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Ep. 19 Your Questions About Building A Coaching Career, How To Start A Podcast And Selling Without Feeling Sleazy Answered

August 27th, 2019 | no comments

I’ve felt so connected to you on our walks this summer, so I wanted to do a Q&A-style episode. I chose a few insightful questions about coaching careers and business that have come in from my listeners/readers/sisters, and I’ll de diving in deep.

Many of the questions I’ve been getting are from women wondering: what exactly goes into creating a weekly podcast, building a coaching business, having team members and feeling confident in being my own boss? So I’ll start by giving you a peek behind the scenes of pulling it off. As you’ll see, it’s a really involved (but rewarding) process.  

In today’s episode I’ll take you step-by-step through a process you can implement now for each of these questions and a few more.

After getting some feedback from my team that my “quickstart” method of bringing my ideas to life could be a little disorganized (think long, excited emails with tons of details and tasks), I decided to hire a project manager (PM) for the first time ever.

Currently my team consists of a copywriter, operations manager, and an executive VA/client care specialist. (And if you’re curious, I recently shared my experience of working with a social media manager, and you can check that out here. It was one of my most-read posts ever!)

My PM introduced me to tools like the project management software Asana, so my team could all be on the same page. Everything was running smoothly — then last year my PM got sick and needed to step away from the business, and I was uncertain about whether I could handle running things on my own.

It turns out I’d learned a lot about creating business strategy plans, and I’ve been able to create a whole plan for our podcast, delegate it to the team, and communicate more efficiently as a result.

Would you like to know the step-by-step process we use to create each episode of this podcast? Who’s on my team? What they do and how we work together? Listen in to the episode or keep on reading…

Listen to this week’s episode here:

Listen and subscribe here:

coaching careers and how to start a podcast

To create each episode of this podcast:
  • I record the episode on my phone and send it to my VA.

  • My VA uploads the episode onto all of our different platforms (First Libsyn, youtube, on our WordPress blog, Itunes etc.).

  • My VA then sends the recorded episode to my copywriter, who chooses a promo clip of the episode and writes the first draft of the blog post, newsletter, and social media.

  • My VA designs a social media post featuring the clip — we’ll use it to promote the episode and uploads it to Planoly and links to it from Linktree.

  • I go through the first draft of the blog post and newsletter to add some personal touches and give final approval.

  • Copywriter gives it a final review and passes it onto my operations manager who loads up the blog post and newsletter (sent through Ontraport our email marketing software) and gets it ready to send. She also schedules social media on Hootsuite and creates social media graphics.

  • VA makes sure everything goes smoothly when the episode goes live, then updates SEO and creates our Instagram stories…

  • I comment and engage online with all of the buzz that builds as each episode is released, respond to emails and blog comments from each episode.

Phew! There are a lot of moving parts!

I created this whole plan for my team in Asana without a project manager this year, which required me to look at deadlines, work around everyone’s other commitments — and it’s all stayed on track.

I shared all of this to give you a peek behind the scenes, so you can see what it really takes to create a podcast.

My next question, from one of our lovely listeners, Shazimi: How do you attract clients without feeling needy or salesy?

Great question that so many women have throughout their coaching careers! My answer has two separate parts…

Listen to this week’s episode now!

Feeling needy is about desperation. Feeling salesy has to do with your connection and belief in your work, without feeling confident in that.

The needy part comes with taking care of yourself and knowing what your needs are. You never want to feel like you’re attached to one specific prospective client telling you YES. They can feel that energy, and they’ll naturally be repelled. You want to find the sweet spot in your work when you’re feeling confident and excited while also accepting that most people will be no.

The more NO’S you have, the closer you are to a YES. Never forget to celebrate the NO’S — they’re always bringing you one step closer to a YES. It’s worth celebrating that someone wanted to look into your services in the first place. And now, the yes is one step closer.

You’ll also want to respect the amount of time it takes to get your name out there. There are people in your orbit who want what you’re offering — and it has to come from you. Even if you’re providing very similar services as someone else, they’ll prefer working with you.

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, too. Set yourself up with structures, systems, and support that allow you to feel secure whether or not you get a YES.

Now what about feeling salesy — how can you prevent that? I’ve got some serious thoughts on this one, too. Come walk with me and let’s break this one down…

We’ll also be talking about:
  • When you’re living your calling, you’ll never have to sell  — you’ll just follow your bliss and give people a taste of what it comes naturally for you to do. I’m sharing the best ways to do exactly that (I talk about this at the 20:10 mark in the episode)

  • What coaching actually is, and why the world needs this service so badly (21:00)

  • How investing in yourself helps you believe in the process of investing in a coach and this allows you to come from a place of truth when supporting your clients in investing in themselves to pay to work with YOU (22:00)

  • My response to this great question from another one of our listeners, Melissa: “I want to be able to trust myself and dare to share my truth. I have the knowledge, but I need more clients to make my business profitable.” (22:55)

  • The two biggest stumbling blocks my clients encounter in their coaching careers when it comes to getting started and becoming profitable. Once you hear this, you’ll never wonder how to make money as a coach again! (26:30)

  • How you can provide consistent free content (podcasts, webinars, social media strategies, and more) that doesn’t drain you and instead feels FUN! (30:10)

  • Some real talk: are you clearly telling prospective clients how they can work with you? How many spots you have left? How much time they have to make the decision? (31:15)

How about you — do you have any questions for me? I’d love to answer it on a future episode. And let me know if the podcast format is working for you, if you prefer video, and more. I’d love to keep your feedback in mind with everything I create. Thank you, love!

Here’s a link to fill out a short survey today. I want to get to know you! What would you most like me to talk about?

Now — let’s go on our walk and get into this intimate conversation about you and your business sister!

All my love,


P.S. If you’re feeling called to get ALL your questions answered and receive a deep dive day of coaching — just the two of us, I created the Intent to Live VIP Experience to give you a whole (or half) day to focus on just yourself and your business, with my undivided support.



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