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How To Defy Authority & Listen To Your Intuition, Starting Now

March 17th, 2020 | no comments

Got your comfy walking shoes on? 

Good! Because today we’re bringing new meaning to going on a POWER walk.

Because I want to talk about power, ignite some serious RAGE, tell you about some unexpected events that have pissed me off recently… and inspired and changed me.

I’ve never shared my daughters’ labor and birth stories before, but in today’s walk I’ll be leaning on you as a safe space to share it all, including some vulnerable truths that have led me to become an activist…

Something I never thought I’d do. 

This episode is for you if you’re a mother in any form, whether you have human children or fur babies, you’re a business owner trying to pave your own road, or you’re trying your best to nurture something or someone… and larger forces are standing in the way of doing what you know is best.

I won’t raise my children to live in a cage. I refuse to cut down their vastness just to lure them into fitting into a box… 

And I’ve made the same decision about my business. I don’t want to use my passion and purpose into the world by copying any kind of template.

I believe we choose our mother’s womb. And I believe the soul of our businesses chooses us as it’s creator in the same way.

Have you ever thought about what you learned in YOUR mother’s womb, that remains with you in your cell memories to this day? 

For me, I learned I couldn’t depend on my mother and trust her to keep me safe. Because of her choices, I had drugs moving through my body before I was even born. 

I was exposed to abuse, tons of harmful substances, disempowerment, and more. Naturally my little body recognized that the structure that was holding me (her womb), wasn’t safe. And I believe that’s why I was born prematurely. I knew I had to get out as soon as possible.

I couldn’t trust my mom, so I had to figure it out for myself. 

I’ve uncovered these truths through years of healing — and leading thousands of women through their own healing so they can truly lead authentically. I’ve used this understanding to also recognize that there are times I feel unsafe, when I am actually safe.  

I have and continue to do breathwork and embody dance practices to release these traumas. I want to recognize that in many ways I am supported and safe. I want to see that there are people I can lean into and trust to hold me.

The lie of authority says you need someone to lead you and validate your choices. We’re told that when we question the authorities assigned to us (parents, doctors, government experts, influences, and more), we’ll mess up our lives…

This way of thinking is completely wrong. 

I teach receptivity as a path to success. This means be willing to receive support and heal the pattern of the lone warrior. This process involves creating a relationship with your worthiness and your intuition. It does NOT mean looking outside of yourself for safety.

I want to tell you about something that I learned through the experience of being pregnant with and birthing my baby girls and running a business. It’s taught me what it means to break free from authorities — and how vital it is to give ourselves permission and have the courage to lead.

It started when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Violet. The doctor came in to tell me that Violet was breached, so I likely couldn’t have a natural birth — and that I needed a specific vaccine, right away…

… and, now as a mother of two forced to stand up to “authority,” the story ends with me knowing I’ll NEVER defy my intuition, ever again.  

I’ll never again question the importance of body autonomy, in my business and as a mother.

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How To Defy Authority & Listen To Your Intuition

I could sense myself feeling small as I spoke to the doctor that day. I’d been self-responsible with what I’d been putting in my body throughout my pregnancy, so I definitely wanted some time to research exactly what was in the vaccine she was recommending before I’d let them inject my unborn daughter with a syringe full of it.

I knew I needed to tune into my baby, since it was her body, too. I used my intuition, baby’s energy and my body’s wisdom to feel, sense, and decide from there.

Questioning authority wasn’t something I was used to doing in this way! Sure, I had quit corporate America and took my financial security into my own hands. 

But standing up to my doctor and believing in my own ability to do quality research on my own? I’d never done that before.

I decided to switch doctors at 38 weeks, to a more holistic practice with women who empower you at birth — who encourage you to tune into your intuition and feel confident about having the birth experience you want.

And I had a natural birth!

Then we had our daughter Autumn, with the same team. My labor was beautiful and what happened after was full of powerful life lessons…

Listen to this week’s episode now!

On our walk we’ll also be talking about: 

  • The anger I felt (again!) when doctors told me I shouldn’t question their orders (I talk about this at the 13:05 mark in the episode)

  • The worst-case scenario that brought me to my knees after I did NOT listen to my body’s signals that said, “You don’t need the medicine the doctor is prescribing. Don’t take it!” (14:15)

  • Why I believe my soul chose my very difficult relationship with my own mother, before I was even born — and the healing lessons I’m still learning from the lack of safety I felt in my mother’s womb (22:00)

  • The reasons we must join in sisterhood to create a safe place for empowered discussions (23:10)

  • What a life coach is actually supposed to do (24:00)

  • The powerful lessons I learned about trusting authority when the New York Times interviewed me, then spun it into a headline meant to create fear (26:30)

  • Why we can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen to us — and what we can do instead (30:32)

  • A recent event I held here in my home state of Connecticut — I still can’t believe I was able to lead it! And how I’d told myself I didn’t have the capacity… (31:16)

  • Powerful new information I’ve learned. (Did you know a lobbyist is someone who literally waits in a lobby to talk to representatives? Before this journey, I had no idea where the term came from) (33:22)

  • How WE can break the authority barrier (37:00)

  • Why the story of Adam and Eve makes me so mad, to this day (38:15)

  • How I know you were born an authority (40:30)

  • Why there will never be a one-size-fits-all solution for anything — no exceptions (43:00)

  • How you can easily spot harmful authority patterns with the Coronavirus media coverage (47:08)

  • And so much more…

I hope our POWER walk today inspires you to be exactly who you are: human, magical, and ready to fall out of line whenever you need to.  

I’m standing for your health, your fearless trust in your own survival instincts — and the love that comes from recognizing that YOU can create your own sense of safety and passionate resolve.

Come POWERwalk with me now

All my love,


P.S. You’ll hear the story of how I stepped into my new role as an activist in today’s episode…

It’s about how I learned lately that vaccines are far from a black-and-white issue. And many states are about to make them required for all children, no exceptions.

YOU should always be the one to decide what happens to your children’s health.

So whether you’ve done extensive research or something inside of you is just telling you there is something wrong, we need to stand together.

If you’re feeling called, here are some simple steps YOU can take right now to take action.

And while you’re spending more time than usual inside, it’s the perfect time to soak up the soulful practices that will help you become a successful life coach and cultivate a relationship with your intuition. Get instant access to my free 1-week Mentor Masterclass Coaching Self-Discovery program.


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