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How to go From ME to WE (The Jey & Shay Way)

September 19th, 2012 | no comments

Today Shay & Jey Show Are Giving You Principles (6 to be exact):

How to Go From ME to WE & Create Effective Teamwork

“We Believe You Deserve to RSVP to Your BEST Life.”


Today Jey Wants to Know: Can Shay really handle all the work I shared with her? What if she forgets something?


Hi Friends,

Have you done everything you can on your own to be a success? Are you ready to expand? Are you ready to get to that next level of success and kick it up a notch?

You are ready to go from ME to WE.

Shay and I have been acknowledged as leaders and innovators in our separate fields. We have come to recognize the value of teamwork, collaboration and the love and connection that is possible when you find someone who compliments your strengths and weaknesses. Partnering up with Shay has allowed me to share the journey and creative process of building a business with someone else. Shay inspires me and keeps me on track.

The best part about working together and letting go is being able to celebrate and share the milestones. Working productively as a team is NOT easy. When emotions get involved and strong personalities are present you have to be clear and know how to handle the challenge. Shay and I are always looking for ways to improve.

There are greater opportunities and bigger projects that you just can’t face alone. If you want to step up and play bigger games in life you have to create relationships that support you. If you want to go to the next level it’s about partnership and team building. Lead by example in order to attract good people into your circle of success.

Here are the 6 Key Principles we Love, to help YOU go From ME, to WE:

1. Commitment & Trust

Everyone on board needs to be committed to the task whether it directly or indirectly contributes to the vision. And you need to be able to trust your team members. Remember why you brought them on and what they are capable of.

2. Communication

It is extremely important that all channels of communication are open, clear & direct. But be careful of over-communicating. Know what to say, when to say it, and when to step back and let the team take over.

3. Diversity of Talent

Make sure that the people you bring into the team can offer something different, unique or fill a necessary hole in the creative machine. Jey and I have a lot of similar talents and strengths but our approach, directives and tools are very different and unique to each of us. We also complement each other’s weaknesses.
When shooting wake up Wednesdays for instance, Shay writes the scripts and set up shots and I come up with scenarios and edits the videos.

4. Delegation

Once everyone’s strengths are highlighted and roles are in place it’s important to allow each member to assume responsibility for their part. Which leads back to commitment, trust & communication. This is the hardest part if you’ve been working alone for a while. But think of it this way, you aren’t giving up any power or control you are expanding it through your network!

5. Adaptability

Things change! It’s important not to stay rigid. To allow the team to grow, evolve and thrive as new ideas and opportunities present themselves. Whether it’s within your company or in your market. Stay open!

6.Creative Freedom

The diversity of talent is what makes your team strong & unique. As long as the vision is clear and communication & trust are in effect, you can be sure that your teams creative talents will truly make the vision shine.


Shay and I want to support you and we want to HEAR from you.

Tell us in the comments below:

1. Are you a part of a team? Was the transition from ME to WE difficult for you?


2. What are your favorite team building principles?


3. Do you think these can apply to personal relationships too?


We will be checking in daily to read your comments and share & shine with you! Do you like this video? Please share and shine with US, by sending this video to your friends.



“You must go from ME to WE to grow. You aren’t giving anything up, you are expanding” #invitetoyourlife @rsvpwjey @shaykostabi @thersvprev


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