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Ep. 008: Is Your Schedule Based on What YOU Want? How to Live Life on Your Own Terms

June 11th, 2019 | 1 comment

Welcome to the eight episode of Walk With Me, my new podcast series that launched last month, with new episodes dropping each Wednesday!

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Last night I couldn’t sleep — I woke up in the middle of the night anxious and uncomfortable.  The dream I had felt too real, and because I’m pregnant, my belly button was itching and there are really only two positions I can sleep in that are comfortable.

I was wide awake, so I meditated to calm down, and before I knew it I was receiving shifting from fearful mind chatter to divine downloads. I started off spiraling in conversation with people about scenarios that didn’t even happen in real life, and ended up feeling completely clear about SO MANY CONFUSIONS I’ve been facing in my personal life and work.

I know a big part of why I felt so clear and grounded as I meditated in the middle of the night was because of the NLP technique we did together on last week’s episode of Walk With Me. So much has changed for me in this past week after going through it with you live…

life coach online

It all started with my middle-of-the-night realization that in a few episodes of the podcast series, I’ve focused on sharing my own healing process and the techniques I use to move through real life situations. It dawned on me that in the process of healing I’ve overfocused on my brilliant and chaotic messy parts: curiosities, life changes, and the growing pains around what I’m trying to create with my new approach to my work in the world.

After last week’s episode, I didn’t feel so messy anymore. It reminded me that we can’t forget in times of change to honor the parts of ourselves (that, despite the challenge and confusion) are sovereign, and all the ways we are confident! Especially as women who are always seeking to awaken and improve, it’s easy to get stuck focusing on our growth, while forgetting to give ourselves credit for all the ways we’re brilliant, capable and even exponentially qualified to lead…

The changes I’m going through around my business aren’t new at all — after all, I’ve been running my life coach online training program, Mentor Masterclass, for five years now  — but taking this conscious journey into a deeper level of integrity around how I’m living and working is new.

The world teaches us to focus on working as hard as possible, to not be emotional, and that the things that make us happy are external accolades and achievements. (As we know, this is so, so harmful…)

I’m moving into a different belief that it’s okay to have the courage to be ourselves, to do life our own way based on our own conscious expectations. We need to allow ourselves space and freedom to create more intimacy, fully express ourselves, and embrace play and pleasure.

Too often I fall into the trap of looking to my work achievements as the main indicator and proof that I’m doing well.  As you might imagine, it’s problematic to view this as a meter for life experience and this isn’t the best way to live! Through our walks together, I’ve been focused on shifting these beliefs, for myself and the collective.

On today’s walk, we’ll be talking about:
  • The set of in-person workshops I launched last year. As I got to meet the most amazing women in person, I noticed an unmet need just about every one of us had (you’ll hear me talking about this at the 8-minute mark in the episode)

  • The Captivating Feminine Leadership Workshop I held last year that was all about helping women to fully express themselves and live their lives in their own voices (9:30)

  • I asked you to reflect on whether your schedule is based off what our society says is valuable, or based on your unique way of working. (11:00)

  • >How I’ve made my schedule more feminine for myself, on both a daily and annual basis (12:10)

  • Why I cut back my work hours — and my productivity (plus my business, motherhood, marriage, and life coach online training program, Mentor Masterclass) has only grown (14:15)

  • What happens when multitasking and hustling become badges of honor (17:20)

  • How I dedicated time and space to be creative in my business. Here’s what happened… (21:30)

  • How the day before I recorded this episode was my late mother’s birthday. I thought about the terrible way she died, and how, throughout her life, she didn’t have the courage to express herself or the strength or opportunity to design a life that made her happy. Here’s why she’s actually my biggest inspiration and how it’s influenced major changes in my life and business (27:00)

  • How Captivating Feminine leadership relates directly to our schedules, and setting ourselves up to be brilliant in our work (31:00)

  • And much, much more…

We’re covering a LOT of ground today. Come walk with me!

All my love,


P.S. As I mentioned on our walk today, I want to invite you to my upcoming LIVE sister circle and webinar, Captivating Feminine Leadership 101. During this free online event, I’m sharing the proven way to run a soul aligned business— without sacrificing love, time, and financial freedom. Make sure your name is on the guest list here.

There’s soo much I can’t fit into a 30-minute audio. This visual, live, circle experience will ignite a new level of connection, understanding and resourcefulness in your heart, mind and business model strategy. Don’t miss it.


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  1. Today’s episode felt so empowering! I admire you for being such a bold avatar of integrity, authenticity, wholeness, unity and souvereignty. Looking forward to the live webinar!

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