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If You Can’t Find the SPACE, This is For You: Join My VIP TRAINING on June 20th!

June 17th, 2019 | no comments

Ever feel like you are swirling, spinning and the only way out is to ignore the big elephant in the room… because you certainly don’t have the answer, or know how to move forward from here?

And every path leads you back to this annoying challenge.

It could show up as a fight with your husband, a growth edge in your business, or something in your everyday life pattern that’s no longer working. At some point, you’re going to have to be unapologetic about who you really are — an awakened woman — and get through this.  

This week I opened the doors to a complimentary VIP training — and I want to see your name on the guest list.

Captivating Feminine Leadership 101: The Proven Way to Run A Soul Aligned Business Without Sacrificing Love, Time & Financial Freedom

Captivating Feminine Leadership training

This year has been full of changes, transitions, and breakthrough moments I could never have planned for. I’ve found crystal-clear revelations in the middle of the night, and peaceful shifts in my priorities when it comes to not only the way I run my business, but the way I live my life…

Now I want to share all of this with you, my sisterhood of women from around the world.

It’s absolutely possible to change course while continuing to expand what we’ve been building for years. It is possible to break through the gridlock pattern and create a new way.  

You’re not going to find the answers outside of yourself, and so the only path to clarity is the one I will guide you to, within.

Are feeling isolated and obsessed with outward results — that just aren’t happening with the outdated approach?  The hustle that once worked isn’t working anymore and you know it’s because you’ve entered a new stage of life and leadership.  

So if the hustle doesn’t work, where should you be focusing, and what do you do instead? Especially, when you’re devoted to blazing a new trail through your work in the world?

Join me LIVE for an exclusive workshop:

Captivating Feminine Leadership 101: The Proven Way to Run A Soul Aligned Business Without Sacrificing Love, Time & Financial Freedom

Captivating Feminine Leadership training

What’s stopping you from feeling and being Captivating on a daily basis? Meaning, why don’t you feel like the bright light in the room? Why aren’t your services sought after? Why isn’t every podcast reaching out to book you for an interview?  

Captivating is all about Universal Energy Flow.

This is the natural flow of energy exemplified in the earth, sun, moon, sky, stars, waterfalls, ocean, air, wind, storms, wildlife and rainbows. Humans can access the universal energy flow when they are in a place of love. It can flow into them and be exchanged with others, too.

On June 20th, I’m doing a VIP training and you’re invited.

I work with my clients on an energetic level and my understanding of energy, the mind, coaching and healing has helped me guide women, aspiring and established coaches and healers to achieve sustainable success with a feminine business model.

My simple message of self-love, receptivity and sisterhood has allowed thousands of women from around the world to create life-changing approaches to their work in order to lead sought-after coaching and healing practices without sacrificing freedom.

  • I see you in your struggle to trust the words raging in your heart as you feel called to speak up online about what you see and how you feel.

  • I witness you in your desire to take the stage without feeling unsure and sweating through your clothes.

  • I understand your conflict with addressing deeper world problems in fear your credibility will be questioned or your work will be scrutinized.

  • I recognize your desire to feel equipped in healing the women you serve of their fear of being seen.

  • I know what it feels like to desire spaciousness and family time while still being able to run a successful business.

I’ll show you exactly how to stop making the biggest mistake most women entrepreneurs, coaches and healers are making (that leads to burnout and scaring away dream clients) – even if you are timid and judgemental of your own healing gifts and magical abilities.

Remember, this is about how to overcome overwhelm as you create a business around what you care about most… so there’s no need to do anything at all but show up feeling relaxed and ready for a good time!

I cannot wait to share this new work with you and have an amazing afternoon together sipping Kombucha and doing feminine business model strategy!


P.S. The event is complimentary for you as a part of our inner circle and sisterhood. And here’s the best part: You’ll be able to put the practices you learn into creation as soon as you hang up from our live call.

Just remember, this is a one-time-only event.

If you want to attend I invite you to click here to RSVP for the training on June 20th.

Click here if you want to learn more before being added to the guest list to reserve your spot.



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