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Ep. 11: How to Focus on Healing to Launch Your Successful Coaching Business

July 2nd, 2019 | 2 comments

Welcome to the eleventh episode of Walk With Me, my new podcast series that launched in April, with new episodes dropping each Wednesday!

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Do you ever wonder if your healing is a distraction from your productivity and your work?

Do you feel messy because you’re so willing to dive into the complicated parts of your life and sometimes, that becomes the focus over launching your services?

If you’re becoming an entrepreneur, it’s impossible NOT to change. You’re stepping out of a well-established box and becoming who you really are. It’s scary stuff! And that’s why most people will never do it.  

Or worse, they try to power through the emotions, skip over the inner conflicts begging to be addressed and start businesses that create more boxes, lack integrity, and are a bomb waiting to explode.

Recently life presented me with a very powerful metaphor. I was cleaning out That Closet — you know the one! It’s that junk closet where you put everything you don’t want to deal with right now, but that you’ll need access to later, or just can’t make the decision about what to do with.

My closet full of junk is right at the top of the stairs where people put their jackets. Because we plan to rent out our home on AirBnb this summer, I finally had to clean it out… and I had no idea how frustrating it would be. There was so much stuff! I didn’t know what to do with it all and once I got started, I realized it would take much longer than I thought.

Each time I’d begin to organize the closet’s contents into some piles in a way that made sense, my daughter would wander over and start investigating (and messing up) my organized system. How was this task becoming more overwhelming the more time I spent doing it?

I’ve learned to step back and ask myself, “How can I receive support around this?” But I knew I had to do it on my own — it’s not my husband’s zone of genius.

Then the handheld vacuum fell off the top shelf and hit me on the nose and the side of the head. I screamed out and cried. My husband and daughter came running, thinking something horrible had happened to me…

This is how it feels sometimes to do inner healing work, an essential part of life coach training, and creating sustainable success in any entrepreneurial endeavor. The process feels annoying, overwhelming, it takes longer than we thought, and takes us away from the things we think we “should” be doing.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and your healing work is VITAL for creating a thriving business.

So, I collected myself. I put on some fun music. I took deep healing breaths. I told myself, “I don’t have to clean out this closet. I could just put a lock on it and be done. But I want to, because I know it will feel good and make life easier if I clean out this closet.”

In fact, I bet the reason that vacuum fell on me was because of the flustered energy I was holding in my energy body. We don’t think about that very often — what energy and frequency are we putting out into the world?

After everything was put away and thrown out, it was amazing! Now I can find my jacket and I can find Violet’s school bag in the morning. Not to mention, I found $200 in change! And this is a powerful metaphor for what happens to us when we CHOOSE to heal.

life coach training

Our lives are full of days that ebb and flow with meetings and greetings and interactions of all kinds — and we give out energy that others are always receiving.

When you’re diving into the life coach training journey or launching a new business and feeling those bumps in the road, it’s easy to get distracted by the discomfort that comes with healing — it feels like you should just get back to working on your brand and your website…

You can’t skip over your own healing in the life coach training process if you want to be successful for the long term — and that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

On today’s walk, we’ll be diving into:
  • What happens when we start comparing ourselves to other entrepreneurs’ progress (I talk about this at the 15:40 point in the episode)

  • Your truest mission as an entrepreneur (18:28)

  • The powerful truth that all the validation you’re looking for through external circumstances in your life is already within you (19:00)

  • Why breaking your patterns is like a freight train coming at you. (I also share how to stop the train!) (19:50)

  • The unique energy vibrations you’re giving off — and what they’re accomplishing all around you, every day (21:00)

  • Why embracing your healing journey and leaning into your place in the world as a light goddess leads to external success in your business (and it involves quantum physics!) (22:10)

  • How I create a space for you to nurture your energy body in my in-person The Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat (23:00)

  • The amazing things that happen when you give yourself the space to be in receptivity (23:20)

  • The three stages of identity change — which one are you in right now? (24:20)

  • And much more…

Sister, the time you’re putting into your healing is worth it. Embracing your identity shift and consciousness crisis will pay off, in both your personal life and your business. You’re doing it right! Keep on cleaning out your emotional closet, and calm your energy body when the vacuum cleaner crashes down on your head.

We all have to go through these stages of identity to reach a happy version of success that feels good. And remember I’m always here, walking beside you. If you’d like to join me in person to continue this work, I’d love for you to join us at The Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat (early bird pricing and payment plans end soon).

See you next week on our walk!

All my love,


P.S. At my exclusive four-day in-person event, The Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat, in Sonoma, CA, we’ll create foundations of support and business partnerships, implement feminine rituals to experience quiet resolve, renewed confidence and creation in your successful coaching business — and that’s all just the beginning!  Click here to apply today!



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  1. A brilliant illustration of what makes it important to go deep on an ongoing basis, as well as the fact that how we do anything ends up affecting how we do everything. Thank you!

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