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Ep. 10: Want Your Business to Thrive? Time to Look at Your Integrity & Standards In Intimate Relationships

June 25th, 2019 | 1 comment

Welcome to the tenth episode of Walk With Me, my new podcast series that launched in April, with new episodes dropping each Wednesday!

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By the time you hear this episode, I’ll have just turned 35. I’ll be 27 weeks pregnant. And when this episode goes live, the doors will be open for you to secure your place at the in-person Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat.

This week on our walk together, I’ll be sharing a personal story of the conversation I had with my dad this past weekend. He’s been holding a grudge for five years, and I hadn’t been ready to unpack it all until now.

The very first year I’d ever held the Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat, I kicked it off with my own one-woman show, in part to demonstrate the importance of walking my talk and showing the women at the retreat how I could open up and be vulnerable…  just like I’d be asking them to do.

I’d written some very vulnerable content about my upbringing, family constellations, my parents being drug addicts, and other parts of my story I’d never shared publicly.

And a lot of information came out in my show about my dad, who’d raised me. When I was about eight he went on a recovery journey — by the time I was 12, life was much more stable.

One of the many things I love about my dad is his sensitivity and his ability to show emotion and love to us kids. But another part of him triggers me. In the past, he hadn’t taken much responsibility for his shortcomings and the things that did make life hard for me.. And this was part of my story, and I wanted to share it in a safe space, without worrying about how it would hurt his feelings.

As I learned studying family constellation therapy, it is my job to break the patterns of my ancestors in order to stop this story from continuing on. Honestly sharing my story is one way to do this. I knew I wanted to open up and share about this part of my life. I wanted to show my students how holding back our truth won’t serve our personal or business success. I wrote the show and said a LOT of things about my upbringing — things I’d never said before.

Right before mic check, my husband came backstage and said to me, “I probably should have told you this earlier, but your dad wanted to surprise you. He’s here in the audience.”

So, what happened — how did it go?

successful coaching

Well, the show went on. There were some parts that were so triggering for my dad that he was talking out loud to me during the show, while sitting in the audience (Here’s the recording of that performance if you want to listen in on the drama)…

As you and I walk together today, we’ll be talking about:
  • What happened when I told my dad, “You need to leave, you can’t be here,” when he showed up to my house during my retreat — and what he said to me next (13:30)

  • What so many of my friends and family started saying to me when I began asserting my own boundaries, raising my standards, and running a successful coaching business — it includes the b-word (15:00)

  • The resources I needed to finally talk with my dad about all of our issues(15:45)

  • Striking the balance between maintaining my integrity and standards while meeting my dad with compassion (17:52)

  • What I learned from the women at the Captivating Feminine Leadership retreat that first year — they showed so much compassion for me, and for my dad, and it wasn’t about us at all (19:02)

  • How I’ve switched things up and now start off each retreat not with a performance, but with a heroine’s story journey — and how you can use this to create brand recognition and clarity (20:40)

  • The powerful 3-step technique to lean up your relationship, and create a successful coaching business along the way (25:30)

  • A script to stay in integrity with the people in your life — even if you’re about to break your word (38:00)

  • And so much more…

When your life is such a part of your personal brand, asserting healthy boundaries and standards in your relationships is actually an essential part of running a successful coaching business.

Ready to put some coaching techniques into play in your own life and relationships in order to set up a strong foundation of success for your business? Come walk with me!

All my love,


P.S. As I mentioned on our walk today, I’d love to meet up with you at my exclusive four-day in-person event, The Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat, on the beautiful and sacred land of Sonoma, California. We’ll create foundations of support and business partnerships, implement feminine rituals to experience quiet resolve, renewed confidence and creation in your successful coaching business — all with the support of sisters and mentors who know and love you. Don’t miss the amazing limited-time bonuses!

P.P.S. Want to learn more about the importance of sharing your story — no matter how scary it might seem? I’ve talked before about my own heartbreaking story I was scared to share. You’ll see you’re not alone, and that we can work through your fears together.

And once again, you can witness the drama of my one-woman show — and my dad’s live responses.



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  1. What an episode, Jey! It felt like a true embodiment of ethics, standards and integrity. Thank you for once again bringing together the power of coaching and storytelling!

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