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How to Create Engagement & Lead Powerful, Intimate Online Meetings On Zoom

April 7th, 2020 | 1 comment

Stuck at your desk wondering how to use Zoom to host a meeting or how to use Zoom to teach a class? Or maybe you’d just like to feel more comfortable as a participant?

You’re not alone! And on our walk today we’ll be diving into how you can use Zoom to create the same powerful connections and engagement you’ve always created in person.

I do hope you’re finding a way to get outside these days, though. Are you finding that’s not as easy as it sounds? Me, too.

I’m actually freezing my butt off as I record this episode — probably because I’m barefoot and I’m walking on my patio, pacing back and forth like a caged lioness.

I’ve been using Zoom to host meetings and teach classes all day. This was my life before quarantine.

It feels amazing to get out into the fresh air, even if it is cold. If I look closely, I can see the little bits of spring that are popping up everywhere, and everyone’s so happy to see other people as they walk by…

It reminds me that we WILL get through this strange time together. Life WILL get back to normal someday. And until we do we have to learn how to enjoy connecting with each other through online meetings and classes on zoom.

In the last few episodes and in my online classes on Zoom I’ve been talking about three pillars that are essential to growing your business (or launching it!) no matter what’s happening around us:

  • Intuition. Trusting yourself to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

  • Innovation. Creating something fresh and new — and bringing it to life.

  • Emergence. Coming into being after being concealed.

Now is also the perfect time to release the addiction to structure we all have. We can finally let go of the systems, structures, and routines that create strict containers and boxes we place ourselves in…

And I believe we can come into a new sense of grace and ease.

Part of thriving in this new world is learning how to keep on upleveling your business, even when you can’t meet with your students or clients in person. To make this happen, many of you are getting into working online and learning how to use Zoom…

And so on our walk in today’s podcast, I want to help you master how to use Zoom, an online video conferencing system that I’ve been using for years.

I’m sharing exactly how to use Zoom to host a meeting or how to use Zoom to host a class.

Listen to this week’s episode here:

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how to use Zoom to host a class
use Zoom to host
How to Create Engagement & Lead Powerful, Intimate Online Meetings On Zoom


You absolutely CAN create the same calm, welcoming, and engaging space for your participants — and experience the same success you’ve always had in-person in your studio, classroom, or conference room using the online video software, Zoom.

Whether you work as a yoga instructor, kindergarten teacher, CEO, coach, or a little bit of everything — I love how you’re getting onboard with teaching online classes.

Getting comfortable with Zoom and other video conferencing software takes intention — and I want to help you skip over the trial-and-error process and learn how to use zoom to connect intimately and productively online.

We’ve all felt like we’re doing something wrong as we speak into what feels like a huge void — because no one on the Zoom call is responding! Yes. It is weird to not hear anyone breathing on zoom or laughing when you tell a joke. It doesn’t mean you should unmute all on your zoom conference line. Or the complete opposite can happen, with students all talking over each other at once, unintentionally creating a stressful environment for everyone else because your zoom participants do not know how to mute and unmute themselves.

I’ve watched my own yoga teacher get stressed out over the noise on the call, and with people coming into the Zoom session late while she’s trying to teach.

I also witnessed my daughter Violet’s beautiful, generous preschool teachers reading a story to her class on a recent video call, leaving a group of 15 preschoolers unmuted on Zoom during the story so they could ask questions… which meant everyone then had to hear Sally’s dad yelling at her to put her underwear back on.

Yikes! See? You’re not alone.

If you’re ready to create a powerful, engaging experience for your students — just like you do in person — and you’re wondering how to use Zoom to host a meeting or how to use Zoom to teach a class…

You’re going to LOVE our walk today!

Wondering How to Use Zoom to Host a Meeting or How to Use Zoom to Teach a Class?

As someone who’s been teaching and connecting with women from all over the world for 10 years, trust me — using Zoom to host a meeting or Zoom to teach a class is NOT second-best.

It’s just another way to share your genius with the world. Right now, it’s the only way.

You should feel completely empowered to create engagement online and continue bringing your students and participants the smooth, stress-free and engaging experience they deserve while learning how to use zoom to teach.

When you have a few minutes before your next Zoom session (or even the next time you’re a participant in a Zoom session) be sure to watch these two videos:

How to Use Zoom to Host Online Classes, Workshops and Meetings That Require Engagement & Connection

You can create an engaging space for your participants on Zoom, where they always feel seen, heard, and even transformed — just like when they learn with you in person. For everyone wondering how to use Zoom to host a meeting or how to use Zoom to teach a class — this video is for you. I created it for leaders, teachers, CEO’s and instructors of any kind who are ready to move their classes online. It’s got all the details about the Zoom software, how to use Zoom, and even how to do some screen sharing. Most importantly I teach you how to feel confident using zoom and the intrinsic shifts you need to make to use the software in a way that will create engagement and transformation for your participants.

How To Use Zoom As A Participant In A Class, Workshop or Meeting To Engage Easily

Hosting a Zoom video call? You can easily share this video with any of your participants so they’ll feel completely comfortable with the software and ready to learn with you. We’ll cover how to share Zoom meeting links, how to make sure everyone’s internet connection is strong, the best physical space to learn from, how to get into a Zoom room, and more.

Even if you’re comfortable with Zoom, but (like me) you’ve felt frustrated seeing others struggle to master it and create powerful engagement, these easy-to-follow videos are perfect for helping out the Zoom newbies in your life. Be sure to pass them on!

And on our walk today in the podcast episode, I’ll be sharing:

  • Where to find and download Zoom, and the difference between the free and premium versions (I share this at the 12:57 mark in the episode)

  • How to prepare yourself to teach online and create engagement — especially when Zoom feels a little awkward because your students aren’t making noise and responding (which is how it’s supposed to go!) (13:50)

  • The biggest mistake I see on Zoom — it involves the mute button (16:23)

  • How to create an outline before each Zoom meeting you lead (18:13)

  • How to keep things moving and stay on schedule during your meeting, while still encouraging your participants to share (19:06)

  • When to use Zoom’s breakout rooms feature, when to use the chatbox, and when to use music during your meetings (20:51)

  • How to incorporate personal reflection for each participant, including journal writing (24:25)

  • The power of the mute button (24:50)

  • And so much more…

By the end of our walk you’ll be ready to make sure every student feels completely comfortable, held, and fully engaged in what you’re sharing — as you transfer your in-person teaching skills to the online video format.

You might even find you prefer teaching this way!

What questions came up for you as you listened to this episode? What could you relate to? I really want to know how you’re doing, so hit me up on my Instagram (@jeannine.yoder) or send me an email. I read them ALL and love seeing who’s walking with me.

I’m an extrovert and I’m going crazy over here in quarantine! I’ve loved dropping into this conversation with you about all the ways we can connect. I’ll talk to you next week!

Listen to this week’s episode now!

All my love,


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