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How To Cut Through Confusion & Conflicting Desires: This NLP Technique Works Every Time!

August 25th, 2020 | no comments

The other night I found myself awake at 2am when my daughter Autumn needed to nurse.

My mind immediately started racing. My husband and I are trying to decide which house we should choose for our family, and I started thinking through the options…

For example, some houses we’re looking at are brand new, built from the ground up with everything we’d ever want. Others feature massive upgrades in space and square footage, while others are more of a compromise but steps from the beach. A few houses feature the style and charm we’re used to, while others would be a completely new design for us…

It’s been tough for me to distinguish between what I actually want, and what’s just an old limiting pattern or a setback standing in my way.

One thing I’ve noticed in myself and others is that we can have two conflicting parts of ourselves that hold the same intention. Both parts are trying to help us, and this causes confusion around what we really want or how to go about getting it.

I have a pattern of making quickstart decisions that feel right, just so I can get over the anxiety of being in limbo, end the decision making process — and get to that sense of comfort and security again.

There’s another part of me, a new pattern, that I’ve been consciously and actively working to embody. This part of me knows and believes that taking my time, checking in with my intuition and the Divine, spending time in nature, looking for signs — and even trusting the discomfort of not having the answer as I give myself more time and space — is the best way for my most aligned decisions to emerge.

So in this situation, which part of me is right? Or at least, which is a better approach?

Is my old pattern actually helpful when dealing with an intense real estate market? Is my ability to be a quickstart and make the best of whatever happens an empowering approach? Or am I just falling into old ways of being that leave me anxious and stuck?

Thankfully, there’s an NLP coaching technique I’ve used many times before that’s helped me cut through the confusion and align these different parts of myself — so I don’t feel disconnected, confused, and unsure of what I want and how to move forward.

I want to share this tool with you, but if you’re not a part of The Heartwork Collective month-long try-it-on membership experience, I can’t!

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Cutting Through Confusion

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We’re right in the middle of a month-long preview into what you’ll experience as a member of The Heartwork Collective membership. In our previous live event together, we talked about empowered decision making (you can catch the replay right here.)

Our second live event, Cutting Through Confusion, is for you if you sometimes feel parts of yourself that want different things or you’re going through the active healing work of breaking old patterns.

We’ll move through a powerful NLP technique together, live on the call! It’s an approach to confusion you’ll use for life and pass on to many friends (and clients if you happen to be a coach) when they’re feeling confused or stuck, too!

Take decision making to the next level as you master the NLP technique for yourself and cut through the confusion you’re facing in any part of your life…

This event is free to attend — just let us know you’re coming, right here!

You don’t need to be a coach (or even interested in coaching) to benefit from this life-changing NLP technique. This tool is so powerful that anyone who wants to gain clarity for self-healing and self-growth in their lives should join this call.

If you do feel called to become a coach, this NLP technique will help you expand the toolbox you can use in your life and share with your clients.

We’ll try it out together, live on this interactive sisterhood call! I can’t wait to spend an evening with you sipping chamomile tea and making the confronting things in our lives, way easier!

All my love,


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