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Ep. 009: Why Sister Circles Are The New Secret To Sustainable Success For Women Entrepreneurs

June 18th, 2019 | no comments

Welcome to the ninth episode of Walk With Me, my new podcast series that launched in April, with new episodes dropping each Wednesday!

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If you’re anything like me, or any other creative entrepreneur, you end up spending a lot of time feeling alone in the process.

If you’ve got big dreams for your business and your life, you probably spend quite a bit of time hunkered down, quietly working to make it all happen.

As inspiring as it is to be an empowered and independent woman, the isolation is not the thing that will lead to your much-needed breakthrough. Does part of you believe that you just have to work harder (and get even more time alone) in order to reach that next level of clarity and fulfillment?

It’s why sisterhood — specifically sister circles — have become such an essential part of my life and my business.  

If you’ve never experienced a circle, today’s episode might inspire you to give it a try! If you’re an avid circle attender like me, this will remind you of the power of circle and you’ll learn something you might not know about the reason they work so well for personal healing and business success.

Today I want to share with you what it really means to hold space for one another, and why it’s so very powerful for solving personal, business and world challenges. What you’ll learn today will support you in all parts of your life, even around the dinner table or at the office.

own life coaching business

I love bringing the wisdom and healing power of sister circles into my signature life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass. Every year I create in-person experiences where we gather together to move through gridlock challenges, connect through the power of sisterhood support, and take action on making our dreams into a tangible reality.

I feel so deeply that, while we can literally reach around the world with our online businesses, we’re missing out on valuable connection and life changing support when we choose to stay stuck behind our computers, isolating ourselves from others and driving ourselves insane working through the same set of problems and blocks.

The main benefit of an in-person circle is that we feel each other’s energies when we gather together. When we gather together with a strong group of like-minded people… that’s when the magic happens. Amazing things shift in your life and business when you consciously cultivate your circle and choose people who have the resources to uplevel and move through challenge and change with grace and ease.

On today’s walk, we’ll be walking and talking about:
  • What happens when you spend time with people who are “ahead” of you — who are where you want to be in your own life coaching business, and maybe even your life (I mention this at the 6:30 point in the episode)

  • How you can get to know yourself better — and create a much more successful business (within circle energy).  When you recognize that, as women, we work in cycles that are circular. You’ll see why being in a physical circle helps you to embody a deeper wisdom and flow working through your to-do list (8:35)

  • Why I’d love to see you (virtually!) at my LIVE sister circle and webinar, Captivating Feminine Leadership 101. During this free online event, I’m sharing the proven way to run a soul aligned business— without sacrificing love, time, and financial freedom. (7:00)

  • Why circle work is a practice worth cultivating (like yoga and meditation) and how to use it as your secret to success (12:00)

  • What happens when we stay in the present moment with each other in sister circle and how that creates breakthroughs in our intimate relationships back home (it’s pretty magical!) (12:45)

  • Why it’s important to understand all the ways we project icky feelings onto other people, blame other people for these feelings — and sabotage healthy relationships (16:00)

  • How sitting in sister circle helps you stand outside the chain reactions of your reactions in order to become the creator of your life (18:00)

  • Embracing the art of storytelling to share your own captivating life journey when we meet up IN-PERSON in Sonoma, California (19:15)

  • And so much more…

Plus, you’ll meet my daughter 3-year old daughter Violet and hear about how she found a ladybug in her lunch box that we see as a greater sign — I let her explain it all herself live in this episode.  😉

I can’t wait to share my love of sister circles with you today. Come walk with me!

All my love,


P.S. As I mentioned on our walk today, I want to invite you to my upcoming LIVE sister circle and webinar, Captivating Feminine Leadership 101. During this free online event, I’m sharing the proven way to run a soul aligned business— without sacrificing love, time, and financial freedom. Make sure your name is on the guest list here.

There’s soo much I can’t fit into a 30-minute audio. This visual, live, circle experience will ignite a new level of connection, understanding and resourcefulness in your heart, mind and business model strategy. Don’t miss it.

P.P.S. You’ll also hear me share some details about my exclusive four-day in-person event, The Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat, on the beautiful and sacred land of Sonoma, California. I’d love for you to join me!  Click here to learn more and apply.



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