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I Want To Attract My Dream Clients! What Inner Work Should I Be Doing?

September 4th, 2018 | 2 comments

It’s another Q&A Week here on Wake Up Wednesday, where a generous member of our sister tribe stops by with a question that’s been on her mind, and takes the vulnerable step of sharing where she’s at in her journey.

This week, you’ll even get to peek into an actual coaching session where we work through it together – and we all get to learn something new.

This week’s question is…

“Every time I uplevel and raise my rates, a part of me worries I won’t find clients who will pay them. Yet another part of me knows that this is fear talking and my dreams are entirely possible. I feel like my marketing strategy is stronger than my energetic container. How can I do more inner work to attract my dream clients?”


The amazing sister asking this question today is Flora Ware, a dream igniter, pesto lover, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, and Moon Circle Priestess. She helps women hear their soul’s voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique feminine power. Flora is a best-selling co-author, workshop facilitator and speaker, too!

And I love that Flora came to us with such a courageous question! Don’t we all wonder something similar about upleveling, at some point?

I freaked out in 2017 when I finally raised the price of my signature program to the rate I thought I wouldn’t implement until 10 years from now.  Seriously. And I survived with so much to share about the healing that’s needed to get to that place of financial sovereignty.

Some women are afraid of charging anything at all, and the idea of accepting money for what they love to do holds them back from taking the leap into business in the first place. Other women, like Flora, are doing their work in the world and their belief in themselves is growing – which means their pricing should change, too.

What’s so fascinating about Flora is that she has raised her rates before! So, how did it go? Hop over to the 3:45 point in the video to watch Flora share this story herself, when she realized she had to increase her own belief in the value of what she was offering to her clients.

In fact, right after she raised her rates, she first really started getting hired as a coach. No coincidence there!

Flora decided to raise her rates when she broke down the work she was doing behind the scenes for her clients, including copyediting help, business strategy, leading them through rituals, and so much more. Charging such low rates didn’t feel like an even exchange, so she raised her rates.

Now, Flora finds herself doing a mental dance where she alternates between celebration and belief in herself (she has plenty of career experience with marketing, social media. and launch strategy) and self-doubt. She wants to own her self-worth so she can get rid of these doubts.

What stuck me about Flora’s story was how she feels so comfortable with marketing in general, but when it comes to marketing herself, she’s experiencing some blocks. (Drop into our coaching session at the 9-minute mark in the video, where I explain this in more detail.)

It can feel like a huge step to put yourself out there in the world and be the thing that’s being marketed, and that is captivating your audience! It’s a journey to deeply recognize the value of what you’re bringing to your clients, and what you’re capable of doing.

In order to uplevel, you have to have a ritual around celebration and acceptance of everything you are. With Flora, she made an investment in her coach. As a result, she had the right person there beside her to let her know, “You have to raise your rates. You and your time are worth more than this!” As businesswomen, we all deserve and need this kind of support.

What about you, sister? Do you have a ritual to celebrate how much you’ve grown?

For inspiration, here’s the ritual I created for Flora during out coaching session in the video (you’ll see it at the 13-minute mark in the video):

Step #1: Close your eyes and ask yourself, “How do I feel about shining a little bit brighter and acknowledging that my expertise, talents and gifts have grown exponentially over the past few years? How does it feel to really embrace, honor, and see that for myself?

Step #2: How does it feel for others to see that I’ve grown and am now shining a little brighter as a coach and an expert?

Awareness is the missing piece that draws your clients to you. They’ll sense your openness as you call in your ideal clients.

To cultivate this awareness and openness within yourself, it’s important to uplevel the community and sisterhood around you, and invest in yourself even when the price point makes you a little uncomfortable. It could mean actively cultivating friendships with women who do similar work in the world and who are comfortable investing in themselves and can reflect back to you that yes, people do pay these rates. Do you have women around you who support you this way?

How often are you getting out into the coaching world, in person?

You’ll see me ask Flora this question at the 19:20 mark in the video. As she shares about her work in the world, I pointed out how she made a distinction between the work she does online and the person she is in “real life.” Do you ever think this way? If so, you’re not alone – it’s such a common way to look at the work we do. But sister, we’ve got to change that outlook!

The more time you spend in person with women who are focused on the things you care about in your business and the world, you’ll start to heal the disconnect between the online and “real life” versions of yourself. Spend time around people who know your dreams are possible, preferably in person whenever you can.

I have to thank Flora for allowing her coaching session to be filmed – what a generous gift for all of us! What was your biggest takeaway? What do you have in mind for your own ritual of celebration? Should you be upleveling your community, too? Let me know in the comments!

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All my love,


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  1. Hi Jey,
    It was such a pleasure and a privilege to have this time with you. Watching it again opened me up to even more layers of how I am still healing this split in my self identification. Thank you for your insight and compassion! I hope this live coaching session is helpful to other women as well. You are such an inspiration. Thanks again.

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