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How to Listen to Your Intuition to Build Your Life & Business

March 24th, 2020 | no comments

There’s so much we can’t do right now as we practice social distancing…

But we CAN get our shoes on, get our bodies moving, break out of the chains of our house, and go for a walk together.  You deserve the space. This collective experience is not a punishment. If you’re not taking great enough care of yourself, you will not be prepared for what is to come.

On this week’s walk, we’re talking about intuition. These days it’s easier than ever to see how we can be impacted by fear, but you never have to settle for feeling this way… 

It’s more important than ever to make way for developing a greater relationship with your intuition. If you already have a great relationship with your intuition, today’s walk will be about fine-tuning it. 

First though, let’s make a collective quarantine gratitude list. Things ARE going to change, maybe forever, but we can all think of what we’re most thankful for.

I’ll go first! As I’m home with my family, social distancing, I’m grateful for:
  • Finally eating all the food at the back of my freezer

  • Actually eating the food that we buy

  • How every home project is getting done (we’ve got nothing but time!)

  • Not caring that my house is messy

  • The rest of the world learning to work from home

  • Rest, meditation, space, and stillness

  • People who are healing during the quieter moments

  • The earth healing while humans are on lockdown

  • How we’ll all be stronger when this blows over

  • The grief that will come to mourn all the losses this change brings — and the new healthy choices that will replace them

  • Dreaming up a new way of being

  • This initiation, and the way it’s changing many things for the better

How to Listen to Your Intuition to Build Your Life & Business

Ah, that felt amazing! What’s on your collective quarantine gratitude list? Tell me over in our Facebook group, where we’re sharing our experiences in sisterhood. 

There are so many people who don’t know how to listen to their sense of intuition and are stuck in fear-based thoughts. This might be you in some form.  

Unfortunately, it leaves you stuck in a vicious cycle of looking outside of yourself for comfort, solutions, and an action plan. When you are moving from a wobbly space, disconnected from your most potent power source, you waste a lot of time unnecessarily struggling. 

So let’s start out our walk with the tools you can use for yourself (and share with others) as you get in deeper touch with your intuition — because we’re all going to need it for what’s to come…

Your intuition will be more important than ever as you cultivate  growth and abundance during a possible recession (and yes, that’s absolutely possible)…

Listen to this week’s episode here:

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how to listen to your intuition
Listen to Your Intuition to Build Your Life & Business
life coach training certification


Many people are going to need your support these days, and there’s no better time for you to take control of your own path. 

If you’re not a coach, NOW is the time to consider launching your business, because people are going to need you. They’ll be seeking clarity as they follow their instincts and make huge changes in their lives.

Intuition is when your instinct reveals itself.

I feel so secure in my own work right now because I’ve been listening to my intuition instead of fear. 

When I was pregnant last year, I was the breadwinner for our expanding family. My husband’s career was not quite stable, and our household relied on me. 

Yet somehow, I was feeling called to slow down, pull back, and not go through a time of huge income growth. 

WHAT?! This way of thinking didn’t make logical sense, and it certainly wasn’t based in fear. It was just my intuition talking.

I wanted to secure space, time, and freedom for myself. I did a lot less “work” (as most people would define it) in my business — and the Walk With Me podcast was born.

I didn’t want to be stuck inside writing content… I wanted to move my body while I was pregnant and create powerful content for you at the same time. 

I allowed it all to be perfectly imperfect, yet incredibly valuable for you.

And it all worked out! I had a spacious maternity leave. As it turned out, my new baby girl Autumn had a lot of extra medical needs in the early days of her life… 

She needed so much of my time, and I was available for her, all because I’d followed my intuition months before.

Then last November, my intuition told me something new — and again, it didn’t quite make sense…

Listen to this week’s episode now!

On our walk we’ll also be talking about: 

  • The theme word I chose for 2020 — and why it’s not too late to choose yours! (I talk about this at the 16:38 point in the episode)

  • Why I believe we’re always receiving messages from the universe (17:15)

  • Why the old masculine ways of running your business just won’t work — and what you should do instead (18:00)

  • How full emergence and innovation is a powerful method for launching our businesses in the world, but also leading, running and growing our businesses (19:05)

  • What happens when you establish a relationship of trust with your intuition (20:20)

  • How my intuition speaks to me through numbers — and I share some amazing examples of how a certain number keeps showing up in my life! (21:15)

  • The plans I’ve been making for a new sister circle program to make your business come to life, all based on my intuition — and please message me if YOUR intuition is tell you to join me (24:00)

  • A powerful exercise to help you lean into your intuition and EMPOWER yourself, even in these uncertain times — and we’re doing it together, right now (26:30)

  • Why intuition isn’t actually related to your mind, thoughts, or answers — and what it really is all about (30:04)

  • What happens when you listen to your intuition (16:40)

  • And so much more…

You’ll also hear me talk about something I’ve never done before…

I’m extending tuition discounts and scholarships to anyone who applies and is accepted to Mentor Masterclass over the next two weeks — and you must be ready to begin by April 6th.

I’m making it more affordable than ever for you to bring your genius to the world when people are truly in need of guidance.

It all starts with joining me for Self-Discovery Week here.

For now, come walk with me now

All my love,


P.S. While you’re spending more time than usual inside, it’s the perfect time to soak up the soulful practices that will help you become a successful life coach and cultivate a relationship with your intuition. 

Get instant access to my free 1-week Mentor Masterclass Coaching Self-Discovery program.

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So apply to Mentor Masterclass ASAP, right here. I can’t wait to read your application!

Once your application is approved you and I can hop on a call together, so you can learn more about the program and to ask any questions.

One more thing before you go….

As you listen to this episode, you’ll hear me start talking about a new sisterhood collective program — and honestly, I didn’t know I was going to share this idea with you yet! 

I was just following my intuition.  

The details are still coming to light, but this sisterhood collective will make your business come to life as you create a brand all based on YOUR intuition. Please join the waitlist here if your intuition is telling you to join.


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