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How to Embrace Destruction + Trust Change In Your Life, Business And The World

June 9th, 2020 | no comments

Over the last year the changes in my life have been endless, spanning from mourning the death of my mother, welcoming my daughter Autumn into the world to weathering the storm of a global pandemic, facing white privilege with head on action, recently discovering I have a rectocele and bladder prolapse and do you know what has always been my north star? Structure.

But these experiences have forced me to toss structure out the window and have left me in a position to face destruction with a new approach.

Burning it all down and leaning completely into emergence as a practice.

Everything I’ve learned coaching women from around the world has taught me what I needed to allow this virus and the war against oppression to truly take root in my own life as a resource for change.

I’ve had to trust in the unseen order that has washed over us all with this pandemic, and what I’ve learned through this time is that when you burn down your structures, your systems, your policies and procedures, a fresh landscape develops. One of nourishment, creativity, innovation and freedom to explore concepts and ideas that were otherwise starving in the shadows of what has become overgrown.

I had an inspired urge to talk with you about it all and filmed a new podcast episode that I know you will enjoy on a walk with me today.

Listen to this week’s episode here:

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embrace destruction
How to Embrace Destruction + Trust Change In Your Life, Business And The World
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How to Embrace Destruction + Trust Change In Your Life, Business And The World

I’ve been asking a lot of questions.

From a business perspective I’ve had to ask myself and my clients:

  • How can we find balance between home life and work life when it comes to our weekly schedule?

  • How can we use our voices and our autonomy to make a difference in our community?

  • What is it we want to accomplish with this next chapter of our business? And what has to change in order for there to be space for these new ideas and style of leadership?

From a personal perspective I’ve had to ask:

  • How has my “cultural training” influenced the way I act in my life, business and in my relationships?

  • Do I trust that our best interest and well-being are being considered by those in charge?

  • How can I better understand my relationship with racism, mass media and consumerism in America?

  • What is it that I have to offer myself when it comes to my own development?

As a female entrepreneur, the act of self-reflection is more complicated than it is for most, and during this quarantine I’ve really tried to understand how connected growth in my personal life and growth in my business really are.

I invite you to listen to my latest episode to understand how I am evolving from the Lone Sprinting Warrior Queen to the Divinely Guided Mother Nature Queen, and how this change coincides with the seasonal change that my business is going through. It might change the way you think about breaking patterns in your life and creating certainty in your business.

On our walk we’ll also be taking about:

  • How a world pandemic has challenged me within my business and actually pushed me to do what I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise (Catch this at minute 5:10 in the episode.)

  • My decision not to vaccinate my two daughters and how the conversation surrounding vaccinations is continuing to change with the search for a Covid-19 vaccine (8:40)

  • Why I feel passionate about evolving my business and my voice as a tool for activism (10:45)

  • An update on changes being made in my business, programs and how I plan to move forward (13:00)

  • How women have been culturally trained to act and interact with themselves and each other (15:22)

  • The transition of archetypes/tropes portrayed in Disney princess movies – Think Sleeping Beauty vs. Moana (16:10)

  • What is it that makes a “good” coach (19:35)

  • The RSVP Model (22:11)

  • What I’m talking about when I say “I want a boat” (24:58)

  • What I’m hoping to see in my new membership program, the Sisterhood Collective (26:02)

  • The two archetypes that I’m currently assigning to my process (30:22)

  • How burning things down creates a space for little seeds to grow into big ideas (35:25)

  • What it means for businesses to go through seasonal change (35:40)

  • Why pandemics can actually be an opportunity to converse and collaborate (40:45)

  • And so much more…

Let’s come together and learn to use our voices in new ways, to be in the process of creation together, and we’ll create something totally new that will ignite sustainable success for ALL.

We’ll be there for each other, providing accountability as we confidently emerge and move into this part of life…

Are you in?

It all starts with our walk today. Come walk with me, and let’s get ignited!

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One book everyone should read is Untamed by Glennon Doyle, available HERE.

In the beginning of the episode I reference an Instagram Live (now on IGTV) that I did in April, talking about the Sisterhood Collective watch it HERE.

Interested in being the first to know when my new dreams become a reality? Join the Sisterhood Collective waitlist here.

I’m currently taking on a few new one-on-one coaching clients. Do you feel a call to implementing a new way of being and leading in your life or business? Send me an email to let me know you’re interested in one-on-one coaching at

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