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How to Embrace Fear: An Exclusive Interview With Brett Hoebel (Part 2)

September 12th, 2012 | no comments

Today Shay and Jey Share Their Favorite Clips From Brett Hoebel

 This is Part 2 of Their Interview:

How to Embrace Fear

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Today Shay & Jey Want to Know:

Do you love our videos? We hope so because this week we pulled every string to make sure to stay committed to our promise to wake up with you every Wednesday!


Hi Friends,

This week Shay and I are knee deep in preparation as we gear up for our “Embrace Fear And Own Your Life” Masterclass, that is happening LIVE, in NYC.  We are pumped to be creating together and so excited we made the space this week to bring you Part Two of our interview with Brett Hoebel.

You may know Brett from “Season 11″ of The Biggest Loser, Fat Chef, Beachbody work out DVD program Rev Abs, or as a Celebrity Trainer and Founder of Hoebel Fitness.  On the way to Boston we asked Brett a few personal questions on how he has learned to embrace fear in order to reach the level of success he has created for himself.

Watch our favorite clips  from Brett’s personal story and discover: Three Simple Ways to Embrace YOUR Fear

1. Make it Happen

When change happens you may be tempted to choose fear.  Listen to your inner guide and do what it takes to let go and breathe through the transition.  At the end of the day decide to value your life experience over comfort and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

2. Love What You Do

If you keep digging to find the true foundation of fear, you will realize all you REALLY want is certainty that you are good enough and deserve love.  The problem is you are never going to truly believe you are loved, until you learn to believe in yourself.  Acknowledge your gifts and choose a job to meet your human needs of survival that you love to do.

Be true to you, believe in you and love what you do.

Ask yourself: How are you a contribution to the world?  Invite that question to lead you through life.  A foundation of personal power and belief is the key to embrace fear and own your life.

3. Me’s to We’s

There are greater opportunities and bigger projects that you just can’t face alone.  If you want to step up and play bigger games in life you have to create relationships that support you.  If you want to go to the next level it’s about partnership and team building.  Lead by example in order to attract good people into your circle of success.


Shay and I want to support you and we want to HEAR from you.

Tell us in the comments below:

1.  What are you ready to MAKE HAPPEN?


2. What is your dream job? Are you pursuing it?  What are your beliefs about yourself?


3. Who can you ask for help?  How would a partnership or crew of like minded people increase your productivity?


4.  Are you going to embrace your fear and make it happen? What’s the first step?


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