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How Do You Define Yourself? (Are You Embracing The “Ands” In Your Life?)

July 18th, 2017 | no comments

I’m the founder of a life coach training school. No, I’m a feminine leadership coach. Well, I’m first and foremost a mom. And, I’m a passionate wife. Maybe I’m an actress and performer and that’s the core of my being. No, I’m a professional sky diver. Okay, I got it, I’m a mentor and teacher. No, I’m a life coach, too.

I’m an entrepreneur, okay. Yes. Yes! No, I lead retreats though. Well, I really am an experience creator. I’m a healer. I’m a singer. Okay, really I’m an oracle of some kind.

Have you ever struggled to own the fact that you’re probably not just one thing – that you have multiple passions and interests?

You might be a coach and a writer and an actress and a mother and a painter. It’s time to authentically embrace the “ands” in your life. But it can be harder than it seems!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Sarah Tallman, a life coach and mentor who embraces life’s in-between moments along with the “ands” in life. (PRESS PLAY on the video below to meet Sarah – it will all make perfect sense!)

In this second installment of my new Sister Spotlight series (and all future spotlights) I’ll be featuring a Mentor Masterclass grad and alumnae coach who blossomed and excelled during her time in the program – someone I know will have a powerful and lasting impact on your life coaching journey, too.

Sarah is so many wonderful things:

  • A native of Colorado

  • Professional dancer

  • Nationally sought-after choreographer

  • Self-proclaimed LightWorker, mentor and coach

  • Company artist with Denver’s favorite dance company, Wonderbound.

  • Leader of classes and workshops in classical ballet techniques.

  • And so much more!

Phew! 🙂 It’s such a beautiful adventure to know a life coach with this breadth of diverse experience. And because Sarah is a graduate of Mentor Masterclass, we’ve spent lots of time together, supporting one another and getting to know each other as sisters.

Sarah is also the creator of Soul Dance, a workshop-based experience infusing body, mind and soul through movement modalities based on her vast knowledge of dance techniques and sensibilities. Sarah leads and harnesses her desires through the potent experience of Transformation and the powerful expression of Transition while bringing to life personal essence.

Her mission and work in the world aligns with the desire to live authentically, to speak truth and to create life through the lens of play and love.

Sarah uses her awesome life feelings of Open, Electric, Spiritual, Joyful and Free as a catalyst for her work in the world. She leads with enthusiasm, mystery, love and presence.

Sarah and I share an interest in theatre and performing, and I love chatting with her about how all of these interests and projects that seem so different all melt together into her one-of-a-kind life coaching business. (PRESS PLAY on the video below to drop into our conversation).


During her time in Mentor Masterclass, Sarah chose to look inward and work on herself in a way that felt authentic. She wanted to grow her leadership skills, work on her NLP techniques, and feel into the sisterhood that makes it all possible.

Sarah knew that if she could feel this good in sister circle, these concepts could really uplevel how she shows up onstage. She discovered her vulnerability and her ability to connect with other people.

When you ask Sarah about what she does, you’ll hear her use the word “and” a lot, because she’s so many things!

The concept of “AND” become one of her favorite coaching techniques. Because you don’t have to be either/or – you can be everything you feel called to be.

Sarah’s message is to follow your muse, follow your AND. You can show up just as you are, in all your parts.

Press PLAY on the video above and you’ll also learn:
  • Why more and more women don’t want to choose only one way of showing up in the world. (Jump to 5:27 in the video to learn what Sarah leads her clients to do instead.)

  • Why Sarah’s creativity once made her wonder, “Am I hiding from something?” (This is at the 6:21 mark in the video.)

  • How even if you feel as though there are completely separate parts of you, you can still work in oneness. (7:05 point in the video.)

  • Why feeling into the transitions and transformations – both good and bad – in your life is so important. (11:31 in the video)

  • And much more!

Sarah’s Exclusive Invitation (For Our Sister Tribe Only)

It’s Follow The Muse, a 90-minute coaching session with Sarah.

Are you creatively stuck? Let Sarah create a sacred container where you can connect to your emotional and physical body through grounding and light movement (yes, you and Sarah will both be moving your bodies!).

By connecting to the physical body, we may uncover and shake off limiting beliefs and old stories. We’ll call in upleveled values through the process of understanding and grabbing ahold of Transitions with gusto!

Life literally happens in the transitions. Yes, the big things can seem defining, important and all-encompassing. But the majority of life happens in the spaces in-between. It’s natural to bypass or retract when we sense pain or danger, and transition can feel sticky!

The truth is, Transition can happen in any way you desire. Together, you and Sarah will find your Muse and create a path from point A to point B that cultivates and harnesses your most important values.

Your life is a dance – and it’s in the Transitions that you’ll see your story take shape.

If this is resonating with you, click here to claim your spot, or simply email Sarah directly.

And be sure to let me know how your session with Sarah goes (I might just book one for myself)!

All My Love,


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