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How To Repair Your Energy Leaks, Heal and Refuel

November 14th, 2017 | 1 comment

This week on Wake Up Wednesday we have another edition of The Sister Spotlight Series. It’s where I introduce you to a Mentor Masterclass grad and alumnae coach who I’ve worked with closely, and who is in deep alignment with our tribe. When the two of you connect, I have no doubt she’ll illuminate your coaching journey – just as she has mine!

Today I’m connecting you to Bernadette Trujillo-Marti, a certified Mentor Masterclass life coach, an entrepreneur and an Energy Healing Facilitator.

Bernadette is certified in reiki, and through her experience she’s realized it’s not about the healer at all! It’s about empowering others to heal their own energy systems. It’s about surrender – it’s an adjustment to give you a head start to go wherever you want to go. (PRESS PLAY on the video below to meet Bernadette and drop into our conversation!)


Bernadette’s signature work pairs energy healing with coaching, which I find incredibly brilliant and unique! I’ve found that no matter how much work you’re willing to put into becoming a master coach, if there’s something deep inside of you that’s not letting you truly surrender and move into this new space, you’ll just keep getting in your own way on an energetic level.

Bernadette’s also a mom of three! She’s created a new program for mothers, mentors and teachers to become the catalyst for coaching and energy work with their children. As moms, we are the first source, the ones they’re always with. What if we gave them tools, techniques and awareness (often without them realizing)? An entire generation could be different and have a better life experience from the start.

Her program is based around giving our children boundaries and deep beliefs that create confidence in who they are. It’s a combination of life coaching skills and energy healing. It’s a 6-month certification program to give them tools and techniques they can use with their children.

How inspiring is Bernadette? (Make sure you PRESS PLAY on the video above to meet her and feel into what she’s all about – you’ll feel inspired, too.)

I’m truly honored that Bernadette has created an offering just for our sister tribe here on Wake Up Wednesday.

Your Complimentary Distance Reiki Session

Everyone should experience deep energy healing at least one in their lifetime, and Bernadette can make this happen for you.

And here’s what you’ll need to do: just show up. Bernadette will take it from there.

As you’re completely comfortable at home you’ll work together to set an intention and she’ll send you some loving, life-changing reiki. During your follow-up together, Bernadette can assess how it went for you and feel into whether there’s anything else you need.

Keep in mind that this is only available until the end of December, and Bernadette is taking just 10 women. Don’t miss this!

Additionally, Bernadette is offering a full-length Intentional Life Alignment Session at 40% off for our Wake Up Wednesday tribe. It’s a full session around one mindset topic, and 45 minutes of reiki. (Be sure to mention you’re coming to her through Wake Up Wednesday!)

For so long, even Bernadette herself was a self-described “energy skeptic.” After experiencing it for herself, it’s changed her life and she wants to share it with you.

Sister, if you’re curious about energy healing, this is the perfect time to learn how truly life-changing it can be! If you’ve already been exposed to energy healing, you already know how powerful it is to have this kind of support – you may have already signed up for Bernadette’s offer. 🙂

Don’t miss this! Click here to sign up to work with Bernadette for free!

All my love,



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One person has commented
  1. I LOVE what you’re doing Bernadette! I’ve revived reiki and been attuned to level 1 myself, but I’ve never seen it combined with coaching quite like this.

    I’d love to participate in a free reiki session, if there are any left. The links I tried above didn’t seem to work for me however 😕

    Looking forward to hearing how I can sign up!

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