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Feeling Self-Conscious About Your Age? Watch This Coaching Session!

August 7th, 2018 | no comments

Did you know my clients range from age 23 to 79? My all-in life coach training course, Mentor Masterclass, has graduates who recently finished college and are now interested in becoming new generation thought leaders. We also have women who recently retired from nursing to create time and financial freedom by becoming a life coach. And every age and life stage in between.

I have always had clients younger and older than me, and I’ve noticed many women have triggers around age when it comes to mentorship and sisterhood. It all boils down to the limiting beliefs we’re taught that invoke separation and limitation. Through sisterhood and processing these limiting beliefs we can discover what we’re truly capable of creating, no matter our age.

What if the clients you feel called to serve are in a completely different age group than you are? The solution might surprise you!

It’s another Q&A week, where a woman from our tribe drops by with a question I know will resonate with you too.

In today’s video I’m jamming with Laura Collis, a health and wellness enthusiast eagerly working at developing a presence in the industry and focusing on the steps to becoming a life coach. Currently employed in merchandising in the fashion industry, Laura worked in Human Resources for 12 years at an international cosmetics company before pausing to raise her children (now young adults).  

Laura is Nutritious Life certified, completed an apprenticeship with a women’s hormone health coach and is mildly addicted to online courses and learning (but in a good way!).

Today Laura asks a question that can still feel a little taboo:

“In my journey to becoming a sought-after life coach, how can I overcome my insecurities about my age?”


Such a relatable question!

You might recognize parts of Laura’s path to life coaching, too. She’s looking to promote herself as a wellness lifestyle mentor, having had success implementing a wellness-based lifestyle a few years ago. But many of the entrepreneurs in the wellness field she relates to most are 10-20 years younger than she is, and she’s feeling intimidated and self-conscious about her age.

At the 30-second mark in the video, Laura also shares how she:

  • Paused for several years to raise her children, taking her out of the business world.

  • Feels she lacks technology skills and she can’t complete some of the key steps to becoming a life coach.

  • Should have more general business skills, confidence and overall qualifications to pursue being an entrepreneur, especially since age is often equated with experience.

Do you recognize yourself in Laura’s story? I do! When I first started out, I remember feeling self-conscious about being too young to be a life coach. I would sometimes worry no one would take me seriously or believe I had the wisdom to be an effective transformational coach.  

In fact, I worried about my age so much that I manifested being featured in a New York Times cover story I didn’t realize would be called, “Should A Life Coach Have A Life First?” Yep, everyone in my life saw that story!

In the end, it taught me so much about how one of the key steps to becoming a life coach is a deep self-discovery process of your own. I had to move through the belief that I was too young. I finally had to look at myself and say, “How long am I going to let this hold me back? I know what I bring to the table and I’m passionate about this work, so I need to work through this.” And I did!

Today I want to take you through a few belief-related questions using a tool I teach in Mentor Masterclass. (Jump to the 2:30 point in the video, or keep on reading.)

This process is all about realizing that these negative things you’re thinking are beliefs, not facts. That shift alone causes a lot of healing to occur. This was the jumping-off point for my coaching session with Laura.

Watch the video above to see this real-life coaching session (it starts at the 4:50 mark in the video).

Once you’ve watched Laura’s coaching session, give these questions a try for yourself:
  • What do you want to feel/believe in relationship to how your age [or other issue] is holding you back?

  • What’s preventing you from removing the block that’s keeping you stuck?

  • Do you have examples of people who are doing the very thing you want to do? (In Laura’s case, women her age who are rocking it as life coaches.)

  • What’s preventing you from believing that you still can have what you want?

  • Do you think this negative belief you’re holding onto is actually masking a deeper wound? What do you think it could be?

Remember that to shift a belief, you first have to be able to recognize that it’s a belief, not fact. It can be so challenging to say to yourself, “I feel like this is factual, but I need to look for something different.” You’ll notice what you’re looking for in the world. So look for a different truth – something better!

Did you ask yourself these questions? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!

All my love,


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