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I gave up on this…

April 14th, 2020 | no comments

I gave up on something I’ve had a tight grip on my whole life.

It feels fucking exhilarating!

My mind was fighting for control. Then I made a decision that involves YOU.

I won’t be in your inbox next week, the following week and maybe longer. There is no new podcast today.

I want you to hear why straight from me, LIVE, today.

This world pandemic has initiated us all into isolation. Here we are, stuck behind the 4 walls of our individual homes.

For 9 years I’ve led myself and thousands of women on a mission to break free from patriarchal structures that have encaged women.

My signature RSVP method has given us a feminine framework to embrace receptivity, feminine cycle, emotion, sisterhood and freedom as a path to success.

Something is off in all of our lives.

We feel it now more than ever. We can see through this worldwide virus and the healing needed, and that our pace is meant to be more fulfilling.

I want to be wild and intentional. Slow and steady. Present and free. I want a life that is real, so real it stimulates my senses everyday.

Our time, financial freedom and ecstacy is under attack.

You’re not crazy for what you are waking up to. I’m awake, leaning in and doing hard things. This decision was not easy.

Your mind will say it’s time to get real. Your mind will say you need to take control.

Your body, soul and infinite wisdom knows better. Can you feel it? Sense it? Hear it? The invitation?

I notice a trauma response is occurring in the collective:

  • Over-giving. For free. No exchange.

  • Feeling trapped.

  • Using this as a time to do more.

  • Giving in to powering through alone (believing it is the only option).

  • The mind taking over, thinking structure is the way to create safety.

  • Mapping out ways in a journal to “get organized” and to take control of our circumstances.

We have no control. You know that right? Zero. Zip. Nadda control. Not now. Not ever.

And that does NOT mean we do not have choice, intention, capabilities, awareness, options and certainty available right here and right now.

I’m holding the role of mother, CEO, wife, house cleaner, chef, financial provider, creative, guide leader and more. We have no childcare, home cleaning support, and my team is working less (they are all women in the same situation as me). Can you relate?

I’ve made a big decision that involves you and will change the way we connect.

I’ll be going live on IG and in this private FB Group at 1pm EST today.

I’ll share exactly why and how I’m challenging my need for control. And the decision I’ve made that has changed EVERYTHING.

I’ll share how I’m walking my talk in moving through the resistance I feel to allowing structures, containers and long held systems to break down in my life, business and hopefully in the world.

And if you miss it LIVE you can catch the replay here on my IGTV or here in the FB Group.

I’m thinking of you all. I wish you clarity through the confusion. Health, always. And the courage to let this breakdown be your guide.

See you on IG or FB soon!


P.S. I gave up on control. I will not be in your inbox next week, or the next, and maybe longer.

If you want to know why… if you want to release any fear or confusion you have about how to move through this time in your life and work more gracefully… join me LIVE at 1pm.

i gave upi gave up on control

Or catch the replay anytime on IG here or FB here.


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