insight that allowing space for your approach to things to evolve is a different form of growth itself. I am also truly inspired by the way you embody conscious motherhood. And in terms of the technique, my mind was like: “Of course, this is what I would go for if I were to bring together two people in conflict. So, no wonder it is the same on the inner plane.” Blessings

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