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How to Take The “Negative” Parts of Life And Use Them For Transformation

August 15th, 2017 | no comments

In this all-new sister spotlight series I’ll be featuring a Mentor Masterclass grad and alumnae coach who blossomed and excelled during her time in my signature life coach training program Mentor Masterclass. She’s someone I know will have a long-lasting impact on your life coaching journey.

This week I’m hanging out with master life coach Shauna Lay. Her work in the world is to teach the importance of true acceptance and divine love. To show that true happiness and thriving in your business comes first from acceptance of what already is. And that divine love is what we are really here to experience.

How beautiful is that?

Shauna is here to support you while being who she is. Through her coaching sessions and retreats, Shauna shows you your uniqueness and specialness while living hers. As a student in Mentor Masterclass, I got to know Shauna well and it’s amazing to see how she heals her clients, all while healing herself. She goes on a journey with her clients and it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen!

The other women in Mentor Masterclass were always so drawn to receiving Shauna’s support.

When you drop in on our conversation in today’s video, you’ll learn:
  • How everything from her work as a mechanical engineer for 10 years to her yoga teaching career all work together to make her coaching offerings so unique. (This is at the 8:50 point in the video).

  • The moment she realized coaching was real and that people were happy to pay her to coach them. (13:04)

  • How you can look at even the seemingly-negative parts of life as an invitation for transformation. (15:14)

  • And more!

Shauna’s Trailblazer Truth Session

This is a free offering just for the ladies in my tribe!

You’ll get 90 minutes of 1-on-1 time with Shauna, and a lot can happen in a short amount of time when you work with Shauna. She knows how to dig deep to discover what’s really going on. It’s never about the story you’re telling yourself, and it’s so hard sometimes to see the truth within ourselves.

Shauna is ready to provide a very safe place to open up and get ready to see what’s really happening, all through the work you do together.

Who is this offer for? The “trailblazer” piece describes women who are courageous. Who are brave enough to dig deep. Because you’ll feel so safe, you’ll be able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

As someone who has spent lots of time with Shauna, I can tell you there’s something about her that’s truly unique. She’s mastered her coaching techniques and balances her skills with a deep sense of intuition that allows her to go deep with someone who is in a place to uncover her truth. Shauna never separates herself from the experiences she has with her clients – instead, she’ll be right there with you, going through it all alongside you.

I hope you’ll take this very rare opportunity to take Shauna up on this offer and get to know her more intimately as a coach and as a mentor.

You can sign up for this offer until August 22nd, 2017. These sessions will be taking place August 22-29.

If you’re feeling called to receive a Trailblazer Truth Session with Shauna, click here to access her calendar and sign up now.

Can I make one request? After you’ve had your session with Shauna, get in touch and let me know how it went! I’m so excited for you and so honored to introduce you to such a remarkable woman.

P.S. Spots are limited so make sure to sign up now. Click here to access her calendar. (Don’t wait on this, sister!)

P.S.S. Would you love to speak as clearly and confidently about your work in the world and to be of service to other clients like Shauna does, just by being herself? You can apply to receive my support and become a life coach through Mentor Masterclass here, today.

All my love,


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